Wednesday, December 18, 2013

BLOG GIVEAWAY : NYX Love in Paris sets ( C L O S E D )


I am back with another giveaway!
This time i will give 2 (two ) - NYX love in Paris set -  which contains :

1 eyeshadow palette ( 9 colors )
2 Eye pencil ( brown + black )
1 Faux lashes mascara 

There will be 2 winners, each will get 1 set of this NYX set. Also, ONE surprise gift for you!=D


This is HOW :

- Must be a follower of my blog 

- I also have a Youtube Channel, i would be happy if you follow me on Youtube too ( no pressure, i won't bite...) . 

- You HAVE to own your own beauty / fashion blogger. Also must be at least 18 years old to join this giveaway or have your parents let you wear makeup if you under 18.

- Follow me via Instagram or FB or Twitter page ( i usually confirm the winners via these social media ). Only given you 48 hours to give me your address or i will choose other winner..

- Ask me ONE question about me or anything  ( Where you from? or how old are you? are too common questions..skip that..=) ) i will answer your question on my blog until January 20th 2014.
( no need to be a beauty related questions ) 

- Leave the question down below on comment section with the link of your blog. I would be happy to visit your blog in return.. 

- Answer this question from me : What is your fave makeup/fashion look?and why? 

* Winners will be picked RANDOMLY not according to the question/answer.


- OPEN UNTIL January 20th 2014. ( 00:00 Austin, TX time ) question posted on January 21th 2014 will not be counted. 

- Gifts  will be sent in 1 week after the winners announced.
 ( Winner announcement : January 23rd 2014 via social media )

- The winner who is living in Indonesia or outside US please notice : 
- i am NOT responsible in losing or missing package ( i will send the picture and the tracking code of the gift and your address before sending it so you can check the address and track the package ).

- You might have to pay the fee when you receive the gift ( it through the custom so you have to pay them the service of re-packing your stuff, especially in Indonesia usually around $1 or so ).

- IF you have to pay the custom to get your gift for the tax..i am NOT responsible in paying the tax. 

- shipping usually takes 10-15 business days even 1 be patient..=D

Good luck, babes!
Love youuuuuuu

* Share this if you want pressure at all <3

* NOT A SPONSORED giveaway. Everything bought with my own expenses. I am hosting this giveaway, please inform me if there is a SCAM email about you winning this. 

thanks for participating!xx


  1. ikutan yaaa :D
    GFC, FB, youtube : mitchellina metta
    twitter @mitchellinaa
    email :

    Question : What styles do you adore? and who inspired you the most when it comes to makeup or fashion looks?

    my blog link :

    As for me, I like korean looks since it looks cute and yet simple. I also love their makeup + fashion stuffs a lot since it's quite nice and has a cheap price <3

    thanks for the giveaway ^^

    1. Hey hun, thanks for the question!
      I love something natural, but still edgy look..and dark lips or nude lips. So, basically into Rock n rock style or street style.I also love japanese/korean style too, as long as its not too girly or too feminine..=)

      Just followed your blog! thanks for participating! xx

  2. kak.. Aku ikutan giveaway ini ya.
    GFC : Sisfani Mirzana
    Fb : Funy Gitara
    Twitter & IG : @fmirzana
    email :

    Question for you : Who is your favorite make up artist or other beauty blogger?

    My answer : I love Bold eyeshadow, it's look dramatic. I also love Bold lips, Red or Fuschia colour.

    My blog :

    Thanks for your giveaway

    1. Hey, there..thanks for the question!
      I dont have a favorite makeup artist..but i love Bobbi Brown, she is just awesome!also love her products as well..
      for other beauty blogger?mmm...really dont have one in specific ways, love reading or watching anyone who catch my no fave..haha..i guess they all my fave,

      I love bold lips as well..hehe.

      I visited your blog, cute blog! reading your wishlist, hope it comes true...=)

      thanks for participating, good luck!xx

    2. Xixixi.. Thaxs for your replay.
      My blog is new. So, I have little post.
      I try to write better, better and better.
      You can inspired me.

    3. waah saya juga masih amatir, hehe...=D but its ok. little by little ntar kan juga banyak...semangat ajah terus..whoop whoop!hehe..<3

  3. Say… ikutan yaaa <3
    Instagram: d4zzlingme
    FB: anatasia kamelia
    GFC: dazzle
    Twitter: bed4zzled
    My blog:
    My Question: Have you ever feel homesick? What the thing from Indonesia you miss most?

