Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little beauty diary : My dream. My love. My lesson

Hi! so i finally made my move to be on YOUTUBE . I actually wasn't that sure because i had no gut at all, but i always have these thoughts of " you'll never know until you try". So, i think i would love to give a try, then..

What is the important thing of being on Youtube for me is i have a more space to express my creativity, things that i have a passion in and share it with others. It will teach me more about a hard work, a dedication, discipline and sharpen my creativity. I am a kind of person who loves to see what i have done or what i have created, it is just a self reflection throughout the learn how to do that, you create what is on your mind, you dream big and you see the result of the is a challenge.  I just hope what i have achieved, my lessons, a little tiny thing achievement, my creativities or my ideas or opinion, would inspire other...

When i was a little girl, i always wanted to become a designer, i love drawing and sketching. I used to read Japanese manga comic books and my dad used to buy lots of them for me..i always admire how the pictures could talk and creates the story. So, i learned how to draw on the paper and i could spend lots of note book just to draw the figures and i created my own story line. Ever since, i told myself,  this is my dream..creating something fashion and beauty related. Thats for sure..I even told my mom.." one day, i will live in big city in a big country and design stuff for people"...a little girl with a big dream, huh?=D

So, i pushed myself to the edge somehow, i grew up mostly apart from my family because i insisted to see the world outside. I wasnt a "normal" girl at school because i didnt like learning from the best subjects at school were always English, History and Art...if those people spent only 3 years for the high school, i spent 5 years for high school..then, those people started to call me names regarding my high school terms..well, i just hate school, anyway...I kinda created my own world back then,  had some 'weird' circle of friends..and some people called me, thats me, i am living in my dream...till now!

Then, my college years...duh!boring! but i passed it in 4 years..but still  i do not think i learned lots from such a waste!! I wanted to join fashion school, but there were a big, i had to take whatever available in my city..i went to a fashion course in Surabaya. I learned so fast about fashion, especially illustration, 1 year later, i became the finalist of some fashion design competitions..not one, but couple of them..never won, but i am proud. I also became a teacher assistant for 3 years at the fashion course experiences help a lot for my portfolios. Instead listening to those people with "NO, you CANT" i made my own way through....

After college, i went to Shanghai-China. There, i landed my dream job, i was a handbag designer for a big Chinese company. I learned a lots about designing in real world, some people think it would be an easy job to do, but it is not. 

Then, i guess i am here now, i am currently living in big country and counting my way to get what i wanted to be, just remember, baby steps count...and i am glad, i am willing to give a try to express my creativity on Youtube. Some probably says nothing special about that, but for me, it is a good start...with a little faith in me,  a hard work...i know i will get somewhere...

so yeah, enjoy my first YOUTUBE video..i know it is not perfect, but it will be improved time after time...=)

thanks so much for the supports to all my readers and followers..nothing would lead me to start a new project without you all..I will take all of you with me on my new journey!! much love! xoxo



  1. I admire you ^^

    Perjalanan hidup yang tidak biasa membentuk seseorang menjadi luar biasa.. dan imajinasi membuat kita bisa melanglangbuana bahkan dengan cara yang tidak terpikirkan orang lain.. <3 :*

  2. I subscribed! After 2 years become a web designer I realized that my real passion is fashion. I also wanna be a fashion designer! Bulan ini aku ikut fashion design course di Jakarta :D dan mulai cari2 lowongan fashion stylish :) I hope I can have my own clothing line soon!

  3. videony keren mbak <3 eyeshadownya bisa bling" :D
    klo boleh tahu ngedit videony pake apa si ? :D hehe
    memang perjalanan hidup seseorang bermacam" mnuju kesuksesan, May God Bless U mbak ^^ sukses trs ya :)

  4. aku udah cek di youtube dan sudah subscribe ;)

  5. nice story <3
    already subscribe your channel, waiting for your next video
    one big step <3 xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. kak nancy, postingan ini sangat sangat menginspirasi. <3
    sukses ya kak! ^^

    1. hey dear, i cannot leave the reply on your blog lho..whyyyyy...huhuhu...
      but i am glad my story inspired you....=D xoxo

  7. really inspirational story ^^


  8. Thanks for sharing.. Punya karya desain yang keren2 tapi bingung dimana kamu bisa share di komunitas yang tepat? Bagikan saja desain kamu di Gratis!


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