Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lipstick Diary part 2 : So pretty!


I am sitting here on my couch, sipping my tea ( again ) and i am eating KitKat..lol..what a life!
Not to mention it is 12.30 AM... Insomniac! 

Anyhow, just for the update..here are some of new videos on youtube, in case you missed it...=)

And now, lets talk about lipsticks! My new babes and i have been crazy in love with them...awww!

Let's get started with NYX Matte Lipstick in Summer Breeze.

It is no longer summer but i still in love with this color, though. The matte finish of this lipstick is adorable, thing is just like another matte lipstick, you might want to prep+prime your lips before application. 

Power staying is great. It stays throughout the day!

Another cute 'Barbie' pink lips that you need to try is this non-matte finish lipstick by NYX called PARIS. 
Hands down! i love this kind of lipstick! Glides easily on the lips and it is moisturizing. The color pays off and it is just a pretty pink that you won't ignore! j'adore Paris! oui!

Here is the comparison side by side between Summer Breeze ( Matte ) and Paris ( regular ) .

Paris is a little bit purple-ish undertone than Summer breeze..Still, they both are just gorgeous!

Now, the jumbo lip pencil! I love how moisturizing and creamy this lip pencil is. Also, i can't say NO for the color. Nude peachy color will always look good on everything.. this is a must have basic color for every makeup lover ( in my opinion )...

Butter Gloss! I cannot stop liking my lips!haha!
I chose the Creme Brulee because i was looking for nude- but not too nude lipgloss for everyday wear..voila! this Creme Brulee ( i kinda want the real Creme Brulee now! ) butter gloss is a perfect color if you are looking for something nude but with a hint of color, i recommended this color.
A hint of Creme Brulee smells really lingering on the lips. Super buttery formula but non-sticky ones..

Lip liner that waterproof? whoop!whoop! I tried this color because i was into coral/peachy lipstick colors and i need a similar lip liner to line my lips.
It is a little bit thick formula compared to any other regular lip pencil, so it is like a tiny small matte lipstick bullet.. it is made to protect the lipstick from melting/smudging on the corner of the lips.
Because it is made for waterproof, i guess the formula is actually Matte finish. So, i won't suggest it to wear it alone as a lipstick..it will settle between the fine lines on the lips..

See how the CITRUS shown in the picture? It settles between the lines, while the jumbo lip pencil glides smoothly and buttery..thus, they both are good combo for each other, the CITRUS will protect the IRISH COFFEE from melting down from the corner of the lips! Good lip liner!=)

* sorry for the mistake typo in the picture above! * NYX JUMBO LIP PENCIL not LINER 

Now, Milani Haute Flash Full Shimmering Lipgloss. Just like the name,  it does full of shimmer, but in gorgeous way..
I adore this lipgloss, the color is so opaque! it changes color when the light hits. The particles ( small tiny glitters) make this lipgloss glow. But, do not worry about those sticky feels, this lipgloss, even though it is thick with shimmering effect, but it doesnt have those heavy/sticky feeling. Thumbs up!yay!

 Watch the video about this lipgloss here 

Last but not least, NYX lip liners. I chose Dolly Pink, because the color is so cute. Reminds me of pink bubble gum color. When i tried it on, i loved it much better because the color is so opaque, i even wear it alone as a Matte lipstick..still, better to apply lip balm before the application, though. CUTE!

The Plum color is perfect for fall/winter. It is beautiful dark berry tones . Sexy!

Which one do you like? =)

Get more NYX lip products and NEW products here 
Visit Milani Cosmetics here

This is not a sponsored post. Everything were purchased with my own money and the opinions are based on my own opinion. 


Monday, September 16, 2013

Lipstick diary part 1 : sleeping beauty

Sipping my Yogi Bedtime tea, eating those (addictive) Danish cookies , lighten up the room with my new Bath&Body Works candle in Pumpkin Apple and catching up with couple of episodes of Breaking Bad and new season episode of Boardwalk empire..i have been cleaning the whole house today and i am super tired! what did you guys do today?

with half eye open, i still decided to give a little review of these two L'oreal limited edition lipstick in La Laque and Le Matte..i am not trying to be French here, but these names got me tongue twisted!LOL!

Comes with 4 shades of each category these lippie worth to try. I got mine at my local Target for $7.99 each, not many colors left when i got there so i decided to only pick one shade each type.

La Laque is the creamy ones and Le Matte is the matte ones.

The packaging is like a lip liner pencil( small crayon lip pencil ), it is automatic pencil type, twist it and the product will come out..just like the automatic eyeliner pencil type a thing. For the concept of lipstick and liker in one packaging, i would say this is a cool concept!

The color pay off, for sure. But, for the Le Matte..i would suggest a little bit of lip butter/gloss before the application. Either way, at the end of the day, you will feel a little tiny feeling of drying lips. At least for me, because i have a dry lips..

