Monday, December 31, 2012

little beauty diary : old and new

This is the end of this year and hey, the new beginning is coming up!

We all going to live it all over again. Start all over again. 

When the old dates, old months and old times are going to be left behind, we are going to move on with memories. It is time to move on. Welcoming a new year ahead with all new hope and dreams..much much better..

Ready for a new beginning and close the old book behind? I am.

Top: Sephora Collection jumbo liner 12hr wear- waterproof (
Bottom :Sephora collection Deco daze glitter eyeliner in black diamond (


Sephora Collection Jumbo liner 12hr wear waterproof .

1. Good pigmentation, one slide and its there!

2. Big size of the pencil tip is good for the big line if you like big bold liner or you can also use it as eyeshadow by blending it all over the eyelid.

3. Some colors may contain glitters. You may want to be careful with it if you dont like too much glitter on your eyes.

4. They don't mess up with the 12hr wear statement here! Really waterproof and kinda hard to take it off with light makeup remover. You might want to use the remover that made special for waterproof mascara. 

5. Be careful with the cap of the liner. It easy to fall off if you just slightly put the cap on. make sure you push and twist it a little bit when you put the cap on. 

re-purchase ? yes, in another colors. I give top 5 stars for this.

Sephora Collection Deco Glitter eyeliner ( sticker) in black diamond.

1. This is a winged eyeliner sticker collection from Sephora ( they have lots of collection of sticker eyeliner in different design..mine is Black diamond which is winged black eyeliner with glitter on it). It comes with a glue inside the packaging. Clear adhesive that look like acrylic nail glue. Thick and smell pretty much like glue.

2. Thick sticker paper ( the surface is not smooth, it has like sand textures on it ) but this thing is not easy to change the shape!not that flexible. A little bit thick for me and its kinda heavy on the eyelid. The glue sticks so strong, but give more on the edge of the wing to prevent them to peel off easily.

3. It would be heavier if you put fake lashes on it.  Also i am not recommend it to those who has a small eyes. It eats the whole eyelids!! and make the eyes smaller since the length and height of the sticker is bold, wild and thick enough.

4. I am not sure about layering it with eyeliner after you put it in if you want to create another color on the top of the eyeliner. It will make the sticker dirty instead, because it leaves a dust of the eyeshadow on the top edge of the eyeliner.
It also not easy to re-use it. The eyeliner get dirty after first time you use it and the glue won't sticky anymore. 

re-purchase? not really. Its kinda heavy on my eye and make my eyes look weird. I give this one 2.5 from 5 just because it easy to apply and save the time. But i think you just have to find the perfect ones to fit your eyes shape.

Winged liner is famous since long time ago.  The Winged effect began with Cleopatra  in Egyptian art to represents of eyeliner may have been worn to protect the wearer from the Evil eye. The winged eyeliner was also famous during 1920's to 1950's.
The winged liner has been an essential part of the decades makeup style these days. Also known as Cat eyes these days.

Studded black button shirt : Forever 21
White bangle : Forever 21
Earrings : vintage antique store
Lipstick : MAC lipstick hug me
Bronzer : Too faced bronzer in Chocolate
Hard Candy So baked in Tiki
Powder : Benefit Hello Flawless in Champange
eyeshadow/eyeliner : Sephora collection jumbo eyeliner 12hr wear in white glitter

What is your fave makeup style? share with me!

Happy new year everyone!
Cheers to that!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Little beauty diary : Green and gold

Merry Xmas again! i couldnt get enough saying that!!

Went out with in laws and hubby to celebrate christmas eating out in the cold cold cold and windy Austin weather..and i only wore so little clothes..and no coat..haha..what the hell..

I chose green themed today because i want to feel christmas..ok, this is lame..but,if you add a little bit red colors on me, i could be a walking christmas tree anyway..

ok, so I decided to include a mini tutorial for the make up as well..just for fun..=) you know i am not an expert, so i might break some makeup rules here..

hey, i hope you had a good christmas with your family and loved ones!!

excited for a new year eh? what to wear for new year...mmmm...

look closer..closer. and closer to see the green eyeshadow and gold glitter on my

product used for the face makeup :

Laura mercier Tint moisturizer in Nude
Physician Formula No-Talc mineral pressed powder in Translucent
Too faced bronzer Chocolate Soleil
Hard Candy Baked Bronzer in TIKI
MAC lipstick matte in Honeylove

i know you girls can do this much better than me...=)
Dont forget the eyeshadow primer. my fave is Urban Decay eyeshadow primer.