    My answer: I love Korean natural ulzang style. Natural eye, flawless skin… (I think I spend too much time watching Korean drama )

    Thank you for the giveaway <3

    1. Boleh kok ikutan..hehe..
      Homesick? mmmh, i think because i got used to it living without my parents and family around since i was junior high school..jadinya ketagihan..haha..i spent my adult time overseas for 3 years in China and then i am here in US..for sure, yes lha, homesick...but not an extreme ones, i miss my family and parents yes!for sure. But they always come to visit..=D
      I missssss BAKSOOOOO...ya ampuuunnnn...ngilerrr...
      di sini ada resto indo..5 menit dari rumah..hahha..tapi ga ada Bakso...nah lhooooo...T.T

      love natural look as well..hehe..thanks for the questions! xx

  4. Hai kak, I'm ini :)

    GFC : Dyan Saryani
    FB : Realdyan Saryani
    Twitter & IG : @dyandayas
    email :

    I won't ask anystuff beauty-related. So, here it goes..

    Question : I'm curious, really, are you into drama TV series, like GG, SATC or else?

    For me, I love anything which can inspire me. Tbh, I'm not really into fashion or beauty things, but love to read your blog. One of my favey.

    my blog is :

    Thanks anyway ;)

    1. I used to watch GG..big fan..tapi pas season terakhir2 uda ga ngeh lagi..but i always a big fan of their fashion style..especially Serena..lloovveee!!xoxo gossip girl...hihihi

      I collect all the season and movies of SATC..diputar 10 kali ajah okkkeehh..hehhe...Carrie's fashion style is my dream!haha..asyik ajah ngeliatnya...

      Beside girly show, i am also into more serious stuff nih..such as Breaking Bad, Homeland and some of Mafia shows on HBO...but sometimes, i have a guilty pleasure of watching Real Housewives of New Jersey atau always sih, habisnya hubby makes fun of me, katanya " why youre watching rich people fighting each other?"..^_^

  5. When will you come back to Indonesia? ehehe~ :D

    My favorite makeup is BB Cream, because it's like a magic cream which can moisture, has SPF and coverage :)
    My favorite fashion look is edgy casual, because I feel most comfort in this kind of look.

    1. lol..pertanyaannyaaaaaaaa...
      kapan yah?lol..kan baru disini bentar doang nih...aku dulu ama hubby long distance 6 years..masak mau di tinggal lagi ya?hehhe...
      will see..maybe 2015 somehow, kan aku kangen makan

      Thats cool if you like BB cream...lots of benefits!good for skin..hehe..thanks for the question, dear...xx

  6. My ceceeee... ikutan yah :3
    Following : done (GFC n FB , Youtube , IG , twitter)
    Blog :
    Answer : I like casual look :) hanya karena casual itu engga ribet :p Tapi kadang tampil feminim juga sesuai sikon (date, birthday, annicersary). Kalau makeup lebih ke arah natural sepertinya. Tapi engga juga sih ce... Akhir2 ini pakai baju ungu eyeshadow ikutan ungu *sigh* #edisigenit :p

    Question : Kenapa ce pindah ke US. Ikut suami atau ada kerjaan juga di sana atau dua2nya, lebih senang mana sama tinggal di Indo? :) Lebih milih mana menghabiskan masa tua di indo atau US?

    Thank you :*

    1. hihih..ayukk ikuuuut ikkuuutt...=)

      i juga suka casual look...nyaaammmaann...kamu pasti cantik kalo dandan feminim..saya tidak cocok dandan girly, dikira anak 10

      Moving somewhere from Indo is always my dream..i always wanted to be involved in fashion/art/beauty abroad..i tried to live in China for 3 years, it didnt do well for i guess western country would be perfect for me, i was a weirdo and always think i am living in my own world ( my only subject at school i good at was English and ), so people in indo always think i am weird..and i think people here in western side country is more open minded, i feel i am blended well..hehe..kebetulan sekali i married to hubby..after 6 yrs long distance, he came to China and proposed me...awwwww..=D mmh, masa tua...hihi..sure somewhere abroad deh..pinggir pante gitu enak kali yah..hihihi...

      thanks for the question!good luuuccckkkk...^_^

    2. Shared

      lol cece,,, ihiiiyyy... kalo punya rumah tepi pantai nanti aku mampir sana boleh ceee ? :p Hihihi...
      Thank youuu~

  7. here's my question : what was your first makeup purchase?

