Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lipstick diary and three looks

Lipstick Diary.

Nope, i am not done with my recent haul yet! 
I was looking for some fun colors such as violet or pinkish plum colors so, here what i found..

Jordana Lipstick #Petal pink

This color really caught my eyes right away. Reminds me of M.A.C Lady Gaga or Nicky Minaj pinkish color collections. I do love the color a lots, i think this is a super cute color. The consistency a little bit weird though, even though it is creamy, but it has a rubbery formula on it. Not as rubbery as Wet n wild megalast liquid lip color, but still, it feels little bit dry on the lips. Too bad, because i love how it glides on the hand as a swatch and also i love the smell of it.  When applying it on the lips, it settled between the lips lines and didnt blend that well. I had to put a clear gloss on the top of it to make it easier to blend. This is weird, because other Jordana lipstick in other colors are good.

But, i also came with conclusion that this is not really a color for me. It doesnt look good on me...=( let me know what you think of this color on me...

Revlon Just bitten Kissable
Balm Stain # Darling

I love this pink to soft purple with blue undertone color of this balm stain. Good consistency,  moisturizing throughout the day, good pigmentation, build-able and it lasts long time. By the end of the day, well, this balm stain last at least 6 hrs, the real color will wear off and leave the nice purplish stain on your lips..Grape flavor popsicle color, i guess... this Darling color is very friendly every day color! 

Note : if you dont like minty smells or taste of lips products, you might not really like this..this Revlon balm stain has a little bit minty smells/taste...just a little bit, though...=D

Wet n wild lipstick #mauve outta here/ Rose flamboyant

Never thought that this lipstick would look good on me! guess we never know until we try it. This is a good lipstick actually, i found couple of wet n wild lipsticks could be so waxy sometimes, but the consistency of this one is very creamy, it glides easily on the lips and doesnt settle between the lips line. It lasts around 3-4 hours and i am totally love the colors.
Thing is, because the lipstick is too buttery, it is so easily to get the lipstick all over the lid of the container. So, be careful...

How i create the eye makeup for this look :

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow
# eternal summer

I love everything about cream/gel based eyeshadow, it gives a glowing effects on the eye lids and creates more intensity on the eyes. Thing is, sometimes it is hard to work with creme based eyeshadow because this formula attempt to crease most of the time on the eye lids. Primer would help, yes..but if the creme contains too much wax, it doesnt really work that well...

The consistency of this Revlon creme eyeshadow is a little bit waxy, i would say, a little bit hard to work it on the lids especially if you have the oily lids already. I tried to put eye primer before, but it didnt help that much. The shadow ran all over the lids, creased ( already!) and it didnt blend well. The colors of this collection are pretty, the shimmer is in good amount and good pigmentation. But too bad it is too waxy, maybe i should mix it with a little bit of powder eyeshadow to make it works..let's see. I will try next time..
Maybelline color tattoo 24hr gel cream eyeshadow collections are much better in my opinion.

If you do not like clumpy or spider eyelashes, you can try Covergirl Clump crusher mascara, but i just love clumpy eyelashes because i think it looks sexy...=D

mascara : Maybelline the rocket volum' express mascara
eyeliner : Milani liquid-eye eyeliner in Aqua

much love!!


  1. halooo makk >.<
    seneeng deh kalo dirimu posting :D
    yang Revlon Kissable itu tahan lama gak sih ? >.< pengen nyobaaa :D

  2. Revlon balm stainnya bagus ya say, bikin bibir kering ndak?

  3. Ceceh cantik, yuk kita makan bareng pas ultah kita meski di belahan bumi yang berbeda :p Hihihi~ *makan di rumah sendiri-sendiri ceritanya :p*
    Iya, pingin tahu juga revlon kissable itu tahan berapa lama dan bikin kering nda? Thank you ceee~ kisses~

  4. pink lisptick emang favorit banget..loveeee itt Mom!! u are so pretty :*

  5. Aaah~ Ayo makan nasi kuning ceee~ *toss* Deket rumahku ada nasi kuning enaaaaaakkk~ Kapan2 kalo pulang Surabaya mau aku ajak situ? :p
    Yey~ Ada rekomendasi warna cee? :p Btw si Jordana itu sudah murah meriah cantik pula~ T_T

  6. i love that blue eyeliner on you! it looks amazing :D

  7. Jadi mw coba clumpy or spider eyelashes~ it looks good on you <3


  8. adduuh, selalu ngiler kalau lihat postinganmu ncyyyy
    tidak baik sering-sering berkunjung ke blog mu, tidak baik buat kesehatan kantong ahahahahaaa

  9. aduh,, dirimu stunning selaluu, tak tahannn

    kok semua warna cakep dipake sm dirimu, revlon sm wetnwild warna bagus ce :3

  10. wuaaa mbak na ni sekseehhh beneer .. aq suka revlon yg kiss bittennya warnanya imuut banget ^^, sayang ni pas aq nany di counterny blm ada TT__TT

  11. semuanya cantik pas dipakai.
    tapi karena ada bandinganya yang #darling jadi keliatan kurang pas.

  12. Awww mau donk revlon kissable lip stain nya, tertarik sm bentuknya sih terutama -____- mirip2 chubby stick nya clinique yah? I love clumpy eyelashes too, toss! Ga peduli di bilang it's a make up don't, i love it so i'll keepmon doing it! Hoho!

  13. yang wet n wild bagus banget, cocok banget kak ;)

  14. no la Kk Nancy, that lipstick still look good on you.
    well, I also love the pink to soft purple Revlon, maybe i should try it. suka yang pink dan soft soft gitu colornya :)

    have a b bless day.

  15. you got these nice shocking pink lipsticks that suitable on you, i suggest you to try nude lipstick.

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  17. Suka bgt liat km pake wet n wild, cocok bgt warnanya ama km...
    Jdi pengen juga.
    Ngiler ama revlon juga.. :)

    Oia i'm new blogger, please check mine

  18. hi dear, boleh tau dirimu NC or NW berapa di MAC? coz i think you have a wonderful tan skin :)


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