Thursday, February 28, 2013

Little beauty diary : February favorites

Hi beauties! February is almost over! how fast time flies..especially when you happy and full of love, time flies so fast because you do enjoy it!=)

Just a quick post about my February findings that turned into my favorites. 

Hair products : 

Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Shampoo and Conditioner.

My hair is pretty much dry-oily combinations. But, since i found this dynamic duo, i would say my hair is back to normal. Just a new finding for me, but been loving them throughout February. 

Dove hair therapy nourishing oil care - detangler.

For those who hate tangled hair..this one is a best remedy.

TRESemme Liquid gold shine therapy.

Shiny hair! nuff said..

Body mist and perfume : 

Paris Amour - Bath&body works. 
Clinique happy - Heart.

Body and face products : 

Jergens Natural Glow - Medium to Tan

Finally got one in "no odor " edition. Hate that sun-burnt smells!
Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil Control moisturizer SPF 30

I changed my CeraVe AM moisturizer with this Cetaphil. It has been working good on oily skin. 
A matte finish moisturizer.  It is made for Acne-prone Skin. Also has a SPF 30 in it..So, it is pretty much plus - plus in one bottle of moisturizer.

Nail polish : 

Flower by Drew Barrymore nail polish in May Flower
Pure ICE nail polish in Can't Stop
L'oreal nail color in Eiffel For You

Lips Products : 

L'oreal colour Riche Lipcolour in Fairest nude
MAC Lip kit in Possessed by pink! - Bought this at cosmetic stores at factory outlet.
Sephora Glossy gloss in precious pink.  - i also love the taste of it..watermelon candy?
Bite beauty - Lip Shine in sheer mauve
L'oreal colour caresse wet shine stain in Coral tattoo and Pink perseverance

Eyes products : 

NYX smokey look kit
Maybelline master duo eyeliner
Milani Marbleized baked eyeshadow in Intermix
Benefit Badgal Lash

Bronzers and Blush : 

Physician Formula Bronze booster Glow-Boosting airbrushing bronzing veil deluxe edition in light to medium

This is a bronzer that combines powder, baked bronzer and cream bronzer in one ( see their page to see how this bronzer works on the skin ). Silky - airbrushed effects bronzer...just awesome!

Flower by Drew Barrymore bronzer/blush duo in Shimmering Goddess.

Need to works on this blush/bronzer duo but, i just love the colors on my cheek..just need to  blend and blend to make it work! =)

Ready for Spring? =)


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little beauty diary : Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood - Classic Beauty.

Hi pretties! Are we still talking about Oscar 2013 and drooling for that amazing dresses that celebrities wore that day? Yes, i am. Anyway, Glad to see Argo won the best picture. And i am happy to see Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln won the best actor! i also enjoyed watching Life of Pi too..i think they have a very good philosophy about that movie. 

I do love watching based on true story movie type, war movies, political scenes and something historical based on the real biography,, yeah, i am glad those movies won big on Oscar. I also glad to see Anna Karenina won the best costume design, i think they have a very beautiful costumes in the movie! just so pretty! Oh, and the best make up and styling goes to Les Miserables... if you love musical movies, i suggested this movie for you! 

But, most of all, i was too excited to see the Red carpet. Who is wearing who and what. I came across to pick up my fave dresses of Oscar 2013 best dressed. Which one is your favorite? For me, as much i love Jennifer Lawrence's, i love the edgy look of Charlize Theron..=) thats something i would wear with a pony tail and the smokey eyes..

I always thought Hollywood classic look would always look the best, even you pair it with a modern couture gown at the party. They always go simple on eyes makeup and focus on the other thing. Red lips? i just remember about Marilyn Monroe..

For this look, i picked up my Estee Lauder Deluxe Eyeshadow ( pure colors ) compact and the blush compact ( it is also come with lipsticks and they dont sell this set individually, but if you are interested, you can try to find this sets). 

