Monday, January 27, 2014


Hello Babes!

Together with , I am doing this cute G I V E A W A Y! #Hooray!
                     ONE WINNER could win one item from

1. Pick one of your fave item from my fave lists down below : 
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 3. On the comment down below, give a reason why you choose the item and how you gonna style it! Dont forget to include the link of the item and IF you win, you have to review the item on your own blog as well...=) Please, include your blog link.

4. SHARE this giveaway on your page or your social media,  the more you share, the more you have a chance to win! dont forget to report back here on the comment box!

5. The giveaway opens until February 22nd 2014! hurry!!!

Notes : 

Only 1 winner for this giveaway

Winner will be chosen based on the frequent share on Social Media, so please, report back on this blog..

Your winning item will be sent straight from , i am 
not responsible in losing or missing item during the shipping

GOOD LUCK, babes!xoxo

It is officially closed, babes..
Winner will be announced on Feb 24th 2014
Via Twitter! Stay Tuned
And Thank You So MUUUCH!xoxo

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Funday! Street style parade!

How was your weekend going?
Beside the football fever here, i also excited to see #TheRichKids of Beverly Hills on E! tonight! But, i kinda wanted to share my outfit of the day for my Sunday Funday, before hitting the couch for the rest of the day...<3

Just recently found the website called and i am hooked!
I am rarely do an online shopping, but since i found lots of cute stuff on their website, i would like to give a try!
First of all, the reason why i kinda hesitate to shop online is because i have to wait for such a long time to get the items delivered. Not to mention if something is missing or wrong or broken, it could be a pain in a** to do a replacement order or deal with the company here and there, this and that! But, if you willing to do a shopping online just wanted to give a try, i would suggest this website!

Here is the quote from their website : 

Cheap Wholesale Clothes:

RoseWholesale as one of the largest online clothes wholesalers, we specialize in wholesale clothes as well as online clothing for those looking to save money and buy wholesale clothing. We feature extensive collections of clothes for girls with the latest designs, as well as clothes for women with sophisticated styling. Our product ranges also include clothes for men with the sharpest and smartest looks. Available at huge discounts and wholesale direct prices, all of our clothes for sale are beautifully manufactured to the highest standards to give you maximum peace of mind when you buy clothes online.

So, i ordered lots of stuff from them anyway. No kidding! I am super happy because the website accept PAYPAL as the form of payment. I am talking about the one that not require any bank account number at all.. As long as you have money on your paypal account.. I added some money through moneypack to my paypal account and used it to pay the order on checkout!  Love this kind of payment while shopping, no risk to get hacked. And you could limit yourself as well, especially if youre me..^_^


The shipping 

It took 2 to 3 days ( business days) for me to got my stuff delivered to my was fast!i was impressed! Thing is from the day you ordered the item and paid it, wait until at least 3 to 5 days for them to prepare and ship your stuff, then after that, they will inform you that your package has shipped and wait for 2 or 3 days it will be there at your address!!
 ( Expedited shipping ) so, lets say it takes at least 1 to 1 and half week for the whole shipping process! Not bad at all!


Awesome Customer service

Nothing beats a good customer service, no matter what! So, i ordered 7 items and i only got 6 items. One item is missing! Not good, right? The one that missing from my order was a boho long dress that i actually in love with the most...:(

So, on their website you can report any problem you got or if you are not satisfied with the products you received. So, i applied for the ticket! Less than 24 hr, i got a respond! And it was not a computer, it was a real person who basically answer your problem..
My item is actually out of stock, they offered me for the refund or change the order and no shipping cost! So, i am very happy with the service..THANK YOU!  


So here are some of the items that i got from
And i mixed and matched them to brighten up my sunday!

Black knitted top with loose sleeves and over the hip length.

Get this top here or here

If you are looking for a long, comfy and loose sleeves top, you should try this one. I found this on Was looking for an off shoulder style top to wear with military hat and combat boots just to boost the winter street style! Voila! i am hooked!

elastic fabric made to follow your body shape

You can wear it as an off shoulder style! the collar is elastic to follow the shape or style that you want. It is very comfortable to wear this top and easy to mix+match with other fashion items. I pair it with black legging, military hat style, pairs of big cross earrings, combat boots with heels, bronze tone cuff bracelet and studded shoulder bag

I paired the top with the black legging. I am glad i found this legging! This winter season is really bothered me since i couldnt find any good thick legging to wear everyday here in US . Most of the leggings that i found here in US are pretty much thin and not warm at all, so i have to double the legging..kinda annoying and not comfy at all!!
I have a similar pair of this kind of legging i bought years ago in China, it made special for winter or cold season, so, on the inside the legging ( the lining )  is a thick material ( Bamboo Charcoal Fibre ) that will keep you warm! I spotted this legging on and i decided to buy another pair! HAPPY!!!

Find the Legging here

Rock and Roll style. Shoulder bag with rivets and tassels detailed. My favorite!!

Get the bag here

love the details. Rivets detailed all over the front side of the bag. 

can be used as shoulder bag short or long. 

Bronze carved cuff bracelet. 

Get the bracelet here
I love the carved details on this bracelet. The color also makes this bracelet looks chic!!

Military style hat with belt. 

I have been looking for this kind of 'captain' military style hat for a while and so happy i found it on
Get the hat here 

The visor is well made and sturdy. 

The rivet detailed on the both side and the belt makes the hat look fashionable. 

Lipstick : NARS - Heat Wave -

combat boots here

So, thats it for my sunday's story and outfit. Happy to share this with you! Hope you enjoy the post. G I V E A W A Y coming soon!!!!Whoop whoooppp!!!
 STAY TUNED, besties! 

FTC : 

SOME of the Products were given for THE REVIEW purposes ( THANK YOU! ) . SOME products were bought with my own expenses, the reviews are my own opinions and my honest experiences. The LINKS in this post are not an affiliate links or the refers links,I am not getting paid by putting the links in this post.. feel free to click on it...=)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Youtube Videos

Here are the updates in case you missed it....=D

Take a look what i got under $100 ! i bought boots, dress, coat and skinny jeans!visit the video for!

My list of 2013 Favorite Beauty Products 

much love