Friday, May 3, 2013

Little beauty diary: Cherry.

Been very busy this past week and i am happy that i am one year older! Say hello to wrinkles!lol..
Okay, so i just wanted to share some new products that i picked it up last week (except Milani lipstick in black cherry, i got this lipstick with other color like weeks ago..). I have a small review of Milani lipstick in Fruit punch, if you want to check that pretty color. The new products that i picked on my birthday trip : NARS light reflecting finishing powder ( pressed) and Ardell eyelashes in #81 Black.

I created dark lip color with a natural smokey eyes using Maybelline color tattoo 24hr wear cream eyeshadow in Bold gold and some colors from M.A.C eyeshadow Parlor smoke quad.

Speaking of M.A.C, have you checked out Rihanna's collaboration with M.A.C recently? If not, kindly check the M.A.C website to figure it out. I love Riri Woo color, it is like a ruby red color, i think it is beautiful! no wonder, it has been sold out like crazy.Red lips are back for this season... excited!

Riri Woo M.A.C lipstick
credit : M.A.C 

How to :

For the lips :

 Note :

As for me, i love the color complexion of this lipstick. A dark burgundy almost as dark as a real black cherry fruit ( picture below) . Thing is the application is a little bit hard to work with, you need a couple time of the applications to make it even, on my lips, it attempts to settle between the fine lines on my lips. Lip balm and lip liner are recommended to get the good result. It doesnt make the lips dry but the color will fade after couple of hours. That's why i always go for lip stain or lipstick with long-lasting formula such as L'oreal Infallible when it comes a red/dark lipstick. But with a good deal on price for this Milani lipstick, i would say it is worth to try.

The eyelashes :

Ardell eyelashes #81 Black

NARS Light reflecting finishing powder : 

Note : 

It reminds me of Make Up For Ever HD microfinish setting powder (picture below), but this NARS comes in pressed powder type. I love how it comes with a small black pouch to carry this powder box and also a small white sponge. Like it claimed as a setting powder that reflects the light, this powder really works pretty good. It blurs the pores and fine lines, it creates a veil on the face to make the skin glows and look so smooth. I am impressed by what it claims that the powder contains a glycerin and anti-oxidant! Even though on the product it looks so shimmery, but actually it creates a semi- matte finish on the face. Not a flat matte, but it creates a healthy glow looking, instead. So far, i think i LOVE it!

credit : Sephora

look spread : 

Highlighter : Sun Beam-Benefit

sea shell ring : Bali - Indonesia
Wings statement necklace : Random

much love!

I am not sponsored to do this post. Everything were bought with my own money and the opinions are based on my own experiences.


  1. wuihh mantap looked nya :D aku suka kesannya kayak glamour" ala vampire gitu <3 dulu aq jg sempet terobsebsi sm warna dark cherry/berry gitu, wuaa pengen ngliad swatch mac nyaa >.< iy pas aq liad di web nya ud sold out

  2. Lipstick merah gelap kesannya sexy dan misterius, selalu suka lihat orang berlipstick merah gelap tapi kalau dipake sendiri belum pernah... hehe :D

    Aku suka yang revlon yg high heels tapi kemarin waktu di dept store ga ada... :(
    Jadi beli yang muse. Tapi aku ga pede pakenya karena kok kayaknya terlalu pink... hehe

    Love Judy!! Dia kalau mereview sesuatu benar2 komplit! :D

  3. kereeenn, last pict bener bener keliatan sexy :)
    aku pernah beli liptint Etude House, Vampire Red, warnanya hampir sama kaya Milani black cherry, tapi ga cocok warna merap gelap gini di aku -_-

  4. you look stunning as usual kakak <3
    aku pernah pake revlon matte yang 009 juga berry-berry gelap gimanaaa gitu :3
    tapi MAC yang ini bagus banget warnanyaaaaa really good on you kak
    love the look! xoxo

  5. aaaa wrna lipstiknya keren bgt, pengen skali-kali nyoba warna lisptik begini xD

  6. Great look, I really want that MAC lipstick. Sadly, it's not available in my country.

  7. I need to buy some MAc lipstick. Suprisingly I dont own any.

    P.S. Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin'! I hope we can be blog buddies!:)

  8. sexyyyy,,, aku ngag berani pake lipstick bold gitu tapi dikamu kok keren semua yah,, duhh!

  9. You look like a sexy vampire in the movie, it's so mysterious and gorgeous at the same time!
    I do love the color. :)

  10. Love this look dear!! The lip color looks gorgeous on you!! ^^

  11. versy ngiritnya Riri Woo... mau cobaaaaaa..... hihihi aku malah ga pernah kepikiran pake lipliner >,<
    thanks for sharing makk :*

  12. Happy belated birthday, dearie!!! Wish you all the best (in everything!!!)!!! And love seeing you wear dark red lippies, very vampy!

  13. Hello :D

    Do you want to follow each other via GFC? I would be happy!


  14. Wow... great look! Love the lipstick.... amazing color... and hat is perfect! Suits you :) Do you wanna follow each other?

  15. i love that eyeshadow, gonna try to find some now!


  16. How do you do the perfect cat-eye eyeliner flick? I have trouble drawing the upwards part!


  17. Gorgeous tutorial lovely make up

    Followed you hope you stop by my blog and if you like follow back

    Carrieanne x

  18. Enjoy your post.

  19. Love love love this lipstick, it's fab! Looks amazing on you too! (:

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win some YSL, Chanel and Essie products!


  20. beautiful! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know!

  21. Thank you for replying and educating me on the eyeliner! I'm following you now :)


    1. youre welcome, dear!=D thanks to you too!

  22. hahaa.. say hello to wrinkle ya Kk Nancy, dont worry wrinkle nya gak akan ada tu, ayu ketawa banyak2 biar wrinklenya menjauh ^^

    cara buat eyeliner itu saya simpan potonya, kalo ada acara bisa di coba aplikasikan ke mata. semoga menjadi.

    GBU <3

    1. thanks so much, semoga helpful itu eyeliner tutorialnyaaaa..=D i love wrinkles!lol

  23. Thank you dearrr XOXO, and thank you for the sweet comment! I unfortunately didn't shop too much during my trip, but of course i'll show what i've got there soon :D!


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