Monday, September 16, 2013

Lipstick diary part 1 : sleeping beauty

Sipping my Yogi Bedtime tea, eating those (addictive) Danish cookies , lighten up the room with my new Bath&Body Works candle in Pumpkin Apple and catching up with couple of episodes of Breaking Bad and new season episode of Boardwalk empire..i have been cleaning the whole house today and i am super tired! what did you guys do today?

with half eye open, i still decided to give a little review of these two L'oreal limited edition lipstick in La Laque and Le Matte..i am not trying to be French here, but these names got me tongue twisted!LOL!

Comes with 4 shades of each category these lippie worth to try. I got mine at my local Target for $7.99 each, not many colors left when i got there so i decided to only pick one shade each type.

La Laque is the creamy ones and Le Matte is the matte ones.

The packaging is like a lip liner pencil( small crayon lip pencil ), it is automatic pencil type, twist it and the product will come out..just like the automatic eyeliner pencil type a thing. For the concept of lipstick and liker in one packaging, i would say this is a cool concept!

The color pay off, for sure. But, for the Le Matte..i would suggest a little bit of lip butter/gloss before the application. Either way, at the end of the day, you will feel a little tiny feeling of drying lips. At least for me, because i have a dry lips..

I picked this -She's so matte- because i love this bright pink - coral-y color on my lips. It looks so soft on the lips though ( velvety ), even though it is a little bit drying (for me!). The staying power is great, it lasts throughout the day, i guess because the formula was made for Matte type of lipstick so it will stay longer than the creamy ones. Still, i could see it started to fade away on the corner of my lips after food and drink of course...

Glad they made this creamy ones. I am big fan! nuff said..
One thing that i dont really enjoy is the smell of these lipsticks, i dont know, its like an old lipstick smell..dont get me wrong, i dont mind at all, but i wish upon the star they would make the smells go away..*arrghh

The creamy ones is easy to apply, well..because it is creamy so it glides easily. I dont have any problem with dry lips using this one.  The color is so soft, a nude- soft pink-ish color , so it is perfect for every season and any kind of makeup look. This is would be a perfect color to picked for this edition. *Hands down!

Which one do you think you will purchase? let me know...=D

All right, honey bunny..i am so ready to go to post would be another lipstick swatches..NYX lipsticks and couple of new babes from my Haul. Stay tuned! Love!!


  1. yg pink lebih creamy yah atasnya kering sekali gpp deh biar bau dikit hahahaha

    itu sepatu cuma sebelah kiri gimana cb pakenya ? aku mau clucth aja deh hahahaha JK

  2. The cream one looks amazing! One day soon i will come to USA and i'm gonna shop for their drugstore makeups til i drop! Hahahah

  3. I like the creamy one and love those packaging.

  4. of course i choose the la laque, don't really like matte, and the colour looks good ce :D

  5. omggg the mug!!!!>< hahahhaa

  6. saya lebih suka yang bawah say, karena yang matte kok kayanya lagi ngak hitz ya hahahaha gaya gua hitz ngookkk hahahah


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