Bangle : Pinksugar boutique in Indonesia
Earring : Flamingo hotel souvenir store in Las Vegas, Nevada

Outer : Anna lee Boutique
Belt : Somewhere in Indonesia, i think i got it from Pasar Atum mall ,Indonesia

Dress : Forever 21
Legging : China
Faux fur : Target
Ring : Bali
Vintage clutch : mom's

Charles and Keith


                                                 Everything were purchased with my own money. Nothing sponsored

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Little beauty Diary : Pre- Christmas party - Purple Pink

It is Christmas! well, it still christmas morning here in Austin, when i am writing this post.
Hopefully you girls enjoy the christmas! What did you wear on christmas? What make up? i am curious to share the Christmas party or pre-christmas party or even after party outfit or make-up of the day!

bottom line is, as long as you enjoy your christmas with your family or loved ones, that would be enough..=)

I am far from my family and my new born niece, baby Charlotte! aww, she is just adorable..
i am kinda home sick when it comes a big holiday, it always fun and lovely when you can enjoy christmas with your family. But i have in-laws here and my hubby i think it would be great to spend my christmas here in US. I am excited for my 1st christmas here in US, we dont really giving gift or opening christmas back in Indo, but in US, this is like a culture for them. They even have a Santa's Radar to spot where the santa at on christmas eve..haha..i think this is super cute!!

Christmas here also very cute ( i love how they decorate the whole city with christmas ornament and lights )  and its all about getting together with some friends counting down for christmas on christmas eve. So, yeah, i just got back from little party with some friends and i thought i would share the look of the day!!=) yay!

I chose a purple-pink theme, i thought it would be cute to feel girly on christmas eve. ahaha..lame, eh!?
nah, i mean it always a romantic peaceful feeling when you counting down for christmas, feel the breeze and a smell of christmas tree eveywhere, just being romantic, tho..
And a little bit glitter wont be hurt right?=)

I tried to dont wear too much heavy black and dark color this time, just a pink and purple on the eyelid (inner lid) blended with deep purple and a hint of pink on the lower lash line. And i am using MAC lipstick in HUG ME mixed with Revlon lipstick in Primrose.

Winged-eye..just a little bit..=) for the fake eye lash, i cut the eye lash in half, and put it on the outside corner of my eyes. Nothing much.

No heavy black eyeliner on lower lash line this time, even though its been my signature style on make up since i decided to love make-up..haha.

Just dab a little bit sparkling color on the corner of my eyes, just to pop the color a little bit.

Contouring is the must for me ( benefit Hoola) and just a little bit Blush from Almays Wake blush in Rose.
I always use highlighter, i have been loving Hard Candy Baked Bronzer in TIKI.

For the NYX glitter cream eyeshadow palette, you might want to apply it with the sponge, the cream doesnt work that well with brush, it keeps brushing away the glitter. With sponge, instead dab it, swipe it works much better.

See you again on Christmas party look!!

courtesy of :

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rocker Chic

Its a little bit cold here in Austin, Texas. Kinda reminds me of shanghai weather these days, but much better tho.
Went out with hubby today, did some christmas shopping, still it wasnt enough for me, ha!

I picked up Rocker chic theme today, i always do love this kind of style, smokey eyes with nude lipstick, leather jacket and some attitude. haha!

i did some heavy smokey eyes make up using E.L.F cream shadow duo in black licorice, mixed it with NYX smokey look kit . Nude lips using Revlon super lustrous lipstick in Sparkling cider and Sephora super gloss lip glaze.

at first, i was hesitant about this ELF eyeshadow cream, i swatched it for the first time and i didnt like it, but when i put a primer before using it, i kinda love it. well, i loved it..=)

here what i wore, a faux leather jacket from Little Sammy ( i bought it online from Chinese online shop, but i dont remember the name of the shop), layered it with a cotton cardigan which i bought in Indonesia! It has a high-low side in detail, i love it! And just some white long sleeves white shirt underneath and a camisole.
For the bottom, its a black legging that thick enough to cover the cold weather..=)

I bought this straw clutch at Minolta in Indonesia. I got  lots of compliment about it here in US for the uniqueness of the clutch and how it made.

I love this cotton cardigan, the length cover my butt!haha!

i got my suede ankle boot in Shanghai for only 50 kuai! its like IDR70-80 idr! how cool is that!!

it has a leather detail on it.

two fingers ring, i forgot where i got it. but i think Forever 21 sells this kind of ring.

i got this from Antique shop, made from ceramic and painted by hand! just love it!

other products i used for the face makeup :
Almay Skin clearing foundation in Beige, Benefit Hoola bronzer, Estee Lauder Blush palette, Revlon colorstay eyeliner in Black, Benefit high beam , Benefit They're Real mascara waterproof, Bobby brown eyeliner  gel in black.

All stuff were purchased with my own money. I am not sponsored by any company in this blog..

Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY wooden initial necklace

I made this for my hubby..awww!haha..well actually i found some left over wooden alphabet i got it from Walmart for my Fashion week projects.
Thought it would be cute to make an initial necklace from it.

I chose "M" for my husband's name. Painted it in vintage style color, i chose light pastel green and gold hint.

Choose your fave inital, paint it in your fave color, you can also decorate it with any drawing you like.

after it dries, you can easily make the holes on it using any tools you can find. I used a big craft needle to do it.  Add the necklace! Voila!!!


Happy Trying!!=)

d.i.y nail art : Starry night

Look up the sky and see the stars in the dark of the night..

