Thursday, May 22, 2014

Recent Favorite : Lipstick

Recent Favorite : Lipstick

Here are the list of my favorite lipstick :

It's my new toy and  it is one of my favorite! I picked the Violet ones..
An intense color that i thought would be playful for spring/summer time. 

The packaging : 

A Liquid lip product in a tube. 
Sponge applicator tip.

The product : 

Easy to apply on the lip.
Creamy texture.
Intense pigmented color.
Semi gloss finish, but the more you apply the more glossy it looks.
Long lasting.
Smells good!

minus : Too much application would make a product bleeds a little bit from the lip. Lip pencil before or after application is recommended or if you have the lip primer, it would help. 

My favorite nude lipstick from NARS. Natural is the key for spring/summer glow!

The packaging : 

Pencil lip product.

The Product :

Satin finish.
Creamy & buttery texture and very moisturizing.
Natural nude color perfect for everyday wear.
Doesn't settle on lip lines. 
Easy to apply.

Minus : I don't like the fact you need a sharpener to get more product..

Nude with a hint of pink! What a romantic color!

The product :

Creamy texture with a little bit shimmer to make a glowing glossy effect on the lips.
Glides smoothly and build-able. 
Smells like a shea butter and vanilla.

Need a touch up during the day! but so far, this is one of my favorite color!

Got this from Sephora for my Birthday reward last month and i have been loving it ever since!
This is a small sample size but it contains quite a lot of product in the container. 
It is a mild cooper-red-ish tone which i think it is prefect for a chic look but still wearable. 

The Product :

Glides so easy on the lip.
Intense color and build-able.
Creamy texture, doesn't dry out the lips. Love the consistency!
A Mild and friendly red-ish  color, perfect everyday color!
Long lasting

Could not find the minus of this product!Just LOVE!

5. Lime-Crime Opaque lipstick - Geradium -

A playful  lip product with an opaque/super pigmented color collection in a pretty container!

The Product : 

Super pigmented color.
Playful color selection.
Coral-pink color, bold and intense! Playful themed !
Creamy texture.
Semi- glossy finish.

Minus : Sometimes the product settles between the fine lines of the lip ( I have a dry lips, anyway ). Application using lip brush is recommended to help the product spreading evenly.

For now, thats all my favorite lipstick! Let me know if you have a favorite lipstick that you think i might like them as well! =)


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  1. I like the lime crime one :)
    Anyway, You look perfect in every colors!

  2. love the too faced and lime crime <3.
    Lime crime tube is so cute love the unicorn

  3. aura bumilnya udah keliatan maaak, btw dikau pake warna apapun cantiikk >.<
    tapi favorite eike yang Make up Forever Lol

    The Journey

  4. wah udah lama nih ga baca blog postnya kak nancy, btw, selamat buat kehamilannya kak, ga sabar nunggu si dedek baby lahir :D
    kak nancy pake warna lippen apa aja tetep cantik ^^

  5. great post!
    I like lipstick from Make Up Forever.. so natural color..


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    Centrum Style
    or follow me on :
    mdayomi Bloglovin

  6. Lovely post! I've never tried any of these but they all are so pretty. I am in love with nude so I would really have to try the nars satin lip pencil. Btw, I'm having a giveaway... I want to invite you to enter.


  7. I love every color and they all look gorgeous on you hun! But since im nude lippie kinda gal im obssessed with the nars and maybelline ones!!! I can see i would rock them alot!


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