Saturday, May 11, 2013

Little beauty diary : (My) Guide to Summer beauty!


Summer is almost here...sunlight, hot temperatures, tanned skin, beaches, shorts, bikinis..and ice cream yum!=D
So, here are (my) guide to summer beauty.. enjoy!

Face/Body care products : 

Instead of thick foundie, try to replace it with BB, CC or even tinted moisturizer. Sweating under the hot temperatures would melt the foundations and creates a cakey look on the face, it would also block the pores and creates a blotchy look on the skin. BB or CC or even tinted moisturizers are lighter than foundation formula, therefore, it allows your skin breathe easily, leaves a natural looking face even though it is all covered up. It also does a lot of benefits on the skin than foundations. Some Asian beauty company have the waterproof formula for BB cream. Try The Face Shop Waterproof BB.

I love mixing my (SPF) body lotion with Josie Maran Argan oil to create a glowing looking skin. But, if you dont like oil residue on the skin too much, try Garnier Triple Nutrition Dry oil. You can use it on the face, hair and even the body. One product with multi benefits from Olive oil, Avocado oil and Shea. Looking for the moisturizer that also help creates the tan looking skin but with SPF protections? Try Jergens Natural Glow SPF 20. 

Do not forget about your lips, try Nivea A kiss of Cherry Fruity lip care SPF 10 before applying lipstick. Since they rarely covered and constantly exposed to sun damage, you might want to protect your lips as well..

Loose powder absorbs oil better than pressed powder. It creates more natural look on the face. But keep in mind : Pressed powder is good for Dry skin, Loose powder is good for Oily skin. Always remember,  Summer is all about having fun under the weather, try as much as you can to look naturally under the sun!

Tips : Refresh your face once a while during the day or before the touch up, my favorite face spray is Evian Spray Brumisateur Natural Mineral water.

Hair products : 

Try to use less heat on the hair, the weather is hot enough for your hair anyway. Beach hair is always sexy for the summer. Create a friendly waves using roller and spray the Beach hair spray product which contains the salt water to hold the waves! I like L'oreal Everstyle Texture series Beach waves spray .The result is more natural than using the hot roller.

Another tips : Sleeping with the messy bun! spray a little bit dry shampoo on it to give a little bit volume or Beach spray product and you wake up with sexy bed hair in the next morning! 

I rarely using hot tools to create the waves on my hair, i always sleep with a messy bun at night and i always wake up with natural waves in the morning!=D

Your Eyes need a protection too :

UVA/UVB are not friendly for your eyes area. You could try to protect the eyes wearing hats if you do not like wearing sunglasses. But, it still not enough, UVA/UVB could create the ugly damages to your eyes such as cataracts, eyelid cancers and even blindness. Squinting your eyes also could create a wrinkle!So, say big no-no for not protecting your eyes from the sun rays.
Wear a good (fashion) sunglasses that has a UV blocked lenses or with a good tinted glasses, also, find what is perfect for you based on your personality..

What Do Your Glasses Say About You?

Short : Target
Top : Forever21
Hat : Target


Ready for summer?
much love


  1. aku suka sm gambar"nya <3 wah dove nya bikin pnsaran br tw ada spray dry shampoo begitu *o*

  2. ilustrasinya lucu banget kak, kak nancy jago gambar dong ya. >.<

    great tips khususnya beach hairnya.

    aaa...jadi pengen ngerasain summer di sana B-)

    1. hello...thanks for the nice comment on my blog,dear...itu mah gambar iseng2..hihihi..menggali bakat lama..hehe..
      thanks anyway!xoxo!=D anw, i couldnt leave a comment on your blog, hhuh, dont know why...

      ow, summer here is crazy, too hot!=D

  3. well to bad there isn't summer here. the rain still coming. lol
    can't find tanning product here.. but whitening product is everywhere ! :D

  4. lovely blog and nice products!I am a new follower via GFC and Bloglovin! Hope to hear from you on my blog!

  5. stylist banget nih emak satu ini..huhuw
    eksotissssss :*

  6. Great tips hun! I wish England had more of a summer, xoxo.

  7. cantiiikkk :) gambarnya juga bagus, kulitnya selalu sehat and glowing ahahahaa, tiap komen selalu sama deh, soalnya emang itu kenyataannya :p

  8. I like the illustrations! trik wavy hairnya oke bgt!! :)

  9. kerennnnnn sekalliiiiii <3333333333 *cinta tak berujung*
    gambarnya juga bagus uih, aku jatuh cinta

  10. rambut cece panjang bener >.<
    di sini summer slalu, panasss... hahhaa..

  11. gambarnyaaa cuteee abissss.......!!!!

  12. you look incredibly amazing on the pics darling! love the sunnies

  13. baru tau kalo Musim Summer di negeri orang lain memerlukan banyak *senjata2 pelindungan kulit. kalo di Indon, tiap hari summer, dan hanya beberapa orang yang pake *senjata* lengkap hehee...

    KK Nancy itu lukis sendiri? waa.. keren, ternyata punya bakat melukis.


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