Monday, May 7, 2012

Old time

Old time.

I found my old fashion drawing. I didnt go to fashion school back then, but i took a short course in between college time, ended up teaching the basic class though, i even joined some fashion design competition and became the finalist. It was a hidden talent, i guess.. but still, i am bad at sewing class, so i didn't really focus on that class.

I created my first label when i was in college. A very basic label for 'trial' i guess, it called RunwayQueen. The concept was pretty teenage kinda style with sense of pop art. Very light label and 'normal'. I designed T-shirts, Clutch and some accessories. 

RunwayQueen was featured in local magazine in Surabaya called ICE* Magazine from 2005 to 2006. I guess the magazine is no longer available, but i believe they still have their page on facebook or so...
My stuff were sold nicely, but i didnt continue the productions, because i moved to Shanghai, China on 2007.
My journey kinda began ever since.

Here are some of my old fashion drawing. I will try to collect another old RunwayQueen portfolios later!

Fashion drawing.

I have some drawing on my deviantart site. click here to see the gallery. leave the comment! thank you!

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