As you can see, i already hit the pan on some colors. I love how this eyeshadow looks on the eyes lid, a satin finish touch and the colors are so friendly even for everyday use. 
I could not find the name of these Estee Lauder lipstick on the lipstick tube..But i think they are similar to their new lipstick collection . For this look, i mixed these two together with the plum color on the center of the lips. 

I coated the lips with this Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Fire. The color is so vivid! and i also love the gloss look on lips.

Face products used :

Almay Clear complexion liquid makeup
Maybelline Volum express The Rocket Mascara
Physician Formula mineral wear - talc free mineral correcting powder
Maybelline super stay 24hr concealer
Hard Candy So baked Bronzer in Tiki

Happy glam day!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Little Beauty Diary : I Believe in Pink

I believe in Pink.

I was going to do  - I believe in pink- Audrey Hepburn d.i.y painting and i thought it would be cute to do makeup in the same theme. Coincidently i am wearing a cute pink nail polish from Drew Barrymore collections called Flower.  I never a big fan of pink colors, not that much..except for this February month, i have been playing with this cute color a lots. Well, i think i am just being cute...

Nail polish :

Pink nail polish : Flower in May flowers
Gold glitter nail polish : Pure ICE in Endless Fortune

Eyeliner :

I just picked this thing couple days ago, for those who loves eyeliner that much, having a good and precise tip on the eyeliner is a huge must. This Maybelline Master duo 2-in-1 glossy liquid liner has an unique felt tip. It has a small round tip for the big liner and make a small liner on the other side. 

The blush : 

Bought this long time ago. It says this blush infused with Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress. ( Physician Formula )
Based on my far i don't know for sure those works..but for the color and blendable point, it does works pretty good. Those who doesnt like shimmery blush, i am not sure you will love this.. Love those Heart shapes? yes, i do too..

The lipstick :

Those who loves long-lasting lip color with long-lasting shine without feeling weird on the lips, must love this L'oreal Colour Caresee wet shine stain lip colour.

# Pink Perseverance

Necklace : 

I mixed pinkish eyeshadow with white glitter eyeshadow. Purple color on the crease for the intensity on the eyes. 

Covergirl eye enhancer 3-kits shadow in Dance party
Sephora Jumbo glitter liner 24hr wear in white

And this is a quote that inspired me. Would love to share this with you all beautiful people out there..=)

Be happy! Stay pretty! 


Friday, February 22, 2013

Little beauty diary : Boho-chic

Simple Boho-chic.

Hi pretties! i know you all excited for the weekend. After long days working or at school it is a time to just to rest and relax! And stay pretty!=)

I was going to pick up L'oreal Colour Riche lipstick in Fairest nude ( i used to wear this lipstick when i was in Indonesia, this lipstick is so awesome! nude color with a hint of can't go wrong with it) and i found Flower by Drew Barrymore makeup collections in the store! I heard about it from some makeup gurus on youtube that these collections are so-so..( but i hope this one is a good celebrity makeup line compare to Khroma makeup collections by Kardashian sisters ) and i would love to give it a try myself . As for now, i think they only sell it at Walmart. If you are interested, go to Walmart site or Flower site to get more info about this Flower products.

Here are my findings : 

Been loving this color from Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr wear cream eyeshadow
Perfect for a light smokey eyes and everyday look

Flower by Drew Barrymore :

Left to right : Flower Nail polish # May Flowers , Flower blush/bronzer duo # Shimmering Goddess 

 I love that bulky packaging with clean look of it and they have a cute color collections.. But, one coat is not enough to see the color on your nails and it is a little bit long to dry..

Do not expect mirror or brush thingy..they are not there. Color on blush is okay, a little bit chalky, but  when you work it on with brush, it appears so pretty!
I admit, i like that pinkish color on my cheek.
The bronzer color is so pigmented, be careful if you dont like too much-too much bronzer. I compare this bronzer color with Too faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer

Oh, hellooo..i found another fave baked eyeshadow! Check their color collections here.

For this makeup look i mixed the Maybelline color tattoo in Bad to the bronze with this Milani baked eyeshadow in intermix. It gives a wet shiny look on the eyes! one word...AWESOME

The look : 

I have been crazy in Boho looking makeup. Natural looking and natural glow. Love how simple it is. Bohemian is about lifestyle. Living free bond with mother earth. A Peace of mind.

