Wednesday, January 30, 2013

d.i.y Valentine's day room diffuser

d.i.y Valentine's day room diffuser

Here is my another favorite d.i.y project for Valentine's day.
The Heart Shapes Room diffuser!
So, here is my idea of re-using the room diffuser.
Transform it into something cute that you might not find it at the stores!
Cheap and fun to make too!

Cut the Heart shapes from wool felt fabric. You can choose any kind of colors you love. I go with simple classic color of Valentine's day. Cut into some different size. Small and large or medium ones. Make sure they have their pair. We will glue two of heart shape together. Wool felt absorb the diffuser oil easily.
You can also cut the flower shape or maybe your loved ones initial..;)

Prepare the empty ( or your recent plain diffuser ) diffuser bottle and the sticks. Cut the sticks in short and long size. Fill the oil inside the bottle.

Glue the felt heart shapes together, leave the room on the bottom for the stick ( you can also work straight glue it on the stick)

Glue the heart shape on the stick. let it dry.

Fill in the bottle with the heart shape sticks.

This step is optional : add a big heart shape on the front of the bottle.

Now you have a cute bottle of hearts! And you can also smell love in the air!! =)

Happy trying!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

d.i.y Valentine's day card design ideas

d.i.y Valentine's day card

One of my favorite day to celebrate is Valentine's day! I love decorating the whole place in love signs or heart shaped decorations. Fill the air with some love!

One thing that i love doing is making my own valentine's day card for my loved ones. I prefer handmade, because it feels like we put ourself into it when we do handmade. Every seconds of doing it has the own story and thoughts. You just cant stop thinking or imagine how the person who wil receive it will feel or react. Putting your heart and effort to do something for someone you care about, is something that money cant buy..

Here is my cheap, easy and lovely card cover ideas :

step 1 :Choose any card paper or anything thicker ( art and craft store sells many of paper type that you can use it for your card). Cut it into the card size that you want. 

step 2 : Choose the material that easy to work with. I am using mixing materials such as craft foam and wool felt. Cut it into the heart shape. Any size would work, depends on what you want.

Step 3 : To make a 3d heart shape design, glue the foam heart shape and felt heart step together. 

step 4 :  While waiting until the hear shape dries, cut the wool felt, same size and shape with the card. Glue them together.

step 5 : Glue the heart shape on the card.

Step 6 : Cut the thin lines of felt to frame the card.

Now you have one simple card cover design! 

Want to be more playful?
Check these design ideas :

Just add some letters to make it pop! either it says I heart You, or even both of you initial.

Heart shapes lover and cant get enough of them? Cut bunch of the shapes and spread them on the card cover!

Edgy look but still cute? Add some fun material such as Jeans material.

pssst! you can actually use this design for your home decorations. Put them in the frame to add some cuteness inside your room!

Happy trying! be creative! xoxo!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

little beauty diary : Violet Frenzy

Violet frenzy

products used :

How to : 

The lipstick :

i mixed these two together. For the Revlon ultimate colorstay liquid lipstick, it will dry up a little bit matte. This liquid lipstick designed to last on your lips. So far, i do love this lipstick. But you might want to wear a little bit gloss on the top of it..

face products used :

Ready for Valentine's day look?=)


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Little beauty diary : Fuchsia fever

Fuchsia Fever.

I have been collecting anything in pink, fuchsia or even plum colors recently. Well, maybe i am in the mood of valentine's day later? Even though it is not for the mood of the pink, but i guess pink or fuchsia colors are always cute to collect. Everyone has a favorite color, right? =)

My fave colors? i love bold colors. Red and black are my passion i guess, but also i love statement colors too, like neon orange, turquoise, or even teal color range. I am not that girly girls who always love pink, but i admit, this color ranges and its family always cute for me, especially for the lipstick!

I picked up this color when i went to grocery shopping with hubby earlier, just wanted to try it out because i dont have the neon-bright pink color for my lipstick collection. Curious? yes!

I came across in some options about picking up the Pink pop or this Fuchsia Flash from Maybelline Color sensational VIVIDS collections. But, i think the Fuchsia flash really caught my eyes! 

So, i went back home and tried it out!

The color of this Fuchsia Flash is almost as same as the Hot plum ones...the different is the Fuchsia Flash is more lighter than the Hot plum with more pinkish tones.