    Less is more. I'm just using one statement item or color at a time. Like a cute bright lipstick or a drama winged eyeliner. I rarely choose both. The Parisian girls inspired me the most for both makeup and fashion styles :)

    here's the link to my blog


    1. oh satement color!coooolllll!!! also love parisian look..classy!!=)

      i bought eyeliner!!i was soooo into smokey eyes look..and because i am introvert..i kinda disappear into the
      so, yes, it was eyeliner and i think it was Oriflame..o my goodness, until now i still think its a super good eyeliner!

      thanks for the question, dear!xx

  8. Acccckkk, ikutan ahhh hihihihi :p
    Followed your blog (from long time ago), FB and Twitter (@Mgirl83), also YoutTube
    Answer to your question : Gyaru look, because i feel like that's reflects who i really am in the inside and that's the look i feel most comfortable with!
    Question : When and how did you know that your hubby was THE ONE?

    I think you know the link to my blog already, but here it is nonetheless :


    1. ah mami, dandan apa ajah super cute..hihih..=)

      the answer would be 2 pages

      i met him early*lame...hehe..2 years later i moved to shanghai and he went to overseas for military service but we still talking to each other, until we decided to not anymore..thing happens, blah blah blah..long story short we decided to say hello again and finally he came to china and proposed guess because he kept showing and showing it was me didnt realized that he was the one..until finally, i hit the rock bottom moment and he was the one who still around..beside he flew thousand miles away just to see this ' princess'
      ok, this is going to be a korean drama or something eh?..
      thanks for the question..hard ones


  9. Join ^^
    GFC : Lintang Pratiwi
    FB : Lintang Pratiwi
    Twitter & IG : @lilintanggg
    email :
    My blog:

    Question: Did you feel culture shock when you was moved to US? And how did you start learn to makeup?

    Answer: I like Korean fashion style. It's so simple but has taste on it. For makeup style, I prefer natural makeup. Everyday I just put bb cream, eyebrow, a little bit blush on and liptint.

    1. i always love liptint too...=D

      I dont really have a culture shock, i guess because i got used to move country to country for years and making friends with other people from other country since i was in indo, so i got to know a little bit of their behave and, not really..i think i am lucky..=D

      thanks for the question, xx

  10. GFC: winda
    FB: winda trisuci
    Twitter: @wind1403
    Insta: @wind1403

    Question: ummmm, kamu umur berapa mam? kok keliatan awet muda banget? tolong bagi info cara kamu jaga kulit doonkk, kulitnya bagus banget walaupun tinggal di negara 4 musim :(

    Answer: aku ga punya gaya makeup atau fashion favorit, semua gimana mood dan waktu yang tersedia hehehee maklum ibu2 XD

    1. ah, ibu2 yang penting cantik..hihih..=D

      SAYA SUDAH's..=D kamu berapa?hehhe..
      mungkin karena saya petite 160cm doanngg..jadinya sering dikira anak smp..hihi..
      ga lha, awet muda dari hongkong..tuh uda nongol keriput di bawah mata, sebentar lagi beruban..

      tips nih, kalo pas cuaca dingin kayak akhir2 tahun begini, aku pake moisturizer yang rada banyak, sebelum bubuk juga pake cream malam..maskeran juga sekali2 kalo rajin..hihi..itu pake macam2..dulu jerawatan juga gara2 pori2 saya besar...masih juga nih gede2 di pipi..trus di bawa ke dermatologist baru di kasih salep2, cream malam,..lucunya aku sensitive ama high-end foundie..suweerr..jadinya kalo beli high end foundie atau bedak gitu mubazir banget, sekali pake langsung ga bisa pake lagi..jerawat sana sini..ini pake foundie yang ada acne treatment nya nih, kalo ga pasti bentol2..begitu itu kondisi kulit saya, mak...=D ini krim dari dokter sampe di bawa ke sini..nyokap sering pesan ke dokter kulit trus di kirim sini...

      thanks for the question..good luck, xx

    2. samaaaaa, aku juga 30 hahahaa
      tapi kenapa aku kayak udah 40 ya -__________-" zzzzzzz
      seriusan? kulit mukanya merakyat ya hahahaa bagus jadi irit mak XD

