Thursday, May 23, 2013

Little Beauty Diary : Skin care routine -night time-

Hey there,

so, when the night comes, i put more effort to take care of my skin. When we sleep, skin cell regenerate faster and repair themselves better than a day time.  Based on researches, the skin cells have a peeking time  around 11pm to 4am! During the time, the skin produce more collagen and new skin cells are born..thats why, taking off your makeup before going to sleep would be so helpful for the skin improvement, it helps the skin breath through the unclogged pores and ready to reproduce the collagens and repair themselves.

Here are my night time skin routine :

1. To prepare my skin at night, first time i do is washing my face with Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily scrub. This product contains the small beads that works very well to exfoliates the dead skin. It also has a Salicylic acid for the acne-prone skin treatment.

2. After washing my face, i apply the toner. Toner replaces your skin ph balance after you get rid of the oil with your face wash products. It also deep cleansing your pores and refresh the skin. 
I have been using Neutrogena Pore refining toner for more than a month now and have noticed that my (big) pores on my cheek area has shrunk a little bit..happy to say that!yay! 

3. I am still using my dermatologist night creams to moisturize my face skin. I have a very sensitive acne-prone skin thats why i have to be careful with the face products. These creams that i got from my dermatologist are the night cream #1 and #2, all i have to do is mix them together before applying them on my face. I also mix a little bit of CERAVE facial moisturizer pm.

4. ROC Retinol Correxion Sensitive Night cream ( made in France ).  I use this cream to fix/prevent the wrinkle. Well, old lady like me, need it, huh? i actually do not have a heavy wrinkle around my face, but i do some fine lines around my face especially around my eyes area. so, to prevent more fine lines appearance, i use Retinol correxion every other day . At least 2 times every week. I apply a small tiny amount of this cream on my face and my neck area before putting my night moisturizer. 

This cream is a little bit thick. So, for a small amount of this cream, it covers a whole face area. It has a slightly smell of thick moisturizer ( you can feel that you are wearing a thick moisturizer on your face after you apply it on your face too )...You might also feel a little bit tingling sensation on your face but they claimed it to be normal. For the result , in the morning i feel my skin is tighter and the skin look more healthy dewy.

This one is for the Retinol-sensitive skin. You can also find this cream for normal skin, for a day time, deep wrinkle treatment, etc. 

5. Eye Cream. This is a must! I am impressed by how this ( walmart brand) Equate eye cream works on my skin. For a price wise and ingredients comparison to L'oreal or Olay eye cream, this cream is works good for me! I usually have a dry, flaky and wrinkly under eye area, but since i found this cream, it helps me a lot with my wrinkles..I feel my under eye area become firmer and no longer dry..

Tips : Using your ring finger to apply (dab) the eye cream is much better ( some says its a myth!) but, the ring finger has the right amount of pressure to apply the cream without pulling or tugging the skin compares to the other fingers...


For an extra care for my skin, i also apply some moisturizer on my body, hair and lips before going to sleep. I have been loving JOSIE MARAN 100% Argan oil for an extra moisturizer. I mix it with my body moisturizer and leave some on my tip of my hair. 

Clearasil Daily clear vanishing acne treatment cream - my best friend when i have a pimple or zits. Works like a magic for me in only 24 hr! -
Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion - Dry skin bothers me a lots when it is starting to get itchy, pretty much wakes me up!!! This is the only lotion so far that gives me an extra moisturizer through the night...
NIVEA lip butter * Raspberry Rose kiss - Love the smells! very moisturizing and it makes my lips so smooth in the morning.

Thats my night time skin routine! Share with me what is yours! Have a good sleep!xoxo


  1. Neutrogena nya oke tuh aku juga mau meng-eliminasi blackheads huhu
    tapi kamu rajin ya perawatannya, aku kadang kalau masih keburu pake toner, eye cream sama night cream doank kalau ngag keburu yah ngag pake apa2 trus ketiduran hahaha

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  3. wahhh perawatannya banyak beuud

  4. Sama ribetnya sama korean skincare ya.. Lengkap untuk hasil yang maksimal.. Yeyyy
    Thanks for sharing :*

  5. waaa banyak stepnyaaa... sepertinya memang harus rajin ya... hmmh *angkat lengan baju*

  6. I've missed reading your blog!!! I absolutely love Neutrogena, they have such great skin care products

  7. The Nivea Lip Butter... i covet! And the eye cream seems like such a good deal! Wish they're available in Asia zzz..

    Tempat yg d Belanda byk org Ambon, engga pergi beb, ikut tur sih jd hrs ikutin program nya dia...

    Belanjaan sdh mulai d pamerin, hahahaha :D

  8. Your routine looks really great! Would love to try the products you use! :)


  9. wow, you have those skincare routin with so many steps, glad to see the result! Me just night cream and eye balm, haha~
    I think i had to find my own lipcare, such lip butter or lip balm. My lip gonna dark :p

  10. wkwkwkwkw... mak cantik...aku hrs niru niih... walah mukaku kayak moon surface dan bntar lg kpala 3... wondering itu obt dokter apah???

  11. I'm holding a giveaway on my blog and I think you would like it, please enter!

  12. Need the toner and roc ASAP :* :* :*

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