Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little beauty diary : Fruit punch.

 Katy Perry lashes created by eylure :
You can also find the eyelashes here
 Katy Perry eyelashes #Cool kitty ( Evening ) - you also can find a natural, day to evening or double type of the lash for this collections.

Note :

Packaging : Small box ( outside) with Katy Perry picture on it. A plastic eyelashes box ( inside) has a Right/Left sign on it and it has a small container of adhesive attached on the inside box. You can also find a small sticker in the box written " Cool Kitty ".

Products : I would say it is similar to Ardell lashes collections. The lashes band is thin and it is elastic, make it easier to bend it. The Adhesive is similar to Duo eyelashes adhesive.

Price : US$6 -7 depends on where you buy it ( pharmacy/drugstore/online) you could find a best deal for this eyelashes if you google it. Anyhow, i would rather purchase Ardell or Salon Perfect lashes for a cheaper alternative because i found nothing special about this beside the inspiration of this lashes based on Katy Perry infamous cat eyes look..

Essence - I love punk - Jumbo eyeliner pen :

I have been loving Essence products recently, i love their packaging and how they came up with the name of the products or the ideas of their products. This Germany based company is very friendly for the price and the products itself. LOVE! Too bad you cannot find it online at their website. 
If you love cute stuff, i bet you would love their website to check out where to buy this brand. 
( i am not sponsored, i am just sharing my thoughts...=) )

Note :

Packaging : i am impressed that they came with the concept of the double cap for the eyeliner packaging. Liquid eyeliner always have a problem of drying out in the tube. With double cap, it would stay a little bit longer in the tube. As long as you hear 'click' sounds when you put the cap on, it should be good.

Product : Marker felt type of eyeliner pen with pointy tip. Easy to glide and it doesnt smudge on the skin (eyelids) at all. The size of the tip is very helpful for creating the big-bold winged eye makeup.

Price : around US$ 4 or so..depends on where you buy since they do not sell it on their website,
 i couldn't give the specific price of this product..

Milani lipstick # Fruit Punch :

Note : 

Packaging : I do love the packaging. Chic looking packaging and the color of lipstick match the bottom of the lipstick packaging. 

Product : The color payoff! Build-able and easy to blend. But, you might want to add some gloss or clear balm with the product, i found it a little bit drying after a while ( maybe it is my lips condition anyway, i heard good reviews about this lipstick on youtube ) .
It has a slightly watermelon scented , i dont find it bothered me. Moisturizing? mmh, not that ultimate moisturizing, it attempts to be matte look after a while. Need a touch up for sure!
I bought another color in Black Cherry and i love the color so much! will do the makeup look using it sometimes! stay tuned! =D

Price = US$4-5 ( check the local drugstore ).

This is the limited edition line that only for Spring/Summer sale. You could find it on the special racks for limited edition stuff. Kinda hard to find this limited edition online, i spotted same products on ebay but the price is just crazy! i got mine at H.E.B for US$5 something ( plus tax).
Note : 

Product : More creamy than the other -non limited- editions Maybelline color tattoo 24hr eyeshadow.
For  this #Blue Paradise , it reminds me of the blue colored sea shells/muscles shells or so, the color reflects different color ( blue to purple with pearl colors ) when the light hits. 

Look Spread :

Blush : From NYX SOHO GLAM collection palette.

Tribal detailed earrings : the pretty pistol boutique
Ring : Random boutique
Scarf/Headband : Italy 

Much love!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Little beauty diary : 100 shades and two colors

e.l.f 100 eyeshadow shades and two Revlon lip colors.


           Packaging : Plastic palette container, the lid is transparent plastic, no mirror, no brush included.

Products and swatches : 

- 100 eyeshadow shades.
- matte and shimmer eyeshadows.
- natural, dark colors to neon colors shades.
- some of the colors are mixed color eyeshadow with the shimmer.
- a little bit powdery or chalky, especially for the matte shades, eyeshadow primer before application would be helpful.
- some neon colors are not really shown as on the packaging, might need a wet brush to help to show the real color.
- some colors are repeated but in different intensity.
price : US$10 + tax 

Note :

- easy to blend.
- Love how smooth it looks on eyelid.
- for US$10 for so, for me it is worth to buy to play with the rare eyeshadow colors such as neon colors and red color.