On lips, it is really pretty fuchsia..i thought it would be something that so pink yet neon-ish but i think it is friendly enough to wear for casual day or when you want to make a statement style but too shy to 

Face/eyes products used : Almay clear complexion makeup in Naked
                                 Bless cosmetic Acne loose powder in beige
                                  Too faced Soleil bronzer in Chocolate
                                 NYX soho glam palette blush and eyeshadow
                                 The Rocket volum' express maybelline mascara
                                Revlon colorstay eyeliner in black

playful outfit for playful lips? i just add a printed skirt on plain navy blue 
sleeves shirt. 
Contrast accessories is my key to pop the color!

outfits : random boutiques here and there...

To see how the Maybelline Color Sensational VIVIDS collection in Hot Plum, feel free to read my other post or check maybelline .


Not sponsored. Everything were purchased with my own money. Opinions are based on my own experiences, honestly!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Little beauty diary : the lipstick diary

Maybelline Color sensational Whisper

Love the packaging! i think they are cute!

Sheer colors!no need lip gloss on the top of it, they have the natural gloss already. Light on lips. Easy to blend and build-able. No oily feeling, no heavy lipstick feeling..

Petal rebel on lips. I would say, you need to apply couple of times to build up this color. I wore this color also on this post . Hard to see the color here anyway, please, go to maybelline for more color swatches.

Cherry on top. Sheer pastel red color. very friendly colors for a date night!=)

Oh la lilac. Check my post to see more of this color. This lavender-ish color is so romantic!

One size fits pearl on lips. it is very sheer nude color. It fits for everyday wear.

Maybelline Color sensational VIVIDS

These bright colors collections are just awesome. Very pigmented and moisture. Love the consistency of it. No heavy or sticky feeling even tho they are so pigmented. And the color collections? amazing colors!

Hot Plum on lips. Intense plum color for sexy day. Love! check my other post for this color.

Electric Orange. Fun loving colors? try this! check my other post for this color.

Check also maybelline for their complete color collections. I might buy another Vivids colors soon. Stay tuned!


Not sponsored. Purchased with my own money and opinions are based on my own experiences.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little beauty diary : Orange

Orange lips anyone? or maybe Neon colors? Sometimes, it hards to pull out that look. The key is, if you decided to wear neon or bright colors on your lips, all you have to do is keep the other thing like the outfits or the shoes in simple colors and details.. well, i love breaking the rules, i would wear neon lipstick with neon shoes in other colors without no doubt at for the save play, start it with simple thing first..

Some says, that colors only work for the bright - pale skin to make it really pop out. But, hey, for me, contrast is everything! So, i am willing to try that..=)
i have an olive complexion anyway, my skin turn lighter when its winter only..

This is Maybelline Color sensational Vivids collections. They have very pigmented yet bright colors series. They also very creamy! I have been loving these colors series so much, since i dont have any bright colors lipstick. My signature look is Smokey eyes and nude lips. I am pretty simple girl! I even barely playing with colored eyeshadows! But i guess its time for me to play with colors..=)

To pop the color without being overboard, i keep the eye makeup stay away from drama. Brown nude colors, winged eye and just eyeliner.

Some people find it so easy applying the eyeliner with felt-tip eyeliner or pencil. For me, for the intense drawing, i prefer the brush and gel. This Bobbi Brown Long wear eyeliner been working good for me. I found it so easy to draw the stroke. Dont get me wrong, but Revlon Colorstay eyeliner is my HG. Love how it gives me the good stroke on my underline lash and waterline. No smudge and its waterproof. That is a must for me!

Face products used : 
Benefit Porefessional  yes! i have big pores, gotta do something to cover it..=)
Almay Clear Complexion foundation in Naked

The outfits : 

Simple tie-dyed button up shirt from Mossimo at Target. Paired with deep orange body con skirt i got it from random boutique in Indonesia. To add some more fun, i tied up a black satin ribbon as my tie!

Dont want to wear mini skirt? you can change it to dark skinny denim or just add legging. Keep it simple, since the shirt is already with some details.

Shoes : Steve madden

Cold weather? Love fur but support PETA because you love animal so bad that you dont want to wear any real fur? Go for this Faux fur jacket. I got it from JCpenney

thanks for reading