Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rosie series


Shoes lace made pendant. Inspired by Rose flowers. Available in colors.

* more colors, price and inquiry, please leave a message.


images and designs are courtesy of projectncy. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Polka Dot!

The fun series.

patchwork style necklace using polka dot motifs.

'fun day'

'just me 1'

'just me 2'

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GULA Accessories

Simple. Fun . Statement!

Here are the new items from GULA accessories. A simple fun necklace made from faux-leather, beads and Batik Indonesia fabrics.

'pink clouds'

'the chanting'

'three life'


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all images are courtesy of projectncy. Do not use any images or copy the designs without any permissions.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cute and Sweet necklace

Cute and sweet.

New items series for ncyproject. 
Bib style - statement necklace made from faux leather ( PU) , plastic beads and chains.
for purchasing and custom made please contact me for further information.



all images and designs are courtesy of projectncy. all right reserved.

my outfit of the day feat. projectncy

Mix and match accessories

Wearing a simple outfit such as loose 'boyfriend' shirt by Jack&Jill ( i bought this from online store, price around US$5 or so ) mixed with the black lace mini skirt-short could be too plain to be seen. 

To pimp the outfit, try to accessorized with statement necklace or clutch or rings!







Monday, May 28, 2012

The wedding

The wedding decorations.

I got married on December 2010, was engaged on October and had to prepare everything in 2 months!!My husband is American citizen, he didnt have too much time to spend in Indonesia that time, so, we flew from Shanghai ( we met up online on 2004, met up for a first time in Shanghai-China on 2010..what a story!) and had a wedding set up in my hometown. The December wedding was pretty much private and only the holy matrimony ceremony. Small town, small crowd, private wedding. And Seafood party for 150 guests at the restaurant at night. Simple, chic and cheap!well, it was i ever wanted. A simple private wedding.
Hubby enjoyed the scene actually, he is pretty much a laid back person who doesnt really like the big city. He enjoy everything about my hometown, country side, beaches, mountains and small population. So, it was perfect!

Then, on January 15th, we had a dinner party for friends and family's friends. It was at the Hotel, Buffet kind of style party, laid back, no entertainment whatsoever , it was for the meet up and talk and celebration without any   big party scenes. Even though the invitations were delivered by messages and phone. No decorations, no fancy theme. Simple. Classic, vintage atmosphere and just go with it kind of party.

So, just imagine how i need to rush in everything, from the cake, book the venue, invitations, souvenirs, pictures, everything the wedding needs. I even had to decor the tables by even organizer or whatsoever, it was DIY wedding.

But, i'm glad it turned out pretty sweet.

Thought i would share it here!

Printed invitation. Royal Vintage theme, printed on recycld paper. Only for the decoration on the front table, we didnt use the invitation to spread the words.

Front table decorations.

I designed and ordered the cake less in two weeks before the event. Red-champagne  themed, vintage 40's to 50's decorated. It matched my dress that night. 

The cake topper. Roses and feathers.  oldies theme.

The cupcakes. 

The souvenirs. The customized towel with our initial on it.

I used the empty bottle for a center-piece on each table, wrapped with 'story of us'  , laces, ribbons and dried-flowers and pre-wedding pictures on it.


table tag on the top of the bottle.

The cakes and sweets table, decorated with our picture on it.

Fruits stand.

Front table decorations.

Cakes stand.

Table setting. Simple, red, and classic.

all images are couresy of theprojectncy,

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Old handbags portfolio

Handbags portfolio

I used to design and sell the handbags by featuring it through the local magazine in my city.
The bags were under label Runway Queen.
Most of the handbags were made from faux leather or PU. All the themes and designs were based on pop-art, fun and cute colors. 

Handbags under Runway Queen label 2005.

Featured in Magazine .

all designs and images are courtesy of theprojectncy.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thought of the day


" Believe Big. The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success. Remember this, too! Big ideas and big plans are often easier - certainly no more difficult - than small ideas and small plans."

David J. Schwartz

Friday, May 25, 2012

On Batik Indonesia

The motifs and the story.

I have been using lots of Indonesian Batik on my label GULA ( means Sugar in English). Thought i would love to share something about Batik. 
Even thought i have a wikipedia link about what is Batik all about, but this is would be something to read when you ended up visiting my blog. 

Batik is Indonesian traditional cloth. Well known as the treasure of Indonesian cultures, being recorded by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the cultures, i think it is something that i would be proud of. Therefore, using it in design and some of my projects are the best privilege for me to introduce it more to the world, where am i coming from.

The process of batik originally made by hand, hand-drawn, hand-painted by soak it into the colored water, hand-waxed , and air-dried. Back then, the colors process used the natural colorist, such as plants or fruits. Now, the process become modern, you can find a batik stamp for mass productions of Batik or printed ones. And the original ones which made by hand available in high price at the market.

