Monday, December 2, 2013

monthly faves and haul

Hello beauties!

I can't believe this is December already.. i feel like it  just yesterday we celebrated the new we are heading that way again..ha!

here is my monthly favorites and a little haul that i wanted to share with you..

you can also watch the video on YouTube :

but if you feel like reading, here is the list of the products

Got this little package when the store had a good deal, but i am pretty much satisfied with this!
Not that fruity smells as the other Juicy Couture perfumes, but this one is more mature smells. Been loving it through last month, especially the shower gel!


Love the smell. But the color paid off too..especially been loving the wild violets ones, since i have always  loved dark nail polish on my nails. And the bottles..its cute for the vanity...=D

I believe this is new product from Hard Candy. I fell in love with the container with a small heart shape on the lid of the container..who can resist that?!
It is actually a creme eyeshadow. With a shimmery effects it does look so pretty. It is a little bit waxy but with a primer first and blending techniques, it creates a pretty color on the lid. It actually stay long..i swatch the products on the back of my hand and it still there even though i washed my hands couple of time..need to scrub it to make it go away..awesome!

Good choice if you have a acne prone skin or sensitive skin. But, the salicylic acid could make the skin dry, so the moisturizer before this foundation is recommended. It has 0.5% salicylic acid in it, so it would help to fix the troubled skin.  
It has 0.6% salicylic acid, which makes this foundation contain more salicylic acid than Neutrogena . But, the texture and the consistency is more watery than Neutrogena, i think that why this foundation doesnt dry  the skin and more gentle on skin. To create a new color that match my skin, i mix them together..the result..well..i likey!hehe..

Just recently using this product. I use it as an everyday scrub before i use the clear pore daily scrub as the mask! So, basically i open the pores using the scrub and then apply the other product as a mask ( which contains benzoyl peroxide ), let it dries up around 10 mins and then wash my face with a warm  water..

If you can't take it anymore...
I put this stuff on the new popped pimples and it does the work! it reduces the redness and the spots fade away. The color of this product from the tube is a light blue kind a color, then it turns white to give a sign that it does the work. It pretty much cover the pimple and stop the bleeding. LOVE THIS!

The new product from Revlon that similar to regular balm stain, but this is  the Matte version. Lot of bloggers rave about this, especially the matte ones. I agreed! The color paid off and it stays long time. If you like Matte lipstick, this is a good ones. Thing is, they are rare! a little bit hard to get since they always SOLD, whenever you have a chance to get them, grab bunch of

until next post!kisses!xx

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  1. Neik... Itu yang revlon apa deh kok lucu banget? Nail polish kok lucuuuu.....
    Trus Just Bitten Balm pigmented ga? Apa sheer? Mauuu dong gw PO sama lo hahahaha

    1. itu beda ama Revlon just bitten ones say, yg ini matte version..o ya, very pigmented...kayaknya ada deh di fb yang jualan ini revlon, aku pernah liat di FB gitu...=D

  2. huahahaha popped pimple reliefs XD kayaknya kok menarik bgt ce..
    itu dipakenya pd pimple yg abis dipencet gitu ya?
    andai di sini ada >_<

  3. Juicy Couture Shower Gelnya menggoda banget x)


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