    3. FB share


    5. 30/12











  11. Ikuttt >_<
    GFC, Youtube : Dewie Aprillia
    FB : Dewie Aprillia Soebardi II
    Twitter : @dewieaprillia
    blog :

    Question : Kegiatan mommy sehar-hari apa sih? sepertinya sibuk tapi tetap bisa update blog dan youtube :)

    Answer : Aku lebih suka korean makeup karena simpel dan lebih gampang, westrend makeup juga suka sih cuma belum begitu pandai aplikasiin eyeshadow warna-warni secara bersamaan :D
    Untuk gaya sendiri aku lebih suka casual, like kemeja+jeans, t-shirt+jeans,, aku juga suka dress hihihi

    wish me luck deh semoga lucky lagi hihi
    thank you mom! :*

    Happy early christmas yaaa :*

    1. makasih Christmas greetings nyaaa...=)

      mommy mah pake apa ajah okeh..aku pertama liat dirimu pikirnya belum ada anak lho say..hihih..

      i am a super am a freelancer designer for apparel company..for a mass production..jadinya di bawah perusahaan gitu ga bisa nongol sebagai desainer individual selama desainin apparel utk perusahaan..i work from home jadinya ga ada jam kerja 9 to 5 ngono..alhasil, saya ADD nih ga bisa fokus satu doang, jadinya dalam sehari itu saya bisa kerja 3 sampe 4 kerjaan diluar kerjaan nge-blog, youtube, desain sekaligus..tidak lupa acara shopping online nya..hihi..trus, hubby saya yang masak, saya gliran cuci piring, jadinya masih ada waktu luang lha...begono..=D

      semoga lucky lagi deh..amin! thanks yaaa, mom...xx

  12. Ikutannn ^^
    GFC & Youtube: Xiao Vee
    FB: Shelviana H
    Twitter: @XiaoVee_

    Question: Kalo boleh memilih, sebenernya pengen tinggal di mana? di Indonesia atau di negara mana? ^^ dan mengapa?
    Answer: Definitely Korean look :D karena ga suka yang ribet2, dan suka dengan natural korean look yang cocok untuk sehari2

    Thank you ci ^^
    Merry Early Christmas <3

    1. aduh xiao meimei ada disini..ihhihi..=D

      sekongkolan ama Sabrina yah, mirip2 pertanyaannya..hihihi..
      i would love to live abroad sih, i prefer US but i also love Europe..
      since i was a little girl i always wanted to live somewhere that different from much as i love Indo, i always think i belong to somewhere else' lifestyle, etc. kalo di indo aku di pelototin terus ama
      beside, i want to take a part of fashion/art industry abroad..begitu de..=D

      thanks for the question, babe!xx

    2. hihihi XD baru sadar lhoo klo pertanyaanku mirip2 ma sabrina..
      Wish tons of luck for you ce ^^ hehe

  13. Join ya ci :)
    GFC & Youtube : Dheicy Maryanne
    Twitter : @dheicymaryanne
    FB : Desy Mariani
    Blog Link :

    boleh 2 questions ga? boleh ya ya ya hihii *maksa :D
    Question : How u take caring ur long hair? i adore ur very long hair >.<
    and ribet ga sih tinggal di US ci? please" cerita ya ci ( soalnya impian aq bgt nih, pengen kaya cici juga muehehe :D )

    Answer : Fav makeup : i love western look, walaupun rada ribet n ujung" aq cuma pake winged eyeliner buat sehari-hari :)
    fav. fashion : i love grunge / rocknroll style, kadang sporty, n kalo lg pengen feminim, i only choose a vintage dress

    Thank u ci ^^
    Merry early christmas :)
    Stay fabulous <3

    1. i forgot
      my instagram @dheicymaryanne ^^

    2. hiiii there, wah, ikutan juga nih yee..asyik...heheh

      rambutnya there is nothing special..shampoo ganti2 tergantung mood, plus conditioner pake yang organic ingredients gitu, yang natural, i rarely brush my!
      i like messy hair, i think its sexy..hahha
      sometimes, i use coconut oil before washing my hair, leave it for like 10 mins and wash it away then using shampoo..thats it...=) rontok juga kok hihih..