First, apply two coats of L'oreal pro manicure nail polish in Afterhours. Wait until it dries, then coat it with one or two coats of wet n wild shine nail polish in Hallucinate. Wait until dry, real dry.

use the tape to cover your nail, but not the tip of your nail. This is to create a neat arch on your tip when you apply the gold color. I choose the bold golden color ( Pure ICE magnetic attraction nail polish in Tottaly Amp ).

Wait until dry, then starting to put the accent..( nail artist stick on nail accents, i got it at Walmart for about $3). 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Little beauty diary : A Date night

Lets just celebrate!=)

Me and my husband met online in 2004, but we met for the first time in 2010, got married nine month later in the same year. Then, i had to stay in Indonesia for a year and half for my immigration process, i got here in US in 2012 late July..right on his birthday! what a sweet coincidence..=)

So, today we decided to celebrate our 2nd year of wedding by having a cute date night. Nothing fancy, but it was something..

we went to see Trail of lights ,  a pretty lights festival at the park, here in Austin. It was a romantic scenes for me, anyway..
Even though it was a long trails and we had to walk around 15 mins from parking lot to the event, i was still in my heels, no matter what. Haha!

My make up :

a smokey eyes look. Products used : Shu Uemura cream shadow in Black, Maybelline color tattoo  in Bold gold,
Maybelline precise eyeliner in black, Too faced Chocolate soleil bronzer, MAC lipstick in Hug me, Laura Mercier lip glace in baby doll, Revlon colorstay eyeliner in black, Benefit Bella bamba blush, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in nude, Physician Formula No talc - Mineral wear pressed powder in Translucent, Hard Candy baked bronzer/highlighter in Tiki.

The look :

I pulled out the romantic preppy look for this, layered  button shirt with white sweater and mini skirt. It was kinda a cold night here in Austin. 

White button-shirt : AXII, White Sweater : American Apparel, Skirt : N.Y.L.A, Belt : my own wedding dress belt, legging : bought in China

Accessories :

I chose a contrast colors for the accessories to bring out the style of my outfit. Picked up the spiked heels for an edgy look. 

Black jeweled clutch : bought in China

Bangle : N.Y.L.A

Belt : my own wedding dress belt

Beaded necklace : Bealls
L'oreal Color Riche nail polish in After hours coated with Wet n wild Shine nail polish in Hallucinate .

Spiked heels : I found this at the custom made shoes shop in China, does it remind you of Louboutin Spiked heels collections?=)

Hope you girls have a wonderful day...or evening..


all stuff were purchased with my own money. This is not a sponsored post.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Little beauty diary :A Casual lovely day

It is Sunday! thats mean cleaning day, vacuum cleaning day, laundry day and lazy day..haha.

But my husband took over the duty today, he said he is in the mood of household duty, so i kinda have a little free time to play with my makeup..i am not really wear make-up when i just hang out at home, but i think it would be cute to pamper myself a little bit, since my husband at

I tried to do just a casual make up, using some natural colors, i chose light brown color and green for the eyeshadow, blended them together to make a natural yet noticeable colors on my eyes.
For the lipstick, i chose Power by NYX and coated it with Laura Mercier Lip glaze. Simple, natural but in depth.

Product i used :

Benefit Hoola,  Benefit Hello Flawless in Champagne, EOS lip balm, Maybelline Colossal  Volum Express Mascara
( waterproof) , Wet n wild coloricon Single eyeshadow in Nutty and Envy,
Laura Mercier Lip Glaze in Baby doll, NYX Lip in Power, Maybelline Masterprecise eye liner, Revlon colorstay eye liner, Almay Wake up Blush in Rose, Benefit eye shadow primer Stay Dont Stray.

 what i have on my eyes :

( i got an eyelid tape on my right eye, i have been strugling with un-even eyelid these days, i got cold for couple of days now, i think thats why my right eye swollen a bit..well, i really dont know why, anyway..haha)

1. After applying Benefit Eyeshadow primer Stay dont stray all over the eyelid, Pat the wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow single in Nutty all over the eye lid and a little bit on the corner of the eyes  to give a volume on the corner of the eyes.

2. Pat Wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow single in Envy on the centre of the eyelid, blend it out to the outer corner. 

3. Blend, blend, blend, thats the secret!!=)

4. Draw the eyeliner near your upper and below eyelash line, i like it doing it first with pencil kohl type of liner, then double it with felt tip eyeliner just to make a strong stroke and a little bit wing at the corner. 

5.  Apply your fave fake eyelashes, mine is Salon perfect ones..( i forgot the name, i threw away the box already..).

6. After done with the eyes, i did some contouring using Benefit Hoola. Then a blush from Almay in Rose, this color is very light, but i like it for fall/winter color. For the lipstick, apply EOS lip balm first, then NYX Lipstick in Power, its a  pretty nude- purple-ish color..!!

So, this is me for a casual day at home...=)

see you soon in another Beauty diary!!