Friday, April 19, 2013

Little beauty diary : 100 shades and two colors

e.l.f 100 eyeshadow shades and two Revlon lip colors.


           Packaging : Plastic palette container, the lid is transparent plastic, no mirror, no brush included.

Products and swatches : 

- 100 eyeshadow shades.
- matte and shimmer eyeshadows.
- natural, dark colors to neon colors shades.
- some of the colors are mixed color eyeshadow with the shimmer.
- a little bit powdery or chalky, especially for the matte shades, eyeshadow primer before application would be helpful.
- some neon colors are not really shown as on the packaging, might need a wet brush to help to show the real color.
- some colors are repeated but in different intensity.
price : US$10 + tax 

Note :

- easy to blend.
- Love how smooth it looks on eyelid.
- for US$10 for so, for me it is worth to buy to play with the rare eyeshadow colors such as neon colors and red color.

Revlon colorburst Lip butter
# Gumdrop

Note :

- Some colors are too buttery such as this Gumdrop. It broke easily when i tried to apply on my lips..
- Sometimes it creates a bulky texture on the lips, might need a finger to blend it.
- The color ( Gumdrop) would appear differently on the lips. Darker on the product but lighter on the lips. Build-able, yes, but thick bulky texture would be created on the lips. ( my experiences with Gumdrop shade, the other shades are pretty much okay).

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
# Lovesick

Note :

- Easy to use , reach the corner of the lips easily and creates an even color on the lips.
- Moisturizing and long lasting pigmentation.
- Some colors would leave weird stain on the lips after the original color wear off, but some would leave a beautiful stain ( my fave stains are Darling and Lovesick. I got another ones in Precious, but it left me with orangey-brownish stain which i hate).
- Slightly smell and taste of minty flavor when you apply this balm stain, but it would be gone after couple of minutes.
- Original color would stay at least 4-5 hours( depends on your activity), then it leaves a stain on your lips until you take it off using the makeup remover.
- 'kissable' when it comes a stain or at least the original colors almost dried.
- No sharpener needed. 

Look i created using e.l.f 100 eyeshadow shades and Revlon lip colors :

Much love!


  1. woaaaa kissable lipstainnya lumayan intense ya kak warnanya :O aku kira bakalan sheer bangeeeet. omg as expected, pasti kakak selalu keren blending eyeshadownya. looooove it kak <3

  2. Revlonnya warnanya cetaarr bangeet!! jago banget make eyeshadow

  3. Warna eyshadownya manis banget kayak es krim XD
    Uhuhuhu... Mau just bitten kissable balm stainnya... tapi di sini blm ada :'(

    Thanks ya sudah mampir ke blogku <3

  4. aaa lucu banget warna2 eyeshadownya, jadi pengen beli itu harganya beneran $10 yah kak? :D

  5. eyeshadownya!! cakep bgt murah pulak $10
    Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain juga cakep :3 duh aku ter-racuni

  6. so many pretty different eyeshadows ;)X
    love the lipstick color too;)X

  7. I've been eyeing that eyeshadow palette for a while, babe! Hmmm, you're totally right, kalo kita peri shopping together, there's going to be a pandemonium!

  8. it's not as bad as it looks babeee, i promiseee *LOLOL*, cukup masuk ke tiga pouches kecil2 kok itu semua, soalnya mini size semua hehehehehehe :D... wah iya, maunya sewa kapal shipping apa pesawatnya aja skalian di carter buat bawa belanjaan huahahahaha

  9. aku suka banget foto pas pakai #lovesick. Fresh

  10. Waa.. warna warna kesukaan saya semuanya itu..
    Lispticknya itu boh, kagak nahan pink merona :)

    datang sini liat semuanya jadi kepengen beli, udah tau mana yang perlu dibeli, kalo ada uang tinggal meluncur ke shop :)

    thank u Kk Nancy,
    Say hi to the lady at the last picture ya :)


  11. eye makeup nya stunning banget ce :D
    pretty as always!

  12. Hello :D

    Do you want to follow each other via GFC? I would be happy!



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