Monday, May 20, 2013

Little Beauty Diary: Nail Polish diary

Hey, cuties! just wanted to share some nail polish swatches and what do i think about them. Enjoy!=)


A bright red (glitter) with blue undertone in it. I would say, this color is very sexy red color that you could wear it for the night out scenes. Sexy yet fun! This is one of my favorite color so far.
Power staying of this nail polish is around 5 to 7 days. Depends on what is your activity. I use my hand to wash dishes and some handmade stuff. But, since it is glitter based, i think it stays longer than just a non-glitter nail polish. What interesting about this glittery red nail polish is, when the light hits the glitter, it reflects the light perfectly, make the color pop more. Just adorable!


A gold tone glitter nail polish. It is not a sheer gold glitter nail polish tho, it is packed with a tiny gold glitter that make the full look of golden nail. It creates a sand-y textures once it dries. The color is so bright, creates a very shimmery look on the nail. love!


This is not a matte pink color. It has a small amount shiny effects on it, seems like a hint of silver in it. Staying power for non-glitter nail polish for PURE ICE products is around 3 days and it starting to chip easily. I suggest a top coat to make them last longer.


A bright teal color that really pop! No shimmer, no glitter just an ordinary nail polish. But for the color, i do really think this is a fun summer color. This color is easy to work with, because the consistency and the pigmentation is just perfect. one coat and the color paid off!



A yellow yolk color that when it dries, it creates the icing-like textures on your nail. Interesting! but it takes time to dry and a little bit messy to apply. At first, it seems like the consistency is very watery, thats why it hard to work with, unless you apply a thin layer first and then the second layer after. They have pastel color collections and some pop color on this collections. Find them here.
Please do not eat your nail after you apply this nail polish... =D


It looks like you have a wool coat on your nail!lol..
This Fuzzy coat nail polish contains those tiny bar glitter that looks like a wool fabrics particle. some other collection from this line has different colors of the bar glitters in one bottle. It takes time to dry perfectly, but it is build-able. You can create full cover wool nails or just a simple wool coat effects.

For now, it is kinda hard to find this collections online, Target sold it for only period of time, but they sold out very fast...

you curious about the other colors swatches, you can google SALLY HANSEN FUZZY COAT and you can find other people' blog about this FUZZY COAT collections and swatches.

Much love!


  1. Tetep suka sama es kopyor itu baguusss, abis dipake itu rasanya rata kek polish biasa ato kasar2?

    Yg sugar coat itu juga bagus yah,, kyk liquid sands keliatannya

  2. I love these shades <3
    What about following each other through GFC and Bloglovin? Just let me know!


  3. fuzzy coat nya lucu bgt >.< pengen!

  4. itu fuzzy coat lucu bgt...
    mau mau mauuu :)
    love your post.. <3

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  6. OMG darl, I love them all! ♥
    Bikin pengen beliiiiii... tapi entah dimana daku bisa mendapatkannya, terutama yang merah sama yang fuzzy coat itu -.-
    aish, entah kenapa comment eike yang sebelumnya tiba"kedelete x_x

  7. wuihhhh kutek"nya mantep bangeeed >.< my fave yg hit the floor, merahnya itu bikin jatuhhh cintaaaa >.< aaaaawww racun nih racun >.<

  8. love the first two!


  9. lucuuuuu warnanyaaa..hihihi
    warna merahnya kece lhooo :*

  10. fuzzy coatnya bikin penasaran :) keren2 ih nail polishnya ^_~

  11. Such great nail polishes! The fury one is so cute! :)
    Maybe you might consider following each other on GFC and Bloglovin? I will wait for you on my blog!

  12. ehhh... nail polishnya lucu lucu...
    kalo aku make nya mungkin gak sampe 5-7 hari, karena kerjanya banting tulang.. haha **serasa hidup di zaman purbakala.

    A bright red glitter itu kalo pakenya cocok pas hari Natal ya,, penuh dengan gliter gliter dan warna nya cocok Merah.
    have a nice day!

  13. oh my god i LOVEEEEE those textured nail varnishes , they are so much fun! i'd love it if you would check out my blog and maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin ? let me know on my blog
    Becca x

  14. ah lucu banget kuteknya... terutama yang fuzzy coat :D :D


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