      Oh, mmh, as long as you are independent, i think its fun living here in US..people are mostly nice and willing to help, contohnya kalo ga kuat bawa belanjaan, di tawarin di bawain sampe di mobil..kenal ga kenal, they are friendly..
      people here are very straight to the point kalo ngomong, very expressive about opinion, open minded pasti lha..pokoknya ramah..amat sangat menghargai satu ama lain lha...and actually it depends on state juga, kalo di NY or LA emang org2 sedikit judes, tapi emang itu karakter mereka, ga bermaksud seperti itu tapi ya kebiasaan sehari2 karena emang di sana lebih tough kehidupannya..apalagi new city!hihi
      di sini juga sangat menghargai tenaga kerja orang, trus art begitu amat sangat di hargai..jadi semua org di sini bebas berekspresi...begitu deee...=)

      kalo soal sehari2 sih, kalo bisa mandiri ngapain2 sendiri i think it is very easy to adapt..

      i think western look is not that difficult deh say, org2 sini semua natural looking kok, mungkin karena kebanyakan ntn tv show yg mengharuskan makeup berat2 trus emang Youtubers kan kudu bereksperimen dengan makeup, but in real life, everyone loves natural look lho, and its very simple..aku lebih doyan western daripada korean..well, maybe because i dont really like something too girly kali ya..haha...=) i also love vintage stuff or dress too...coooll style!
      thanks for the questions love!xx

  14. GFC & Youtube & FB: Jessica Liani Suwitro
    Twitter: @jcliani
    Insta: jcliani

    Question: What kind of fashion n make up style you like and follow the most?

    Answer: I love Western make up in some cases (how they make flawless look and change someone's look) and how they do eyes, I really adore but it doesn't suit me, a little bit hard for Asian eyes, while Korean or Asian make up is easier to do and really soft but doesn't change people that much. So I think I just need to learn which one is the best for me from both sides :D

    1. I love something cool, edgy and more street look, sometimes tergantung mood, kalo lagi pengen feminim ya dandan chic, kalo pas pengen funky, i will be the one too..haha..depends lha say..

      I think western style is actually simple, in real life i dont see people put heavy makeup lho, very simple...hehe..
      yes, i love korean/japanese style too, but not into that TOO girly look, hehe..thats the best to mix and match both look and style..i agreed...hehe..
      thanks for the question!xx

  15. GFC, Youtube and Facebook: Bunga Wijayanti
    Twitter and Instagram: @jbungaw

    Question: aku baca pertanyaan dari yang lainnya, kenapa dari banyaknya masakan indo yang ada paling kangen makan bakso?
    selain bakso ada ga masakan indo yang bikin kamu kangen masakan indo?


    Answer: aku suka western look tapi berhubung gabisa dandan kayak gitu jadinya lebih suka natural look karena lebih gampang. tapi walaupun begitu aku sering liat turorial makeup western loh <3

    wish me ton of luck. thank you for giveaway and happy early christmas <3

    1. Soalnya Bakso yang jualannya mas-mas keliling kompleks kan ga ada di aja rasa kuah baksonya..hihihi..wah, jadi kepengen nihhh...

      ahaha, iyah, akujuga ga bisa dandan kok, juga masih belajar2..ikut insting ajahh..hehe..
      thanks for participating!wish you luck, dear!xx

  16. - GFC : The Beauty & Pocket
    - blog :
    - fb : stella meryl
    - twitter : @stellameryl
    - question : you n your hubby are really romantic (envy! kekeke), what is the moment - the most romantic moment - that you will nvr forget forever ? if your hubby can do your makeup, what will he pick, neutral look or colourful look ? hihi

    -answer: love korean makeup, it's just amazing. you can even say korean look is me haha
    i learn the basic makeup (since the first time ever) from korean makeup tutorial such as get it beauty, pony's beauty diary etc on youtube. My makeup almost all korean brand like etude, tony moly, etc. It just suit me best, so i love it ^^
    My fave make up item is ETUDE Precious Mineral BB cream

    1. My hubby is not romantic at all, lho, he tries to be one but i think its he always cook me dinner or meal, i think it is romantic though..everyday different meal, thats why i embrace that moment and i think thats the romantic thing he does to me..=)

