Monday, May 7, 2012


Meet the new project.

Projectncy is a project of art, crafts, handmade, fashion and design based on passions, love and bunch of dreams. With a concept of being different and unique, yet still in fashion term, projectncy produces 'one of a kind' handmade jewelry, home decoration , handbags and clutch and also accessories made from beads, gems, lace , clay and fabrics. Every items made with love, care and of course the warmth of the heart. 

Projectncy is also being inspired by the traditions and the uniqueness of Indonesian cultures. Therefore, born the sub-label 'Gula' ( means Sugar in English) that gives the touch of Indonesian culture such as Batik ( see wikipedia ) Indonesia in every piece of the items under the label. Gula represents of the beauty of Indonesian ethnics and traditions. The east meets west kind of style in every designs.

Projectncy believes in every handmade piece, there is a story behind it. The uniqueness behind every items, the special piece made with love and heart. It is just special.

first thumbnail of making the labels, the technique using a hand-stitching and hand drawing methods.

the hand-stitching being removed, replaced with the captions :
"art. craft."

final label.

Images and designs are courtesy of projectncy. Do not use any contents without  permissions.

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