Revlon colorburst Lip butter
# Gumdrop

Note :

- Some colors are too buttery such as this Gumdrop. It broke easily when i tried to apply on my lips..
- Sometimes it creates a bulky texture on the lips, might need a finger to blend it.
- The color ( Gumdrop) would appear differently on the lips. Darker on the product but lighter on the lips. Build-able, yes, but thick bulky texture would be created on the lips. ( my experiences with Gumdrop shade, the other shades are pretty much okay).

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
# Lovesick

Note :

- Easy to use , reach the corner of the lips easily and creates an even color on the lips.
- Moisturizing and long lasting pigmentation.
- Some colors would leave weird stain on the lips after the original color wear off, but some would leave a beautiful stain ( my fave stains are Darling and Lovesick. I got another ones in Precious, but it left me with orangey-brownish stain which i hate).
- Slightly smell and taste of minty flavor when you apply this balm stain, but it would be gone after couple of minutes.
- Original color would stay at least 4-5 hours( depends on your activity), then it leaves a stain on your lips until you take it off using the makeup remover.
- 'kissable' when it comes a stain or at least the original colors almost dried.
- No sharpener needed. 

Look i created using e.l.f 100 eyeshadow shades and Revlon lip colors :

Much love!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lipstick diary and three looks

Lipstick Diary.

Nope, i am not done with my recent haul yet! 
I was looking for some fun colors such as violet or pinkish plum colors so, here what i found..

Jordana Lipstick #Petal pink

This color really caught my eyes right away. Reminds me of M.A.C Lady Gaga or Nicky Minaj pinkish color collections. I do love the color a lots, i think this is a super cute color. The consistency a little bit weird though, even though it is creamy, but it has a rubbery formula on it. Not as rubbery as Wet n wild megalast liquid lip color, but still, it feels little bit dry on the lips. Too bad, because i love how it glides on the hand as a swatch and also i love the smell of it.  When applying it on the lips, it settled between the lips lines and didnt blend that well. I had to put a clear gloss on the top of it to make it easier to blend. This is weird, because other Jordana lipstick in other colors are good.

But, i also came with conclusion that this is not really a color for me. It doesnt look good on me...=( let me know what you think of this color on me...

Revlon Just bitten Kissable
Balm Stain # Darling

I love this pink to soft purple with blue undertone color of this balm stain. Good consistency,  moisturizing throughout the day, good pigmentation, build-able and it lasts long time. By the end of the day, well, this balm stain last at least 6 hrs, the real color will wear off and leave the nice purplish stain on your lips..Grape flavor popsicle color, i guess... this Darling color is very friendly every day color! 

Note : if you dont like minty smells or taste of lips products, you might not really like this..this Revlon balm stain has a little bit minty smells/taste...just a little bit, though...=D

Wet n wild lipstick #mauve outta here/ Rose flamboyant

Never thought that this lipstick would look good on me! guess we never know until we try it. This is a good lipstick actually, i found couple of wet n wild lipsticks could be so waxy sometimes, but the consistency of this one is very creamy, it glides easily on the lips and doesnt settle between the lips line. It lasts around 3-4 hours and i am totally love the colors.
Thing is, because the lipstick is too buttery, it is so easily to get the lipstick all over the lid of the container. So, be careful...

How i create the eye makeup for this look :

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow
# eternal summer

I love everything about cream/gel based eyeshadow, it gives a glowing effects on the eye lids and creates more intensity on the eyes. Thing is, sometimes it is hard to work with creme based eyeshadow because this formula attempt to crease most of the time on the eye lids. Primer would help, yes..but if the creme contains too much wax, it doesnt really work that well...

