Sunday, July 7, 2013

Little beauty diary : Coral

Hey pretties, i am creating coral color makeup look. Thought it would be a perfect look for summer since it doesnt need lots of product to create this look. I am using blushes for this look. I am using Maybelline limited edition blush in Coral Burst, i love this blush, but it is too bright yet too pigmented orange color for my cheek and Milani baked blush in Berry Amore that has amount of shimmers that doesnt look good on my big-pores cheek, so i am using those blushes as eyeshadow instead..=D

*not a sponsored video


  1. superlove this makeup look kak! :D
    selalu ngefans sama ka nancy aww..

  2. hhhh.. milani baked blusshh.. *mupeng makin mupeng*

    Always georgeus :*

  3. Aigoooo, neng sudah ada yang punya?
    *kedip-kedip* neng kok cantik sekali *colek pipi*
    hahahaaa daku tergoda oleh kecantikanmu

  4. I'm in love with coral as well--actually, my post tomorrow is all about the beautiful color and its complement of bright blue, which I notice is included in your necklace!


  5. I've watched your videos already. pretty.

  6. meluncur ke youtube ... uda lama ngag liat saya kangeeennnn dirimuu *lebai* haha

  7. Cantik nya, Exotic lhoo mba wajahmu.. Saya nggak bisa liat videonya (˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩ ) *sedih tingkat dewa

  8. I love it on your eyes better than on your lips :) you're still gorgeous :)


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