I picked this -She's so matte- because i love this bright pink - coral-y color on my lips. It looks so soft on the lips though ( velvety ), even though it is a little bit drying (for me!). The staying power is great, it lasts throughout the day, i guess because the formula was made for Matte type of lipstick so it will stay longer than the creamy ones. Still, i could see it started to fade away on the corner of my lips after food and drink of course...

Glad they made this creamy ones. I am big fan! nuff said..
One thing that i dont really enjoy is the smell of these lipsticks, i dont know, its like an old lipstick smell..dont get me wrong, i dont mind at all, but i wish upon the star they would make the smells go away..*arrghh

The creamy ones is easy to apply, well..because it is creamy so it glides easily. I dont have any problem with dry lips using this one.  The color is so soft, a nude- soft pink-ish color , so it is perfect for every season and any kind of makeup look. This is would be a perfect color to picked for this edition. *Hands down!

Which one do you think you will purchase? let me know...=D

All right, honey bunny..i am so ready to go to sleep..next post would be another lipstick swatches..NYX lipsticks and couple of new babes from my Haul. Stay tuned! Love!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Closet Tour

Hey,  loves! Finally, i put up the video ( requested) of my closet/ beauty room/ office/ warehouse tour. See the video here. Link!

First of all, here is the side of the room that i didn't put in the video, because it is still messy! haha..like you can see here, there are some boxes and shopping bags still laying around need to be touched ( wink! ) i have this bad habit of hoarding the stuff after shopping and not to put them away on the closet right away..i dont know why...lazy?! lol...

See the big mirror there? thats where i do my makeup. I love sitting on the floor while doing my makeup while sipping my coffee in the morning..
Thats why i do not need vanity table, whatsoever...

* My side of this room is mostly white colored furniture, while on the the other side ( which the other half of this room) is my hubby's manly area ( Black colored furniture). Too bad i am not allowed to get any footage of his stuff..

( shoes ) - Got these white book shelves at walmart , first i thought it wouldnt last for a long time, you know..cheap quality.. but i think it is quite good ones, not the best though..but it is okay..most of the shoes shown here are pretty much my old collections. I bought them from Indonesia..imagine i have 3 full of big suitcases only for my shoes, bags, clothes and accessories..
Couple of the shoes i also got them when i was in China too. The black boots are from Harley Davidson and the bright orange ones from Prabal Gurung for Target. And the purple pumps also from Target.

(Clutch) the small shelves i bought from Target. I bought it when i joined Austin Fashion week 2012 for the marketplace. I used it for the display. 

(Handbags) I dont think there is enough room for 'upcoming' new handbags...*kidding..lol..but it will survive!

I had a hard time to organize this area for accessories. I ran out the space!

The reason i put the nail polishes on the second rack is because i feel like that area is cooler and darker and also its hidden area from the direct sunlight. 

My favorite quotes on the wall! Happy i found these pieces, just to remind me of positive thoughts!

Couple of my perfume bottles sitting nicely there on the top of the mini shelf. Bath&Body Works mini candle that i just got recently and Mr. Daruma ( Japanese doll i got in Japan ) hope to bring me a good luck!

Did you Mr.Bunny on the corner? i got him for only 99 cents at yard sale. He had a hole on his toe, but i fixed it with the air dry clay..he can jump now! 

Watch the video for the virtual tour!

* watch in HD!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Little Beauty Diary : Drugstore Haul

Time for haul! ( again )

The season is changing and it is a time to get ready with a little bit darker colors than usual. So, i kinda find myself caught in the 'bad habits' of shopping like a rock star..

Here are some stuff that i got from couple of drugstores : 
( Nail polishes are not shown on my Youtube video and i will do separate post/video about the swatches ) 

1. Maybelline eyeshadow quad in Legendary Lilac.

A collection of lilac kinda colors from the lightest to the darkest color. I would say, the colors are paid off, pigmented and has a beautiful shimmer. Perfect for the Fall/winter night out..sexy lady!meeaowww...!

2. Wet n wild Fergie collection - nail polish -

Basically, it is a black-sheer kinda nail polish with gold glitters and tiny black glitters. Thing is, to build a full black color, it takes couple of coats. Either way, it is too liquid-y...This thing is also has a cute name based on black eyed-peas song called " tonight is gonna be a good night "...remember that song?

3. Hard Candy - shadow dancer - liquid to powder eyeshadow in Gold Digger

I convinced myself that i HAVE to have another color of this eyeshadow! pigmented and great staying powder! Buildable too..can be used alone or for the extra coat to get more color on the eyes...just a great thing to have..
So, i picked this bad boy right away..just remind me of those Maybelline Color tattoo 24hr eyeshadow, you know..the thingy in the pot...
First application, it is wet..then it dries and create a super powerful color just like a super pigmented powder eyeshadow..
'nuff said you gotta try it by yourself and then, we talk...