The consistency of this Revlon creme eyeshadow is a little bit waxy, i would say, a little bit hard to work it on the lids especially if you have the oily lids already. I tried to put eye primer before, but it didnt help that much. The shadow ran all over the lids, creased ( already!) and it didnt blend well. The colors of this collection are pretty, the shimmer is in good amount and good pigmentation. But too bad it is too waxy, maybe i should mix it with a little bit of powder eyeshadow to make it works..let's see. I will try next time..
Maybelline color tattoo 24hr gel cream eyeshadow collections are much better in my opinion.

If you do not like clumpy or spider eyelashes, you can try Covergirl Clump crusher mascara, but i just love clumpy eyelashes because i think it looks sexy...=D

mascara : Maybelline the rocket volum' express mascara
eyeliner : Milani liquid-eye eyeliner in Aqua

much love!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Little Beauty Diary : Recent haul + Vintage Peach

Vintage Peach.


The other day, i went to grocery store and i came home with some new surprise, right?lol. 

Here are some of stuff that i picked up. Most of them are limited edition for spring! they even have the special racks for the limited edition stuff from some beauty brands such as Maybelline, Essie nail polish, Essence, Revlon, etc. Too bad, i could not find Revlon The pacific coast Spring collections by Gucci Westman at the store that time. Actually, nothing new about that, i just  really want to try the Revlon Baby Sticks for lips and cheek ( this one is NEW)...i guess it is like duo stick lip/cheek stains..but they do have a cute colors! 

Out of my luck, i picked up the other stuff that caught my eyes. Most of the colors  for Limited edition or Spring collections are pretty much bright colors and neon-ish..

This is the last item for this color on the rack and i kinda curious with this color. Very neon coral, so bright that i had to blend it couple of time on my cheek just to make sure i dont look like a clown!! It does have a shimmer, but very minimal compares to the other colors i found on the rack the other day. 
Very pigmented!! ( i am not kidding!) and i  think this color would be perfect for those who has a fair/pale skin. Fresh cheeks! =) 

# Vintage Peach

Again, i was left behind with the only color available on the rack for this limited edition lips duo. 
But i think i am happy with this peachy color, without the lip gloss , i could just wear the lipstick alone, it is very smooth and glides easily. Pretty much moisturizing too! It lasts at least 3 to 4 hours. The lipgloss is a little bit off for me, it makes the lipstick color darker ( too dark for me), which i like the color of lipstick alone.

I am not really familiar with this brand anyway, but some of their products are very interesting to try. Packaging and the colors collection are very playful and i would say, the quality is not bad at all. Check their website, if you want to know more about this brand. 


I admit the colors are super cute. But, i dont like the consistency of the nail polish at all. 
Hard to apply them, a little bit rubber(y) i guess they try to make a vinyl / gel nail polish, but it fails?=(
One coat is not enough, the yellow ones (#153 Midtown mimosa) is a little bit watery..two coats still not enough to build the colors..The pink ones ( #142 Preppy pink) is better than the yellow ones, but still it took 3 coats to make color even..i had to wait for long time for the nail polish to dry too. 

for only 99 cents or so..i think i am gonna keep them just for the cute display colors..

Look of the day using the blush and the lipstick duo..oh, and the fake beauty mark...=D

As you can see, the blush color is shown perfectly on my cheek, but, make sure you tap off the excess before applying this super pigmented blush. Just apply it slightly and blend it very well.

Much love!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Little beauty diary : Purplelicious

Love Purple!

Hello!!! Hope you had a great weekend!

I am kinda just playing with colors this time, this time i chose  purple color.. I found this interesting fact about color therapy of this purple color/violet : 

Purple/Violet : Healing properties: These are colors of transformation.They heal melancholy, hysteria, delusions and alcohol addiction and bring spiritual insights and renewal. These colors slow down an over-active heart; stimulate the spleen and the white blood cells (immunity). 
( source : ).

well, if this purple color bring that such a healing, i guess it would be good to see this color to start the new week, then..=)

Eye / makeup Products used : 

makeup/face products used :

The lookbook :

Got this soft purple dress with studded detailed when i was in Indonesia. Been loving this stretch dress ever since and i do love the color. I think it brings out the cuteness but still look edgy on the other side.

Have a great week ahead!