      He says he would choose natural look, because he loves seeing me with less makeup or no makeup at all..ehehe..but i always try my best to look good for him but he doesnt really care at, yeah, he says i look good in neutral an eyeliner, mascara, a little bit blush and nude or pinkish lips, he doesnt like me in red lips..hihi..
      thanks anyways for participating, i love ETUDE too...=)

  17. ikutan yah :)
    GFC, FB : Sinta Sekarasri
    Twitter : @sekarasrii
    Blog :

    Question : Lebih suka make up made in indo ato luar kak? Kenapa? Trus menurut kaka make up made in indo kurangnya apa kok bnyk yg lebih suka PO? Hehe

    Kalo aku lebih suka natural make up, cukup bbcream sm liptint aja, soalnya ga ribet, fa perlu lama dandan juga hehe. Tapi prefer bold lips drpd bold eye, belom bisa apply eyeshadow eyeliner dsb soalnya hehe

    1. Actually i dont mind wearing Indonesian brand for the cosmetics. I love PAC from Martha Tilaar, Especially their 'lulur' or them. I am proud using the naturally Indonesian cosmetics. Maybe we need to introduce the local brand in international world, i bet people loves it! Mungkin kurang promo far people choose the brand instead of the purpose..thats why we left behind...=)

      practice makes perfect, apalagi kalo soal eyeliner..hehe..aku juga ga telaten kalo pake eyeliner...heheh...=)

  18. ikutan yah... :)
    GFC : Martalina
    FB : Martalina Thesya
    Twitter : @Martalina86
    Instagram : alleriamakeup
    blog :

    Question : Hal menarik apa yang menjadi pengalaman terunik selama tinggal di negeri orang?

    Answer : Aku suka makeup natural, tapi lebih ke smokey eyes, sedikit ngonjreng :D korean makeup juga suka klo lagi males dandan ^.^

    1. Hehe...thanks for the question, dear..
      The most unique thing i found when i live in abroad is when we meet people from another culture..The more we meet people from the other world and culture the more we appreciate the differences. More open minded, thats for sure. <3

      I love smokey eyes too...*toss!hehe

  19. ikutan ya ka :)

    Nama, FB, YT : Nurina Adhalia
    Twitter & Instagram : nunungkring
    Email :
    Blog :

    Question : kalau misalnya semua make up ka Nancy ilang, produk paling pertama yang di beli apa? kenapa?

    Answer : natural eye makeup with bold lip color is so meee hehehe

    Happy new year ka ^^

    1. oh no, i hope ga ada yang
      well, i guess that would be a concealer deh, it could be useful as the light foundie i could use that on my face and thats it, i am good to go...haha..
      Thanks for the question!xx

  20. Answer:
    I have a love-hate relationship with smokey eyes. I love smokey eyelooks, but I did not have enough occasion to actually use or show off the smokey look. I'm still in college and no way I will put on smokey for school lah -_- I usually doing it for fun. But my skill is still far from perfect like yours. I'm in love with your smokey eyes and the blending! Beautiful! >_<

    Questions for you:
    -Do you like making your own mask from fruits or natural products? If yes, what is your favorite recipe? Mine is banana-coffee mix with honey.
    -How do you deal with acnes in period times? They always comes in my periods T.T
    -I like your new clutch design. Do you still make handmade products with Indonesian inspired theme?

    Sorry, I have a lot of questions, hehe.

    Oh, btw, its pretty easy to make Bakso. My mom's bakso is tasty! Have you try to cook Bakso?

    GFC: Sarah Mar'atul Azizah
    YT: azhezha
    IG: azhezha
    Twitter: @azhezha
    FB: Sarah Azhezha

    1. Oh, and I like your video about Everyday ( soft smokey eyes) look ;D
      Keep up the good work on making videos!
      Be more confident on the talk,hehe. You sometimes lower your voice in the end of the sentence.

    2. its not easy talking on youtube for a beginner..not am cool enough in speaking in front of public but in front of camera it would be thanks for the positive critics..

