Monday, May 28, 2012

The wedding

The wedding decorations.

I got married on December 2010, was engaged on October and had to prepare everything in 2 months!!My husband is American citizen, he didnt have too much time to spend in Indonesia that time, so, we flew from Shanghai ( we met up online on 2004, met up for a first time in Shanghai-China on 2010..what a story!) and had a wedding set up in my hometown. The December wedding was pretty much private and only the holy matrimony ceremony. Small town, small crowd, private wedding. And Seafood party for 150 guests at the restaurant at night. Simple, chic and cheap!well, it was i ever wanted. A simple private wedding.
Hubby enjoyed the scene actually, he is pretty much a laid back person who doesnt really like the big city. He enjoy everything about my hometown, country side, beaches, mountains and small population. So, it was perfect!

Then, on January 15th, we had a dinner party for friends and family's friends. It was at the Hotel, Buffet kind of style party, laid back, no entertainment whatsoever , it was for the meet up and talk and celebration without any   big party scenes. Even though the invitations were delivered by messages and phone. No decorations, no fancy theme. Simple. Classic, vintage atmosphere and just go with it kind of party.

So, just imagine how i need to rush in everything, from the cake, book the venue, invitations, souvenirs, pictures, everything the wedding needs. I even had to decor the tables by even organizer or whatsoever, it was DIY wedding.

But, i'm glad it turned out pretty sweet.

Thought i would share it here!

Printed invitation. Royal Vintage theme, printed on recycld paper. Only for the decoration on the front table, we didnt use the invitation to spread the words.

Front table decorations.

I designed and ordered the cake less in two weeks before the event. Red-champagne  themed, vintage 40's to 50's decorated. It matched my dress that night. 

The cake topper. Roses and feathers.  oldies theme.

The cupcakes. 

The souvenirs. The customized towel with our initial on it.

I used the empty bottle for a center-piece on each table, wrapped with 'story of us'  , laces, ribbons and dried-flowers and pre-wedding pictures on it.


table tag on the top of the bottle.

The cakes and sweets table, decorated with our picture on it.

Fruits stand.

Front table decorations.

Cakes stand.

Table setting. Simple, red, and classic.

all images are couresy of theprojectncy,


  1. Your Love story really romantic ! <3
    And your artwork for the wedding really amazing and fabulous, you're so talented ! :)

    1. thx for the comment!thx for reading!i enjoy your blog as well...=)

  2. romantic and surely ur hubby is a lucky guy for marrying a talentend woman like u.. i hope u lead a great marriage life :)

  3. Gyaaaa! Super sweet~~ Akujuga pengen nih sama yg model begini. Daripada resepsinya gedebgt trus kbanyakan ga kenalnya. Sayang banget tanganku ga sebagus ci Nancy kalo bikin DIY. Suka banget sama detail2 di mja sama invitationnya. :))


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