Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lipstick Diary part 2 : So pretty!


I am sitting here on my couch, sipping my tea ( again ) and i am eating KitKat..lol..what a life!
Not to mention it is 12.30 AM... Insomniac! 

Anyhow, just for the update..here are some of new videos on youtube, in case you missed it...=)

And now, lets talk about lipsticks! My new babes and i have been crazy in love with them...awww!

Let's get started with NYX Matte Lipstick in Summer Breeze.

It is no longer summer but i still in love with this color, though. The matte finish of this lipstick is adorable, thing is just like another matte lipstick, you might want to prep+prime your lips before application. 

Power staying is great. It stays throughout the day!

Another cute 'Barbie' pink lips that you need to try is this non-matte finish lipstick by NYX called PARIS. 
Hands down! i love this kind of lipstick! Glides easily on the lips and it is moisturizing. The color pays off and it is just a pretty pink that you won't ignore! j'adore Paris! oui!

Here is the comparison side by side between Summer Breeze ( Matte ) and Paris ( regular ) .

Paris is a little bit purple-ish undertone than Summer breeze..Still, they both are just gorgeous!

Now, the jumbo lip pencil! I love how moisturizing and creamy this lip pencil is. Also, i can't say NO for the color. Nude peachy color will always look good on everything.. this is a must have basic color for every makeup lover ( in my opinion )...

Butter Gloss! I cannot stop liking my lips!haha!
I chose the Creme Brulee because i was looking for nude- but not too nude lipgloss for everyday wear..voila! this Creme Brulee ( i kinda want the real Creme Brulee now! ) butter gloss is a perfect color if you are looking for something nude but with a hint of color, i recommended this color.
A hint of Creme Brulee smells really lingering on the lips. Super buttery formula but non-sticky ones..

Lip liner that waterproof? whoop!whoop! I tried this color because i was into coral/peachy lipstick colors and i need a similar lip liner to line my lips.
It is a little bit thick formula compared to any other regular lip pencil, so it is like a tiny small matte lipstick bullet.. it is made to protect the lipstick from melting/smudging on the corner of the lips.
Because it is made for waterproof, i guess the formula is actually Matte finish. So, i won't suggest it to wear it alone as a lipstick..it will settle between the fine lines on the lips..

See how the CITRUS shown in the picture? It settles between the lines, while the jumbo lip pencil glides smoothly and buttery..thus, they both are good combo for each other, the CITRUS will protect the IRISH COFFEE from melting down from the corner of the lips! Good lip liner!=)

* sorry for the mistake typo in the picture above! * NYX JUMBO LIP PENCIL not LINER 

Now, Milani Haute Flash Full Shimmering Lipgloss. Just like the name,  it does full of shimmer, but in gorgeous way..
I adore this lipgloss, the color is so opaque! it changes color when the light hits. The particles ( small tiny glitters) make this lipgloss glow. But, do not worry about those sticky feels, this lipgloss, even though it is thick with shimmering effect, but it doesnt have those heavy/sticky feeling. Thumbs up!yay!

 Watch the video about this lipgloss here 

Last but not least, NYX lip liners. I chose Dolly Pink, because the color is so cute. Reminds me of pink bubble gum color. When i tried it on, i loved it much better because the color is so opaque, i even wear it alone as a Matte lipstick..still, better to apply lip balm before the application, though. CUTE!

The Plum color is perfect for fall/winter. It is beautiful dark berry tones . Sexy!

Which one do you like? =)

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Visit Milani Cosmetics here

This is not a sponsored post. Everything were purchased with my own money and the opinions are based on my own opinion. 



  1. Milani lipgloss nya pengen sama military jacket nya >.<


  2. warna irish coffee nya bagus bener ce, naksirrr XD

  3. aduh kak warnanya cantik-cantik semua, mulai dari yang barbie pink, coral, sampe shimmery purple. >.< *comot satu

  4. Aduh warnanya cantik-cantik amat T~T summer breeze sama irish coffee <3 uuuh love em all, kak!

  5. banyak bangetttt !!! mau semuaaaaaa :O

  6. same with me, ngeblog di jam stg 1 pagi.. :D ezzz ini sumpah racun abis... *pusing cenatcenut*

  7. Aaaa milani in a flash nya sexyyy abisss

  8. NYX is my favorite makeup brand :D


  9. Summer Breeze is so hot, I'm already follow you anyway. :)


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