      - Banana coffee with honey..yummy dibuat smoothie..hihih...ow, mine is avocado and coconut oil.just for a deep also good for the hair treatment..u should try!=)

      - me too...mmh, i am still under my dermatologist prescription cream lho, my mom send to me every 3 months..because i have a very sensitive yeah, really have to take care my skin...other way is, taking ZINC is very good for immune system, nail and hair..just take it one every day, biasanya yang before PMS cleans the skin from within..kalo uda terlanjur nonggol, biasanya cuman pake obat jerawat ama rajin maskeran yg ada mint nya gitu...=)

      - i am still desigining but not for my presonal label, sometimes sih..soalnya masih banyak kerjaan lainnya..hihih..but yeah, thinking about opening my ETSY store again soon..thanks for supporting me anyway..i love everything that has Indonesian/culture design..i am proudly Indonesian..disini sering ditanya dari mana asalnya? aku bilang dari indo trus ada yang bilang Bali, right? lol..bule cuman tau bali doang..trus aku jelasin ini itu and some of them ended up visiting indonesia, i should become menteri pariwisata

      Good luck, dear!xx

  21. Ikutan :)
    Nama : Ifa
    YT, FB : Ifa Yvhae
    Twitter : @ifa_yvhae
    IG : greenygirlyshop
    Email :
    Blog :

    Q for Nancy : Kalau misalnya terdampar di sebuah pulau tak berpenghuni, kira-kira benda (makeup or skincare) apa yang bakal dibawa? just one heheh..

    Q :What is your fave makeup/fashion look?and why?
    A : Vintage look, both of makeup and fashion, vintage itu ga ada matinya, red lips, wing eyeliner, flowery dress, sexy curly hair, ooohh awesome!

    1. wadawww

      Moisturizer with SPF..the SUV is too bad for the skin..g pp deh terdampar di pulau gitu, tp jgn kena kanker kulit
      hopefully it is a correct
      Thanks for participating, good luck, girl!xx

  22. Ikutan yaa >.<

    FGC + Youtube : Tasya Thariqna
    FB : Tasya Patrician (
    Twitter & IG : @tasyaYEA
    E-mail :
    Answers : I love edgy & formal fashion, edgy karena bisa terlihat sangat feminim atau sangat tomboy :D formal karena terlihat rapih dan cenderung tertutup :D aku suka pakai celana yang ketat hahaha *lupakan*
    Untuk make up ~ aku lebih suka improvises pada daerah hidung, so~ highlighter is very helping for my pity nose lol~

    Question : Make up apa saja yang menurut cc harus ada untuk dipakai sehari-hari? Mulai dari wajah – bibir :D

    Wish me luck, happy newyear and keep wearing make up lol :D

    1. i love edgy fashion too..hehe

      For me first is moisturizer, primer ( optional ), concealer, powder..thats it deh, kalo mau dandan lebih,, baru pake eyeshadow dll..but for me moisturizer is the important one..=D
      Especially one with the SPF..=)

      Good luck, dear!xx

    2. hoho how about formal? :D

      ah by the way, primer apa yang menurut cc paling oke buat oil control?

      kkkk~ >.< thank you thank you~

  23. Jessamer Abing

    YTUBE/FB: Jessamer Abing
    ig: @jexxaaaaaag

    how can I find love this 2014? :)
    twitter: @jexxaaaaaagg

    1. What is your fave style/makeup?=)

      You will find love, dear..just keep being yourself...hehe..=)
      Good luck!<3

  24. Name/FB:Jessiemer ABing
    twitter: @JessieDCa
    youtube/GFC: jessie abing

    What's your tip about blogging? I can't find the right words everytime i blog :(

    What my your fave style/makeup?
    - I usually keep my self simple, not aware of the make up techniques so much but I'm willing to learn!

    1. Hello,

      I visited and followed your blog already and i thought youre doing pretty good job blogging anyway..hehe..
      for me, the tip is you really have to keep your mind and soul while way it goes all over the places, dont even know what to talk, yeah, just relax while writing, like sip a good tea or a cup of favorite coffee and listening to a good music..=D

      Thanks for participating, wish you luck!xx

  25. Mau ikutaann
    Nama: Nella
    Twitter: @beautifyiu
    GFC: nella beautifyiu
    I've followed you throgh YT name nellanelwan

    Do you prefer blogging or youtubing? Is that even a word, youtubing. Haha. And why?

    My fave makeup style : natural or sometimes korean look.

    1. Hey there!

      Thanks for the question!=D Yes, is a word..haha..i know, it sounds weird anw..
      Blogging is more simple to do, YouTubing is more time consuming and complicated sometimes, i love both but i love YT because it takes more creativity and has a lots of challenge in i kinda enjoy doing that...

      You look cute in both style, anw..hehe

      Thanks for participating, good luck, dear!


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