Sunday, June 30, 2013

Little beauty diary : June favorites 2013

Its been a bitter sweet memories for me for the month of June. Last year, i was in Hawaii for my "port of Entry" ( my immigration paperwork stuff )..i had a best time with my parents and my sister travelling to Hawaii, Las Vegas and L.A. And on June 29th, i landed in Austin, Texas reunited with my hubby again..=D

Anyway, here is my June Favorites 2013 :

Products list :

Maybelline The Rocket volum' express mascara in very black - waterproof
Aveeno Positively Nourishing Ultra-Hydrating Cream
Revlon Lip gloss in Coral Reef
Maybelline whisper lipstick in Coral ambition
Coach Roll on perfume - Coach poppy and Coach poppy flower
NYX crystal liner in Crystal Aqua
Wetnwild megalast nail polish in I Need a Refresh-Mint
Maybelline Color Show Nail Color - Green With Envy
NARS light reflecting setting powder in Translucent-crystal
Smashbox hydrating under eye primer
LORAC behind the scene eye primer
Neutrogena Clear pore daily scrub
Nivea lip butter - Raspberry Rose

FTC : Not a sponsored video. Everything were purchased by my own money. Every opinion is based on my own experiment.

Enjoy my video on Youtube : 

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Little beauty diary : Pink Delight

Hey, pretties. I am playing with new Milani eyeshadow i got from CVS.
See my CVS Haul video here:

here is the video of my makeup tutorial :

Products used :

Neon pink lace skirt : forever21

Milani powder eyeshadow in Tickled pink
Revlon Super lustrous lipstick (shine ) Pink cloud
Almay liquid lip balm in Blooming
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in Black brown
Essence jumbo pen eyeliner I LOVE PUNK in Black
Hard Candy Take me out liner pencil eyeliner in Chop Suey
e.l.f eyelid primer
Maybelline The falsies Big eyes mascara ( waterproof ) in Very black
Milani baked blush in Luminoso

FTC : I am not sponsored by any company listed above. Everything were purchase with my own expenses.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little beauty diary : My dream. My love. My lesson

Hi! so i finally made my move to be on YOUTUBE . I actually wasn't that sure because i had no gut at all, but i always have these thoughts of " you'll never know until you try". So, i think i would love to give a try, then..

What is the important thing of being on Youtube for me is i have a more space to express my creativity, things that i have a passion in and share it with others. It will teach me more about a hard work, a dedication, discipline and sharpen my creativity. I am a kind of person who loves to see what i have done or what i have created, it is just a self reflection throughout the learn how to do that, you create what is on your mind, you dream big and you see the result of the is a challenge.  I just hope what i have achieved, my lessons, a little tiny thing achievement, my creativities or my ideas or opinion, would inspire other...

When i was a little girl, i always wanted to become a designer, i love drawing and sketching. I used to read Japanese manga comic books and my dad used to buy lots of them for me..i always admire how the pictures could talk and creates the story. So, i learned how to draw on the paper and i could spend lots of note book just to draw the figures and i created my own story line. Ever since, i told myself,  this is my dream..creating something fashion and beauty related. Thats for sure..I even told my mom.." one day, i will live in big city in a big country and design stuff for people"...a little girl with a big dream, huh?=D

So, i pushed myself to the edge somehow, i grew up mostly apart from my family because i insisted to see the world outside. I wasnt a "normal" girl at school because i didnt like learning from the best subjects at school were always English, History and Art...if those people spent only 3 years for the high school, i spent 5 years for high school..then, those people started to call me names regarding my high school terms..well, i just hate school, anyway...I kinda created my own world back then,  had some 'weird' circle of friends..and some people called me, thats me, i am living in my dream...till now!

Then, my college years...duh!boring! but i passed it in 4 years..but still  i do not think i learned lots from such a waste!! I wanted to join fashion school, but there were a big, i had to take whatever available in my city..i went to a fashion course in Surabaya. I learned so fast about fashion, especially illustration, 1 year later, i became the finalist of some fashion design competitions..not one, but couple of them..never won, but i am proud. I also became a teacher assistant for 3 years at the fashion course experiences help a lot for my portfolios. Instead listening to those people with "NO, you CANT" i made my own way through....

After college, i went to Shanghai-China. There, i landed my dream job, i was a handbag designer for a big Chinese company. I learned a lots about designing in real world, some people think it would be an easy job to do, but it is not. 

Then, i guess i am here now, i am currently living in big country and counting my way to get what i wanted to be, just remember, baby steps count...and i am glad, i am willing to give a try to express my creativity on Youtube. Some probably says nothing special about that, but for me, it is a good start...with a little faith in me,  a hard work...i know i will get somewhere...

so yeah, enjoy my first YOUTUBE video..i know it is not perfect, but it will be improved time after time...=)

thanks so much for the supports to all my readers and followers..nothing would lead me to start a new project without you all..I will take all of you with me on my new journey!! much love! xoxo


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little beauty diary : SUMMER PICKS : LIPS

Hi! I have been M.I.A for a while, so sorry about that to all my readers, but i have been dealing with lot of things lately. Busy with some family events, packing for the new apartment and my beloved grandma passed away two weeks ago. Too bad i couldn't fly back home for the last goodbye, but i know she is in better place now...

Anyway, when its time for summer, no more heavy makeup for sure. The humidity and the heat weather would make those foundations melted right away..big no-no! So, to add the color and freshness on the face during summer, lipstick with bright colors would be a perfect choice for summer time.

Here what i picked from my favorite lipstick collections :

Maybelline Color Whisper - left to right -  # Cherry on top  # Petal Rebel   # Coral Ambition

Revlon Moon Drops collection - Persian Melon -

MILANI lipstick - # Fruit punch -

Maybelline Color sensational VIVIDS - left to right- #Electric Orange #Fuchsia Flash

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate ( Moss ) Lipstick - left to right- # 109 #102

Which one is your favorite?

much love!


I am going to make my Youtube channel soon, if you also on Youtube and you own the beauty/fashion Channel as well, drop your link below, i would love to check yours and support your channel....)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little beauty diary : Shimmery eyes and nude lips.

Hello there! well, i have been skipping April and May favorites ( sorry! )  It is because i really do not have any new favorites to share. Been using the same stuff again and again, so i thought not necessary at all to post the same stuff ...*big, forgive me if i don't do the monthly favorites that often..

Anyway, i have a current favorite in makeup. I have been into the shimmery eyes and nude lips lately. My choices are any kind of shimmery brown or bronze or even plum eyeshadows ( fastest way to do is using the cream gel eyeshadow )  for the soft shimmery smokey eyes, add some glitter liners and thats it!

For this makeup look, bronzer and highlighter are huge for me, i love how the bronzer and highlighter reflects the light that creates a sun-glow looking skin tone.

please, apologize my uneven eyelids...


Next step :

Apply a generous amount of your favorite mascara(s) and thats it!

Eye makeup products : 

#crystal silk

Lip Product : 

A little bit sticky but not that too patchy on the lips. I love the pearl effects on it that reflects the light, make an illusion of the fully looking lips. Last at least 3 or 4 hours. But, if you do not like heavy lip gloss feeling, maybe this is not for you...

Final look : 

Necklace : Forever21
Sequined top : random boutique