Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little beauty diary : Shimmery eyes and nude lips.

Hello there! well, i have been skipping April and May favorites ( sorry! )  It is because i really do not have any new favorites to share. Been using the same stuff again and again, so i thought not necessary at all to post the same stuff ...*big, forgive me if i don't do the monthly favorites that often..

Anyway, i have a current favorite in makeup. I have been into the shimmery eyes and nude lips lately. My choices are any kind of shimmery brown or bronze or even plum eyeshadows ( fastest way to do is using the cream gel eyeshadow )  for the soft shimmery smokey eyes, add some glitter liners and thats it!

For this makeup look, bronzer and highlighter are huge for me, i love how the bronzer and highlighter reflects the light that creates a sun-glow looking skin tone.

please, apologize my uneven eyelids...


Next step :

Apply a generous amount of your favorite mascara(s) and thats it!

Eye makeup products : 

#crystal silk

Lip Product : 

A little bit sticky but not that too patchy on the lips. I love the pearl effects on it that reflects the light, make an illusion of the fully looking lips. Last at least 3 or 4 hours. But, if you do not like heavy lip gloss feeling, maybe this is not for you...

Final look : 

Necklace : Forever21
Sequined top : random boutique


  1. Beautiful glamour look! Definitely love it^^

  2. so stuunniiiinngg <3
    keren eye make up nya ^^

  3. shimmery eyes n nude lips makes sooo glamour !! *o*

  4. beautiful as always,i like your eye look very much :*

  5. love your eye make up! :*
    aku suka banget mata yg blink2 gitu..hihihi

  6. always looks so sexy and stunning! <3

  7. Kakk, eyelash nya tuh yang panjang di ujungnya doang gitu gak sih? dipake cm diujung doang yah? pengen caru2 yg kecil buat di ujung gitu nih XD

  8. warna nude ga ada matinya ya kakak <3 ehehe
    btw itu lorac mint editionnya recommended ga?
    aku sempet pengen beli tapi maju mundur :|

  9. aku suka foto yang paling bawah. chandelier earrings-nya cantik.
    semuanya cantik :)

  10. jumbo eyeliner itu emang kece yah, sukaaak sekali sama eye-makeup-nya <3
    aku suka pose2 mu yang terakhir itu, sexy back babe :3

  11. Is that a tats i see on ur bck? So sexyyy

  12. I LOVE your MAKE UP, dear. Very SEXY and detailed tutorial ^_^v

    Btw, yuk ikutan PINKYLICI0US GIVEAWAYS…
    banyak hadiahnya loh….dari merek Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, It’s Skin, etc
    ajak teman2mu jg yach, ada SURPRISE GIFTS too for your friend ^_^v
    Caranya gampang banget koq, cek di
    Thank u so much, dear ^_^v


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