Friday, May 31, 2013

Little beauty diary : Two Tone.

Hello, beautiful people! Went out with my husband's family for a small casual dinner last tuesday.  I paired up this mustard colored lace top with blue toned leopard . I finally wore this mint colored bib-necklace i got for my birthday. For the summer touch, i included my (handwaved) Rattan clutch i got from the market in Bali, Indonesia. Love the uniqueness of it! Got a lot of compliments for this clutch..thumbs up for Indonesian crafters!

 necklace : a gift for my birthday
lace top :  random boutique in Indonesia. Find similar here
Blue leopard patterned skirt : random boutique Indonesia . Find similar here

I slept with the high bun the night before, i got this messy bed-hair wave as the result! Just add some hairspray and ready to go!No-heat tools needed.

Rattan clutch : Bought in Bali - Indonesia

Rattan clutch : Bali- Indonesia
Similar here

 A simple makeup with loads of eyeliner on my upper lashes line, on the bottom i applied the maybelline color tattoo cream eyeshadow in edgy emerald..

face products : 

I admit the color and the shine effects are pretty, but it didn't stay that long on my lips, i had to re-apply it again and again through the night...*sigh 

This frappe helped me with my energy that night! *slurp 

much love!


  1. Looking effortlessly gorgeous as always, babe!

  2. Blue leopard patterned skirt sama Rattan clutchnya baguuss, cantik sekali ce ncy :D

  3. asek bgt mba style nya, wahh ad yg dari bali :D lip gloss nya juga baguss bangeed

  4. Ah ce ncy.... mint mint mint~ Mupeng~ *comot kalung sama jam dipinjem seharian :p*

  5. Stainnya pink kok cee~ Hihihihi... ;D

  6. Really great trick for loose curls. I can't wait to try it when I get long hair again. Do you sleep with a wet bun?


  7. Cakep banget!!
    Mix and match outfitnya juga kereeen *aaak aku padamu* :D

  8. Kk Nancy cantik sekali, ada paket jadi model, bodynya slim, tinggi, rambutnya sehat, make up skillnya ok..
    sekarang mulai diet, kurangkan berat badan, at least lost 5kg in this years.
    i love see slim girl :)
    kalo ada poto dinner familynya lebih seru, liat bule2 :)

    have a bless week.

  9. gorgeous! I love the lipstick color too! uber cute! <3

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  11. Lipglossnya bajuuusss.. nyenengin ya punya badan slim.. apa2 masuk :) kalo aku pake acara bertarung dulu sama X-factor (eXtra) >.<


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