Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It was Demailisvalley on etsy.

Demailis on etsy. (closed)

I used to have an etsy page under Demailisvalley. It was opened on April 2011 and closed couple months after. It was a limited amount of the stuff i sold on that site .

I choose the name Demailis because it was in French i guess, De Mai Liz...was supposed to be something about Lily of the Valley flower or May flower. Yes, i choose the name because May is my mom's bday month..epic! and i made the label in soft pink colors and spiral butterfly icons on it.

I closed the page because i had to fly back and forward to other city even other country all the time. It was for an USA Immigrant Visa process. It took most of all of time to manage the page and sales when i was doing the visa process. I started running out the time, the power and my creativity while doing that. I don't think Multi-tasking is a right choice for this. So, i let go the label for a bit. Until, i came out with a new Projectncy on 2012, after done dealing with a very long process of my  USA Immigrant Visa.

down below are some old projects of Demailis. Some of them are still on sale now ( contact me if you interested) and some are sold!

" Out of the blue " - Turquoise blue metal pendant with brass chain

" out of blue" chain necklace

"Pink lady " - one of a kind hand-drawing fashion figures with mixed media techniques.

"Lady in red" painting on canvas. 3d technique using fabrics and beads.

Simple rounded pendant with gold colored necklace

Simple rounded pendant with Swarovski crystal 

Squared pendant with swarovski crystal for the details.

'Rock&Roll' statement necklace . Faux leather (PU) with brass studs detailed

Fringy Faux leather Statement necklace

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