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Little beauty diary : Skin care

My Skin care regimen.

Hope you all had a romantic and fun Valentine's with the loved ones! I am sharing some love through this blog to you all!=). Please share with me your Valentine's day story!! 

Anyway, I am sharing my skin care regimen on this post...Since i joined the Indonesian Beauty blogger group late last year, i got lot of hint of questions about my skin! I take those comments as a compliment! so, thanks so much for asking me about my skin! Even though my skin is far from perfect! ha!

Actually, i need a lot of covering during my 30's (yes, i am still have acne and pimples here and there. My skin is very sensitive! Thats why i am very careful with some products. Especially those with Silicon based formula. 

I tried lots of skin care products back then ( my worst break out was when i was in college) from the high-end products such as Chanel, Clinique, etc..i tried to use them for full month regimen ( you know, when you try a new product, you have to wait at least 2 or 3 weeks to see the result )..well, i thought it would work well on my skin, but in fact, they are not! so, basically, something pricey even popular doesnt mean it could do a magic on your skin..=(

So, my mom took me to the dermatologist. After a month full of painful process ( injections right on the acne/pimples, acid facials, antibiotics regimens, etc ) my skin back to normal again. So, now, i kinda depends on dermatologist Night creams. I used to do the whole regimen, from face wash, vitamin C, sun block, Night creams,, i try to slow it down  using only night time regimen, so my skin not really depends on the certain products only.

Therefore, i am very careful with my makeup products now. I even skip the primer sometimes, even tho i am using non-drugstore primer. Still, they have silicon based in it. So, i dont use any primer or pore filler too often. I also avoid using heavy foundations and go for salicylic acid formula in it, such as Almay clear complexion liquid makeup or the Neutrogena Healthy skin foundation ones. I dont even use it on my whole faces skin, i only dab them lightly on the area that have a redness or acne spot..i just try to let my skin breath even i have makeup on.

So, here is my skin care regimen products. Two of them are my dermatologist prescription night creams . 

1. Stridex Acne cleansing pads for sensitive skin. This is a great products for my after wash step. It works like a toner. It stings a little bit, but it wont dry out the skin. After using this pad, i put moisturizer on my face. 

2. Neutrogena Blackhead eliminating Daily scrub. I use this only at night. You might want to scrub the dirt and oil at night to clean your face and open the pore to prep the facial skin to absorb the night time moisturizer. ( Scrubbing at morning will open your pores and when you apply makeup, it will clog the pores and cause you some zit or even acne ).So, much better do a scrubbing at night ( thats what my dermatologist says..).

3. Neutrogena oil-free acne wash .  This is my face wash at morning. Some people might have an experience that this product will leave the skin feel so tight afterward..I did too, but after 1 month using it, it seems ok. Love the clean smell of it! After this step at morning, i apply Cerave Facial moisturizer spf 30 ( AM ).

4. Dickinson daily facial toner. This is a replacement of Stridex acne cleansing pad. If i starting to feel a little bit dry on my face because of the Stridex, i will switch it to Dickinson for a week or so. It works as a toner. Very light and all natural ingredients such a Witch hazel extract. Very good for acne prone skin!

5&6 Dermatoligist prescription Night cream ( 1 and 2 ). Got them from my dermatologist in indo and i stock them in couple of small containers  for a future use. It just a yellow-ish cream and you mix them together and put on your face. 

7&8 Cerave facial moisturizer AM and PM. This is pretty much the moisturizer. I use the PM ones after the night cream. I see the huge improvement on my face. The Cerave facial moisturizer helps the skin barrier to absorb more nutrient from my night cream. Wake up with more healthy dewy skin! i think this is my holy grail. For the AM, i just apply it after wash my face with Neutrogena oil-free acne wash. It has a SPF, so it is good!

9. Clearasil daily acne control vanishing cream. The active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, a notoriously effective acne fighter. (
nuff said...

10. H2O Plus Eye Oasis Moisture Replenishment Treatment You can use as the mask or just for moisturizing treatment on the under eye area.

11. Porcelana eye dark circle treatment. I use this daily to reduce the puffiness or dark circle around my under eye area. It is brightening under the eyes and cover the dark circle with a tint of color. It works like a concealer. 

Skin care additional essential :

This is what i am using once a month or every 2 weeks. Just to rotate the products so my skin wont depends or addicted to only one skin care product. 

For the additional care, i also do ZINC regimen for my hair and skin! 

1. Ambi Fade Cream. This one very helpful on spots or uneven skin tones, such as acne spots, scars or stretch mark. 

2. Etude house BB deep cleansing foam. I love this wash a lots! The baking soda formula helps brightening my face! I use it twice a month for a deep cleansing regimen.

3. Etude House Acne Gel lotion. I use it when my skin a little bit dry because the strong acne products, love the smells and love it how it moisture my skin without clogging the pores!

4. ZINC supplement. To read how Zinc would help the skin from inside your body, read here

 Lipstick : Revlon lipstick in Primrose

( if you curious to know how i do the glowing skin, i do counturing and highlighting. To see how, click here )

Remember to always wash your face before bed! how lazy you are, how tired you are, at least wipe it off using the cleansing wipe. Try Simple Cleansing Facial wipes. It works great 
on waterproof makeup and wont sting the eyes area! Just love!

Water, fruits and veggie are the good combo too!!! =) 

Thanks for reading! see you on the other post!



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    nancy,,itu di gambar kedua ada vaseline bening,itu apa yaa???

    1. iya vaseline being itu apa sih? xD penasaran juga xD

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  2. warna lipsticknya cantik bnget...
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  3. Aku pernah baca kalau orang udah lewat masa remajanya, jerawat bakal susah muncul. Jadi salah banget ya kalau orang berpikiran gitu. Walaupun udah setua apapun kita, kulit tetep harus dijaga ya :')
    Makasih infonya.

  4. Thank God I am blessed with great skin without any pimples or redness, etc but I just love spending time taking good care of my skin and hair and stuff :) Its so important to look good

  5. Ahhh I remember when I have to take antibiotics regime too...
    And those acne injections are so painful especially in the jawline area T.T
    I've been taking zinc too and it works great especially on my hair.

  6. wow! you have so many skincare!
    ehh wait.. your picture is so stunning, wajahnya cocok jadi model!

    have a bless day

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  8. really nice review dear ^^ and you look really amazing :)


  9. I love Neutrogena Blackhead eliminating Daily scrub too ! the only drugstore brand my face can handle for now :D


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  11. You have a lot of cosmetic products on your vanity table, huh? I can see that you really are conscious on your skin. Well, people should be especially us women! ;) If you really want to keep your skin radiant and beautiful, you need to have a great lifestyle. That includes having an effective skincare regimen.

    Gregoria Gorham

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