Face product used :

Etude house  Precious mineral BB cream 
Physician formula Mineral wear correcting powder in Translucent
Maybelline Super Stay Concealer
Hard Candy Baked bronzer in TIKI

Rose Bangle : Random boutique in Indonesia
Arm Bracelets : Forever21


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little beauty diary : fun orange spring

Hi Beauties! Just wanted to share my mood board a.k.a wish list for the upcoming spring. I cannot wait anymore! i already bought another Jergens Gradual tanner moisturizer ( this time with no odor!), to adjust my skin color to the a sun kissed color for the spring! ha! My skin is an olive complexions, so it is easy to adjust the tones to more darker. I would say, i dont need a self tanner and not really using them in daily basis, but this upcoming season, i am looking forward to have more bronze-tone skin..

I took a look of NYC Fashion week 2013, and i found out bright orange color themes for the upcoming season beside flowery graphics style, grunge style and stripes. Check here for more NYC fashion week 2013.

Skirt : check here to see the info
Studded bag : Forever21
color blocked Wedges : Forever21
Statement necklace : anthropologie ( i dont see this on their site anymore, i think it is sold out )

Left to right : 

Pure Ice in Can't Stop  LOVE this color!

Have a bright day!xoxo

Monday, February 18, 2013

Little beauty diary : Makeup that he loves..

The eyes have it!

We are still in the mood of love, right? especially that late Valentine's day, we did some lovey dovey time with our beloved ones. With our family, friends and our loved ones. I hope you had a good ones!

My Valentine's day went great! Even though we didn't do any candle light dinner or watched any romantic movies ( we watched Gangster Squad and Harlem shake viral videos on youtube instead) .
How romantic! No surprise at all he did propose me while watching Saving private Ryan, when we were in China in 2010. Imagine when i was sitting on the couch and watching those war scenes and all sudden , he popped the question...." okay, so..will you marry me?"...

And FIY, it was after 9 months we met for the first time after 6 years online dating. And yes, we did call it quits for a while, before he finally flew to China to meet me for the first time.
I guess, when it is love, you can run but you cannot hide..

So, on Valentine's day couple days ago, like usual, hubby went to school and came back late at night ( he took a night class, we are not a morning person, so we have to reverse our time..we alive and work at night and sleep during the day..Vampires! ) and he brought me some Daisy flowers, Strawberry chocolate, Hershey's Symphony chocolates and A card!

But, before that, i tried to be a good wife that i put my makeup on and tried to be pretty. 
( hubby doesnt like me in makeup, so i put on my natural makeup)

A light smokey eyes and nude lips! I focused on my eyes that day.

products used : 

And what i wore that day? My comfy pijamas.. lol..

Me and hubby are not fancy people, we are such a laid back couple who loves being at home and grocery stores. I think because my hubby is a good cook, i dont really craving for any food at the restaurant. Everytime i want to eat something, all i have to do is do a request and he will go buy the ingredients and cook for me. Lucky me! haha..So, we are pretty much enjoy our time at home most of the time. Yes, we do splurge some for dining out sometimes, but we  go with friends or family. Other than that, we love traveling overseas and visiting museum! we love history! But still, even though we are living in a humble life, i am still a shopaholic. Can't blame me. I was born that way. 

Funny how my mom always told me " A house is a happy house when you have a heart filled of love "
and the quotes on the card says " A house filled with love is a home, a heart filled with love is a Valentine"

He added " Almost as if i wrote it myself because its how i truly feel, love you my valentine's " -M



feel free to see our wedding party decorations here

Little beauty diary : Glowing skin

Body care

Moisturizer. Moisturizer. Moisturizer. And Water! Thats all i can say for the healthy glowing skin. Dont  forget to use SPF ones if you do the outdoor activity. 

Here are my Body care products that i recently use. 