4. Maybelline Color Show - nail polish - in vintage leather and alluring rose

Vintage leather ( cooper-brownish color )

It is a textured nail polish for sure. Once you apply it, it turns to leather-y kinda looking finish! weird but i think it is unique. I chose the cooper ones and the color reminds me of old brown leather jacket..thats just fun!

Alluring Rose ( gold tone with a hint of pearl-dirty green-ish tone )

This is supposed to be the holographic finish..but i dont see it at all. It supposed to gives the dual-color tones when the light hits it, but i think it needs couple of coats to build the color, either way it looks like just a sheer-gold tones....so far...not a big fan!

5. Revlon - colorstay - nail polish in Spanish Moss

Hands down for military trend attack this season! i have been collecting lots of military fashion stuff since long long long time ago...funny how,  i ended up married to one..lol..
But, this army green color caught my eye and i just grab it without any doubt! Love the semi-matte finish of this color. Perfect to match it with military outerwear for sure...get the boots on and ready for the battle! Hoo-raah!!

6. WetnWild nail color - in atten hut!

Yup! thats the name! Atten Hut! its like a military formation to get ready for the day. Wetnwild released the collection to support the US Troops by adding the military theme collections for their beauty department. I found this 'hot man in uniform'  at the small booth of wetnwild at the drugstore. I believe this is their limited edition just for the military tribute..

It is pretty much army green color with a shimmer..it looks just fun on the nail though...salute!

7. Wetnwild megalast nail polish in wet cement

Heck to the Yes for dark nail polish color! I was reading Vogue September issue...the bundle of joy and i couldnt even  lift that 'bible' with one hand! All the trends talking about dark nail polish and dark burgundy lips..so i back to my old habit again..wearing dark nail polish!

Got this one and i think they similar to L'oreal Color Riche nail polish in Eiffel For You.
A grey based color that i think it looks sexy! Love the big brush of this nail polish too..one sweep and thats it!

8. NYX Butter gloss in Creme Brulee

Actually, it does smell like one! nyam!
Very buttery ( of course!) and it is not sticky...the color is so friendly too! ok, no need to say more...LOVE!

9. NYX Matte lipstick, NYX lipstick in Paris, NYX lip liner pencils, NYX jumbo pencil..

Let me know which one should i review first...i am too in love! or watch my video for the swatches...

10. L'oreal Colour Riche La-Laque and Le-matte

New Limited edition from L'oreal. AH-mazing...
A concept of lip liner and lipstick in one product really sold me out.

- La-Laque - Never Laquer-ing -

The Formula is GREAT. A buttery lipstick with a smooth and silky touch of it..I picked one in soft pink ones and it appears just a gorgeous color. Worth to have? YES!

- Le Matte - She is so Matte -

Be careful if you have a dry lips already. Even though it is great when it comes a texture and staying-power, still it drying out the lips..well, it happened to mine..
So, maybe a little bit lip balm or butter before this Le-Matte would works!
I chose the bright color ones and i LOVED it...just a right trick with lip balm/butter underneath it would  help! Go and Try!!!!

11. Revlon nail polish - Chalkboard nail art - 

Back to School? i am not...
But you still can rock with the style, right?! Try this and you will love it to the top. I bought couple of previous Revlon nail art that come with the same concept thingy..but never really liked it much until this Chalkboard nails. So, the other side of the bottle is totally MATTE black..and the other one is also MATTE pastel light blue...Both are just AWESOME. The nail polish stays for such a long time at least 6-7 days! well...a week...
no chips easily..and when 'erase' the nail polish, the pastel blue comes off first and the black ones still there until you rub it couple of time with nail polish remover...
ok..Class is over! Time to get one!

12. Milani - Haute Flash - Lip gloss in IN A FLASH

Hubby picked this color for me and i liked it! no..i lied...i LOVED it...
It is maybe the color is so pigmented and even though it has a shimmer but its hardly to notice the tiny glitters particle in it..
This deep/dark purple color is just beautiful! The shine of this lipgloss is just gorgeous..

13. DUO Eyelashes glue ( Brush aplicator ) in White/Clear

Wait! it also contains Vitamin A, C and E..So, while putting the eyelashes using this glue it also gives a benefit for the eyelashes? thats cool!
I think it is great when it comes with the small brush  as applicator. First, it saves the products from the packaging and second, it wont be messy application..Cool!

Pheww! so yeah, thats it pretty much...but i have couple of other stuff that i bought too. Feel free to watch the video on YOUTUBE...or if you are not able to do that, let me know which one that i have to review specifically..

* This is NOT a sponsored post
** The Drugstore haul video on Youtube is a little bit losing the quality and it is a little bit dark, watch in HD for better quality!
Big thanks!

Gotta run to do the laundry...see ya!