Monday, April 1, 2013



Happy Easter! How was your weekend going?
I went out for a road trip to Winchester,Texas..a small old town with only less than 100 people lives there. The town is around 45mins from Austin, Texas. Been there lots of time for their ONLY Restaurant in town, called Murphy's steakhouse ( the steakhouse is an old restaurant in town and very well known with their home-cooked steak and the cheap price. Lots of people drive for hours just to get to this town's restaurant). Love this old town too, because they also have a small vintage store next to the Ice Cream Vintage stuff after the Steak? i love that!

eyewear :

For a casual day, i just put a green eyeliner from Revlon and a simple pinkish lips color from L'oreal.

 Statement ring...nuff' said

Travel thru time..


Hubby says Hello..

Blessing from the sky.

Welcome to Winchester, Texas. Population 50.

The Restaurant collects the car license plates from every state in USA.
Texas - No Wife -  

12 oz. New York strips. My two days meal.

US$1 for this cute pouch. The lining is a real leather!

 Summer straws bag.

Handmade suede clutch for only US$8. I just grab it and never look back..ha!

Red suede envelope clutch US$4 or so..

Gold never out of style. US$2.50...i died!

too bad this boots too big for me. This is a classic baroque piece, western style..

i found some hat is from 1920' style...!

My mother in law told me that her mom used to use this old school laundry 'machine'
 to wash the clothes. 
" she wasn't happy at all..." 

A meal?lol..

Old fashion advertising..i think they need a blogger...

Ice Cream house..never out of style..

Homemade strawberry ice cream with the rainbow sprinkles...Brighten up your trip...=)

Smiley face water tower.

Read more about Winchester town, Texas here
Rating Reviews here

I am not sponsored or paid by Winchester town, Texas to do this blog post.

Happy Easter! Have a blessed day!


  1. Whaa...whaaaaatt???
    bisa kalap aku kalau kesitu >.<

    Winchester,, mengingatkanku serial drama SUPERNATURAL
    Winchester brother's......

  2. love that necklace from forever21! we wish they had forever21 here in australia, shipping is so expensive

  3. kakak kok bisa keren terus sih? serius!
    outfit, nails, sunglasses, accessories n make up

    nice post kak,, seneng bisa baca n liat foto2nya
    somehow make me feel like I was there with you :*

    btw mkasi ya kak udah baik banget ngtag Versatile award tapi gak tau kenapa lagi belum mood buat nulis. Hihihi..


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