1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula moisturizer. This is what i use after shower twice (or more) a day. Sometimes, i do need more moisturiaer when my skin is super dry and starting to flaky and itchy. Winter is not my best friend at all. Cocoa is best known for reduce the dark spots and mark! And always gives a glow on your skin! a

Love this formula because the thickness of the lotion. It heals the dryness so fast and leaves the skin dewy. I also put this on my body before sleep. Especially on neck area. 

2. Olay total effects advanced anti-aging body lotion. This is to replacement of the Palmer's cocoa butter formula when its time to rotate the products. I also using the Olay age defying body wash. I know, nothing can't defeat the age, but it would help to delay wrinkles. I am an old lady. Ha!

3. Vaseline Total moisture Cocoa Radiant Gel lotion. I used to love Vaseline cocoa body lotion ( you know, the one in brown bottle ). But, it doesnt work for me anymore, especially during a winter time.
So, when i found this Vaseline Cocoa Radiant gel lotion, i thought this is could be a good product to keep my skin moisture..But, because it is too oily ( greasy ) for me, i only use it for after shower regimen by applying the small amount of it on my very rough area ( it is a clear gel oil formula moisturizer ). For summer, i use it after sun-bathing on the top of SPF lotions to add more glowing effects! 

4. Jergen Natural Glow SPF 20 Daily moisturizer. This lotion has a gradual skin tones effects. It supposed to change your skin (light) color to the tan or dark skin tone, or medium to tan color..or so..but i dont like the smell of sun-burnt of it. So, i just bought the new ones with No-odor type. 
Love how it helps to build my skin tone to darker tones during summer!=)

5. L'oreal Sublime Sun advanced Sunscreen SPF 50+. This is an extra protective lotion that i use if i spend too much time under the sun ( yes, i love it!)..same problem, the smell of sun-burnt...i hate that! but this lotion gives a super dewy effects on skin and i  love the glow effect! 

6. Palmer's cocoa butter formula Body Glow. A small amount of this lotion ( a shimmery lotion) would give an extra glow on your skin. No kidding, it is like a highlighter to your skin. 

7. THERE Balinese Jasmine Body Butter. I got this for my christmas gift. I love the smell and i love the consistency. The butter is so soothing! Seriously, the smell reminds me of Bali, Indonesia. 

Tips : 

For a natural glowing skin, if you not into those moisturizer that has a shimmer effects, try to apply some bronzer on your body if you are feeling a little bit sexy that day...Just make sure you always have the moisturizer with SPF  if you love outdoor scenes. My skin is olive complexion already and it is so easy to change to the darker tones during summer ,so lucky me i don't have to go to tanning studio. All i do is using moisturizer to support my skin tone. 

Water also help for a dewy healthy looking skin!!!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little beauty diary : Skin care

My Skin care regimen.

Hope you all had a romantic and fun Valentine's with the loved ones! I am sharing some love through this blog to you all!=). Please share with me your Valentine's day story!! 

Anyway, I am sharing my skin care regimen on this post...Since i joined the Indonesian Beauty blogger group late last year, i got lot of hint of questions about my skin! I take those comments as a compliment! so, thanks so much for asking me about my skin! Even though my skin is far from perfect! ha!

Actually, i need a lot of covering during my 30's (yes, i am still have acne and pimples here and there. My skin is very sensitive! Thats why i am very careful with some products. Especially those with Silicon based formula. 

I tried lots of skin care products back then ( my worst break out was when i was in college) from the high-end products such as Chanel, Clinique, etc..i tried to use them for full month regimen ( you know, when you try a new product, you have to wait at least 2 or 3 weeks to see the result )..well, i thought it would work well on my skin, but in fact, they are not! so, basically, something pricey even popular doesnt mean it could do a magic on your skin..=(

So, my mom took me to the dermatologist. After a month full of painful process ( injections right on the acne/pimples, acid facials, antibiotics regimens, etc ) my skin back to normal again. So, now, i kinda depends on dermatologist Night creams. I used to do the whole regimen, from face wash, vitamin C, sun block, Night creams,, i try to slow it down  using only night time regimen, so my skin not really depends on the certain products only.

