Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little beauty diary : SUMMER PICKS : LIPS

Hi! I have been M.I.A for a while, so sorry about that to all my readers, but i have been dealing with lot of things lately. Busy with some family events, packing for the new apartment and my beloved grandma passed away two weeks ago. Too bad i couldn't fly back home for the last goodbye, but i know she is in better place now...

Anyway, when its time for summer, no more heavy makeup for sure. The humidity and the heat weather would make those foundations melted right away..big no-no! So, to add the color and freshness on the face during summer, lipstick with bright colors would be a perfect choice for summer time.

Here what i picked from my favorite lipstick collections :

Maybelline Color Whisper - left to right -  # Cherry on top  # Petal Rebel   # Coral Ambition

Revlon Moon Drops collection - Persian Melon -

MILANI lipstick - # Fruit punch -

Maybelline Color sensational VIVIDS - left to right- #Electric Orange #Fuchsia Flash

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate ( Moss ) Lipstick - left to right- # 109 #102

Which one is your favorite?

much love!


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  1. ih sumpah ini racun banget warnanya dzingggg... summer is tangerine donk yaaa... anyway so sorry to hear about your grandma.

    Ps. my youtube channel

    Love your blog posts following now hehehe!

  2. I'm sorry to hear ur grandma TT__TT May God Bless her .. Well to me coz I'm lip junkies, they all looks beautiful, I think my fave color Fruit punch <3 thankyou so much to support my youtube :-* can't wait ur video dear <3

  3. waaahhh.. maybelline sama rimmel warnanya cakep juga yaa,, tapi aku masih naksir yg milani kemaren :D mari kita pupuk dan siram setiap hari hahaha

    sorry about your lost :(
    asiikk ada yg pindahan apartment nih :p

  4. maaak, turut berduka cita ya buat grandma nya :(
    MILANI lipstick - Fruit punch - keliatannya bagus yak :) moist dibibirkah? soalnya bibirku sensi, cenderung kering kalau salah pakai lippen :p tapi ga nolak kalau dilempar salah satu koleksi lippenmu mak hahahaaa

  5. can't wait to watch your videos :)

  6. pls accept my deepest condolences....
    the colors really boost the mood....

  7. turut berduka cita mbak..anyway coral nya keren kayaknya pas buat bibir ku hehehe

  8. turut berduka ya mbak :(
    di tunggu swatches swatchesan racunyaaaa

  9. deepest condolences for your grandma

    Maybelline Electric Orange seru banget warnanya. Ditunggu fotd pakai lipstick ini ncy, pengen liat hasilnya :)

  10. So sorry to hear about your grandma kak T~T
    anyway, love the peachy colors it all super pretty <3
    lucu-lucu sekaliiiiii


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