Friday, September 13, 2013

Closet Tour

Hey,  loves! Finally, i put up the video ( requested) of my closet/ beauty room/ office/ warehouse tour. See the video here. Link!

First of all, here is the side of the room that i didn't put in the video, because it is still messy! you can see here, there are some boxes and shopping bags still laying around need to be touched ( wink! ) i have this bad habit of hoarding the stuff after shopping and not to put them away on the closet right away..i dont know why...lazy?! lol...

See the big mirror there? thats where i do my makeup. I love sitting on the floor while doing my makeup while sipping my coffee in the morning..
Thats why i do not need vanity table, whatsoever...

* My side of this room is mostly white colored furniture, while on the the other side ( which the other half of this room) is my hubby's manly area ( Black colored furniture). Too bad i am not allowed to get any footage of his stuff..

( shoes ) - Got these white book shelves at walmart , first i thought it wouldnt last for a long time, you quality.. but i think it is quite good ones, not the best though..but it is okay..most of the shoes shown here are pretty much my old collections. I bought them from Indonesia..imagine i have 3 full of big suitcases only for my shoes, bags, clothes and accessories..
Couple of the shoes i also got them when i was in China too. The black boots are from Harley Davidson and the bright orange ones from Prabal Gurung for Target. And the purple pumps also from Target.

(Clutch) the small shelves i bought from Target. I bought it when i joined Austin Fashion week 2012 for the marketplace. I used it for the display. 

(Handbags) I dont think there is enough room for 'upcoming' new handbags...* it will survive!

I had a hard time to organize this area for accessories. I ran out the space!

The reason i put the nail polishes on the second rack is because i feel like that area is cooler and darker and also its hidden area from the direct sunlight. 

My favorite quotes on the wall! Happy i found these pieces, just to remind me of positive thoughts!

Couple of my perfume bottles sitting nicely there on the top of the mini shelf. Bath&Body Works mini candle that i just got recently and Mr. Daruma ( Japanese doll i got in Japan ) hope to bring me a good luck!

Did you Mr.Bunny on the corner? i got him for only 99 cents at yard sale. He had a hole on his toe, but i fixed it with the air dry clay..he can jump now! 

Watch the video for the virtual tour!

* watch in HD!


  1. koleksi shoesnya bikin ngiler.. rapiii.. :D

  2. waaaawww sepatu sm accecoriesnya mauuuu, apalagi yg stud high heels bener" idaman <3 duhh rapinya mba closetnya, aq seumur hidup blm prn py closet wkwkwkwwkwk

  3. aduh bagi satu dong kak tasnya >.< hehe
    pingin banget punya closet room sendiri :D
    akun yutubku lagi ga bisa kebuka, jadi ga bisa komen di yutub deh :(

  4. heels studded nya bikin ngiler sis >.<

  5. huahhhh heelsnya keren2 ceee... ngilerrr XD
    pengen pnya closet room jugaaa >.<

  6. wow rapiih bangett..nancyyy i adore your shoes ;)

  7. Lovely room! Btw, i do my makeup in fornt of a full sized mirror, sitting on the floor too! Hahahaha... i totally refused any kind of vanity when our bedroom n walk in closet designer offere, don't need it!

  8. hihi.. that must be a lot of fun to have a special room where we can keep our "girls stuffs"..and it's really enjoy to see your collection, ci! nice"

  9. sepatunya!!! woahh,, surga dunia dehh ituuu

  10. Envy your closet room, ncy!!
    I WILL have one someday.. ><

  11. Seruu bangettt closet tour nya kak, pengen buatt jugak tapi kayaknya .... *beres2 kamar* huahahaha

  12. Your sketches are awesome!! Rapi banget! :)


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