Therefore, i am very careful with my makeup products now. I even skip the primer sometimes, even tho i am using non-drugstore primer. Still, they have silicon based in it. So, i dont use any primer or pore filler too often. I also avoid using heavy foundations and go for salicylic acid formula in it, such as Almay clear complexion liquid makeup or the Neutrogena Healthy skin foundation ones. I dont even use it on my whole faces skin, i only dab them lightly on the area that have a redness or acne spot..i just try to let my skin breath even i have makeup on.

So, here is my skin care regimen products. Two of them are my dermatologist prescription night creams . 

1. Stridex Acne cleansing pads for sensitive skin. This is a great products for my after wash step. It works like a toner. It stings a little bit, but it wont dry out the skin. After using this pad, i put moisturizer on my face. 

2. Neutrogena Blackhead eliminating Daily scrub. I use this only at night. You might want to scrub the dirt and oil at night to clean your face and open the pore to prep the facial skin to absorb the night time moisturizer. ( Scrubbing at morning will open your pores and when you apply makeup, it will clog the pores and cause you some zit or even acne ).So, much better do a scrubbing at night ( thats what my dermatologist says..).

3. Neutrogena oil-free acne wash .  This is my face wash at morning. Some people might have an experience that this product will leave the skin feel so tight afterward..I did too, but after 1 month using it, it seems ok. Love the clean smell of it! After this step at morning, i apply Cerave Facial moisturizer spf 30 ( AM ).

4. Dickinson daily facial toner. This is a replacement of Stridex acne cleansing pad. If i starting to feel a little bit dry on my face because of the Stridex, i will switch it to Dickinson for a week or so. It works as a toner. Very light and all natural ingredients such a Witch hazel extract. Very good for acne prone skin!

5&6 Dermatoligist prescription Night cream ( 1 and 2 ). Got them from my dermatologist in indo and i stock them in couple of small containers  for a future use. It just a yellow-ish cream and you mix them together and put on your face. 

7&8 Cerave facial moisturizer AM and PM. This is pretty much the moisturizer. I use the PM ones after the night cream. I see the huge improvement on my face. The Cerave facial moisturizer helps the skin barrier to absorb more nutrient from my night cream. Wake up with more healthy dewy skin! i think this is my holy grail. For the AM, i just apply it after wash my face with Neutrogena oil-free acne wash. It has a SPF, so it is good!

9. Clearasil daily acne control vanishing cream. The active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, a notoriously effective acne fighter. (
nuff said...

10. H2O Plus Eye Oasis Moisture Replenishment Treatment You can use as the mask or just for moisturizing treatment on the under eye area.

11. Porcelana eye dark circle treatment. I use this daily to reduce the puffiness or dark circle around my under eye area. It is brightening under the eyes and cover the dark circle with a tint of color. It works like a concealer. 

Skin care additional essential :

This is what i am using once a month or every 2 weeks. Just to rotate the products so my skin wont depends or addicted to only one skin care product. 

For the additional care, i also do ZINC regimen for my hair and skin! 

1. Ambi Fade Cream. This one very helpful on spots or uneven skin tones, such as acne spots, scars or stretch mark. 

2. Etude house BB deep cleansing foam. I love this wash a lots! The baking soda formula helps brightening my face! I use it twice a month for a deep cleansing regimen.

3. Etude House Acne Gel lotion. I use it when my skin a little bit dry because the strong acne products, love the smells and love it how it moisture my skin without clogging the pores!

4. ZINC supplement. To read how Zinc would help the skin from inside your body, read here

 Lipstick : Revlon lipstick in Primrose

( if you curious to know how i do the glowing skin, i do counturing and highlighting. To see how, click here )

Remember to always wash your face before bed! how lazy you are, how tired you are, at least wipe it off using the cleansing wipe. Try Simple Cleansing Facial wipes. It works great 
on waterproof makeup and wont sting the eyes area! Just love!

Water, fruits and veggie are the good combo too!!! =) 

Thanks for reading! see you on the other post!