Sunday, May 4, 2014

My pregnancy beauty essentials

- 20 weeks and going!!whoop whoop...can't wait to have this precious little one in my arms!
During the pregnancy, my skin conditions and textures change, i guess it is hormonal, so here are some of favorites beauty essential during my pregnancy . Who knows it would be helpful for those who are pregnant too...=)

Hormones trigger blemishes, acne and pimples. Since Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic acid are not recommended during pregnancy, i did a research for a safe blemish 'eraser' so i found this!
It has a strong lemon 'like' oil and it does sting a little bit but i love it because it works great on blemishes and pimples. It dries the pimple/blemish pretty fast, even though a little bit strong on skin, but i am happy with the result. 

2. Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan oil

Dry skin. It happens to, i mix this Argan oil with my moisturizer and i love the result! My skin's texture is more smooth and my pores shrink. No oily residue left behind and my skin absorbs the oil very fast. I thought it would be too much to put an oil on the face and i am afraid of break out more, but this Argan oil works good on my skin! You can dab the oil on the lips too or mix the oil with lip balm or eye this!

3. Wild Carrot Herbals Stretch Slave & Growing Belly balm

My skin gets so itchy during pregnancy! This balm is my holy grail especially on my stomach area..
It does look like it is oily but when you rub it on the stomach, the balm will right away sink and no oily residue left behind. It is a natural balm remedy with a nice smell!

4. Belli Anti Blemish Facial Wash

Thumbs up for this facial wash. Give it to the Lactic acid that could calm down the skin and prevent blemishes. Green tea extract also help with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation and cucumber soothes the skin. I love using this as a mask too.
Found this product at ULTA, this product made for especially for pregnant woman and i think i will continue using this product after my pregnancy because this product is so gentle on skin and works very good on skin!

Dry lips! my problem! Love this Aquaphor lip repair and also it contains SPF! I have a bad dry lips especially on the corner of my mouth..*sigh! But props to this lip repair, it is very moisturizing and helps my skin dryness!

Nothing can't take away the stretch marks! And i am not afraid if i will have one because my pregnancy. But my skin gets so dry so i thought this lotion would help! It does! Love the scent and i always have love the thickness of this Palmer's lotion. It gives a glow on the skin too....=)

7. SUNCOAT natural nail polish remover

I am trying to avoid Acetone, since it has a very strong smell that really bothered me now. You know pregnant woman with their sensitivity of smelling. So, i bought this one on It doesnt have a strong smell like acetone based nail polish remover or other non-acetone nail polish remover, but it contains a natural alcohol from Corn and Soy beans. Works very good on tough glitters nail polish too! Thing is it leave behind a little bit oily residue, so wash your hand afterwards!

8. Knocked up Nail polish

I laughed when i saw the name of this nail cute!haha..
But i am glad i found this 5-free maternity safe nail polish, since i am kinda hesitate to paint my nail during pregnancy. Visit their website to find out why this Nail polish safe to use during pregnancy and i also love the color collections too!


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  1. kalau dari depan ga keliatan loh. tetep keliatan masih langsing. hehe.

  2. wah saya malah baru tau kalau kamu hamil..congrats ya say ;)

  3. Great stuff! First of all i wanna say huge congrats for ur pregnancy and wish u all best luck till the end of pregnancy! Sama gak nyangka loh dr foto kalo kamu hamil. soalnya your body already look skinny and good! these stuff might be very useful for me as recommendation in the future if i get pregnant someday! :)

  4. lama ngga baca update dari kakak aku buka blog nya langsung, ternyata dalam proses hamil yah. berarti sekarang udah keluar adeknya?..hihi

    bener yah kata orang, lagi hamil jadi terlihat tambah cantik. anw, stay healthy :)


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