Sunday, December 8, 2013

Makeup+outfit : Glam Night

Hi, babes! went out with hubby for a dinner and i had a blast! Grab this coat i got from sammydress and paired it with black legging from forever21 and black dress from H&M i tucked into the legging. A black heels and red lipstick from l'oreal..which i love this kind of stays all night long!



I have been eye-ing this coat since i saw this and decided to pick it from sammydress. And to be honest, since i discovered the site, i am kinda addicted to it! Totally will be back to the site and grab all those cute stuff.. #shoptildrop
I also impressed by how fast the shipping was..less than 5 days!!! #iamgoingnuts! i ordered it on friday and it got here in US on monday! Awesomeness!

The coat itself is well made,  i am happy with the quality though!It comes with the hoody too! which it is very useful during this wind season. I love the type of dress-coat / trench coat kind a style, i think it is perfect to pair with almost everything and it looks chic. Also the wrap style gives a textures on the body also come in Apricot color , which i think i might get one for next purchase!
What do you think? =)

The Apricot color :

image taken from

Quote from the website :
Welcome to Sammy Dress for Less: our mission is to offer you the very latest fashion at the lowest prices online. offers more than 200,000 designer style clothes at 70%-90% below retail store prices. Hundreds of new arrival fashion clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories for women, men and juniors are added daily to our online catalog. Featuring incredibly cheap clothes produced to the highest quality and standards, we ship worldwide as an international online retail store. Cheap is what we charge, choice is what we offer, value is what you get - enjoy a world of style and start shopping today!

I leave the link to this coat  here..get ready for shop til' drop!

my other #wishlists from SammyDress :




pssst...i am crazy about their shoes collections...i am going crazy filling my shopping cart with them...haha..

Lipstick : 

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain, Endless Red 190 (Red)

Earrings : 

Necklace : 

FTC : Thanks to sammydress for this lovely coat!

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  1. Tsakeppp babe! Kalo d indo bisa pake coat2 gitu aq mauuuu *LOL*

    1. cuek bebek ajah, walau
      thanks for the nice comment!xx

  2. u look soo seductive n elegant mba <3

  3. cantikkknya *_*
    aww aku suka bgt kamarmuu kak!! btw benefir hello flawless jg favouritekuu kalo pergi2 ke acara hihihi

    1. iya, love the powder too...pasti cantik deh klo kamu yang pake, uda flawless tambah flawless...hehe..xx


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