Batik motifs are variable, but, some motifs called as forbidden motifs, thats mean, only the high status such as king or the royal family. But now, it becomes the famous motifs that could be worn by anybody.The infamous batik motif is Parang rusak , known as Broken swords, damaged reefs or damaged machete.

the sample of "parang rusak"

Parang Rusak motif

Inspiration actually come from the phenomenon of large waves that break up rock and ruin. In the Java language, the term with a machete near the reef. Parang broken means broken or damaged reefs.
Anyway, in Javanese language up to today, it just know parang means big traditional knife that illustrate courage. But, the truth about it actually is not about the swords or machetes or knife itself, There are hidden meaning behind the motifs. It actually took the meaning from the reef nearby the sea and the wave philosophy, never broken relationship between the king or royal family, the unbroken royalty lines that given from the king to his family. Also, the diagonal line represents the respect, honors, the truth and the loyalty.
This motif back then was often use as a presents for the king and the family as the 'good news' from the soldiers who came back from the war and won the battle.
There are couples of Parang rusak motifs out there, each with their own meanings and philosophy. 
There are also other motifs that inspired batik, such as flowers, animals or even the wayang or Indonesian traditional puppets.

For my project, i am using lots of modern parang rusak motifs. 
you can see on one of my necklace piece below that using parang rusak motifs

The eight

Images and courtesy are belong to


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

GULA Accessories

Statements and Beaded works.

'The leaf' statement pendant and beaded necklace

'the eight' statement and beaded necklace

'Beauty of me' beaded necklace 

"Eyes of the soul" statement necklace

all images and designs are courtesy of projectncy.

I am Featured on !

I am featured on 

thanks to for featuring me!

here is the article.

The Fun Unique Statement!

Nancy Liando Coleman

Random Facts About You?
A dreamer and a believer.
Born and raised in Indonesia with Chinese heritage on background. English is the second language. Lived in China for years.
Bachelor of art in Visual Communication Design, but more interested in fashion.
Choose night time until dawn as the best time for crafting and designing.

What got you started crafting?
I started crafting when i was in kindergarten, my mom bought me 'cut and glue' book for children and i got the 'calling' ever since. Then when i realized that English and Art were the only subjects i got an A+ on it, i believe i was born to be an Artist . for real...

What is your source of inspiration?
Pop art colors, Indonesian cultures and traditions, graphic patterns, something weird , mix and match media and also the fashion trends.

What have you made recently?
The Statement Necklaces and earrings that inspired by East meets West culture, i tried to mix Indonesia traditional cloth called Batik with some lace fabrics or even Shoe laces. Also some accessories that inspired by pop art and summer colors. I' ve played a lot with mixed media for the details recently.

Where do you sell your crafts presently?
I used to sell my stuff on Etsy . But since i got married and got busy with my immigration visa, i decided to close it for awhile. But, i still have them posted on my Facebook page and sell them through friends. I am also using Blogspot and Deviantart to blog or showcase the items .

Why are handmade crafts important to you?
Handmade tells story. Every item has their own story. How they made and when they made. Always a touch of personal feelings and hearts on every item.

visit and get featured!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GULA accesories

Statement Necklaces.

'SRIWIJAYA' statement necklace. A triangle shape pendant made from Indonesian Batik Cloth,
plastic beads and lace.

'MANDALA' Statement necklace made from shoes lace, plastic beads and  satin cord.

Clay Play : Ring on my finger

Ring on my finger.

Clay made ring. 

"Ring on my finger"

"Ring on my finger"

Clay play : Quotes magnets

Hope. Love. Faith

There are three of my favorite words that inspire me a lots. 

Hope is   When the world says, "Give up", Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
~Author Unknown 

Love is the greatest thing in the world . Love inspires...

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.   
 ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hope. Love. Faith

Home Decor : Flowers on my hair

Flowers on my hair.

DIY mixed media home decor using Bottle caps, cardboard, tulle fabrics, faux leather and painted with acrylic paints.

Meet the lady with flowers on her hair..

"Flowers on my hair"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Clay-Play : Magnets

Clay made Magnets.

Magnets made from Ceramic clay and hand painted with acrylic paints.

"Love" magnet

" Daisy girl" Magnet

"Secret Garden" Magnet.

Images and designs are courtesy of projectncy.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hold it! Statement Clutch

Statement Clutch

Being noticed!

Pink lace clutch with mixed beads.

"Flower power" faux leather (PU)

"Pin Up girl" Statement Clutch

All designs and images are courtesy of projectncy.

Clay-Play : Statement Necklace

Clay-Play Statement Necklace

This Statement necklace line is made from Ceramic Clay.

"Miss pink" Clay Statement Necklace

"Yellow moon" Clay statement necklace