Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little beauty diary : Fruit punch.

 Katy Perry lashes created by eylure :
You can also find the eyelashes here
 Katy Perry eyelashes #Cool kitty ( Evening ) - you also can find a natural, day to evening or double type of the lash for this collections.

Note :

Packaging : Small box ( outside) with Katy Perry picture on it. A plastic eyelashes box ( inside) has a Right/Left sign on it and it has a small container of adhesive attached on the inside box. You can also find a small sticker in the box written " Cool Kitty ".

Products : I would say it is similar to Ardell lashes collections. The lashes band is thin and it is elastic, make it easier to bend it. The Adhesive is similar to Duo eyelashes adhesive.

Price : US$6 -7 depends on where you buy it ( pharmacy/drugstore/online) you could find a best deal for this eyelashes if you google it. Anyhow, i would rather purchase Ardell or Salon Perfect lashes for a cheaper alternative because i found nothing special about this beside the inspiration of this lashes based on Katy Perry infamous cat eyes look..

Essence - I love punk - Jumbo eyeliner pen :

I have been loving Essence products recently, i love their packaging and how they came up with the name of the products or the ideas of their products. This Germany based company is very friendly for the price and the products itself. LOVE! Too bad you cannot find it online at their website. 
If you love cute stuff, i bet you would love their website to check out where to buy this brand. 
( i am not sponsored, i am just sharing my thoughts...=) )

Note :

Packaging : i am impressed that they came with the concept of the double cap for the eyeliner packaging. Liquid eyeliner always have a problem of drying out in the tube. With double cap, it would stay a little bit longer in the tube. As long as you hear 'click' sounds when you put the cap on, it should be good.

Product : Marker felt type of eyeliner pen with pointy tip. Easy to glide and it doesnt smudge on the skin (eyelids) at all. The size of the tip is very helpful for creating the big-bold winged eye makeup.

Price : around US$ 4 or so..depends on where you buy since they do not sell it on their website,
 i couldn't give the specific price of this product..

Milani lipstick # Fruit Punch :

Note : 

Packaging : I do love the packaging. Chic looking packaging and the color of lipstick match the bottom of the lipstick packaging. 

Product : The color payoff! Build-able and easy to blend. But, you might want to add some gloss or clear balm with the product, i found it a little bit drying after a while ( maybe it is my lips condition anyway, i heard good reviews about this lipstick on youtube ) .
It has a slightly watermelon scented , i dont find it bothered me. Moisturizing? mmh, not that ultimate moisturizing, it attempts to be matte look after a while. Need a touch up for sure!
I bought another color in Black Cherry and i love the color so much! will do the makeup look using it sometimes! stay tuned! =D

Price = US$4-5 ( check the local drugstore ).

This is the limited edition line that only for Spring/Summer sale. You could find it on the special racks for limited edition stuff. Kinda hard to find this limited edition online, i spotted same products on ebay but the price is just crazy! i got mine at H.E.B for US$5 something ( plus tax).
Note : 

Product : More creamy than the other -non limited- editions Maybelline color tattoo 24hr eyeshadow.
For  this #Blue Paradise , it reminds me of the blue colored sea shells/muscles shells or so, the color reflects different color ( blue to purple with pearl colors ) when the light hits. 

Look Spread :

Blush : From NYX SOHO GLAM collection palette.

Tribal detailed earrings : the pretty pistol boutique
Ring : Random boutique
Scarf/Headband : Italy 

Much love!


  1. waaa I've been longing for katy perry's lashes since long time ago >,<
    pretty on you kaaaak, as usual <3
    love the lip color too, always love the look you've created

  2. Aku suka stylenya mbak, hipster banget xD itu eyeliner spidolnya enak g dipake ?
    Ohhh lipsticknyaaa *o* so beautiful~

  3. AAAAA pengen Katty Perry lashes!!!!

  4. Aduh cc slalu cantik deh... Kali ini gaya nya nge rock abiz.. Kereennn... Suka sm katy perry lashes ny juga... Tp mhal euy... :P

  5. Pengen katy perry lashes sama Maybelline Color tattoo eyeshadow nyaaa!!! bagus kak eye makeup nyaaa :D

  6. pengen cobain katy perry lashes, color tattoo sama milani lipstiknya! keren keren <3

  7. Aaaaaa FOTDnya kereeennnn KECE TOP! ! !
    Pengen semua T.T milani, katy pery lashes, color tatto
    Aaaa gag mau mampir kesini lg, semuanya bikin pengen :p

    1. ah yes aku mampir lagi :|haha
      racun BANGET!!
      buru buru nyusul kamu pindah ke US lol
      aku malah liat milani nya bagus dikamu, ngag darker kok.. keceh badai malah
      mau PO di olshop aja lah, tapiiii lamaaaanya itu lho huhu

  8. Nancy, you always look gorgeous :D
    By the way I suddenly remember bohemian when look at your pics :D
    and that lipstick color is so pretty! maybe i will order it next time *noted the name*

    and if you comment on my blog, please wait until Disqus finishes loading, kalau engga aku jd ga bs reply :(

  9. Katy Perry lashesnya mauuuu..
    Liat sering pake Color Tattoo-nya Maybelline jadi pengen. Racun racun :D

  10. hmmm warnanya lipsticknya bagus banget...
    makeup + posenya kakak pasti selalu keren-keren ^^ hehe

  11. Itu si eye tattoo Blue Paradise nya cantiikkk. Aku pengen. Huuee~~~ Kak nancy kapan pulang ke Indo? Mauu dong si eye tattoo itu. :3

  12. My God!! Blue Paradisenya sukka bangettt... apalagi scarfnyaaaa... :D :D

  13. Keren style nya, make up nya jg cantik banget :D :D aww suka...


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