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Little beauty diary : March 2013 faves!

It is April! my birthday month! can't wait to get more

Anyway, here are some of my favorite products throughout the month of March. Some of them are new product that i bought last month and i have been loving it.

Body&Hair care :

 find it here

This is my go to moisturizer that i put under the living room table. It says that "the formula is moisture-rich formula contains collagen and elastin protein to revive and moisturize dry skin all day". It does help me a lots with my dry skin. When you apply it, it gives a soothing feels on the skin. Price wise...i am talking about a very affordable is a good alternative for a moisturizer.

It is not really a foot mask that you have to wash it afterwards. It is a foot cream with a thick consistency and has a light scent of it. For only around US$1, this foot cream is just amazing..i could see the different on my feet in 2 more dry patchy foot!

As we know, the skin around the eyes is very thin. Common problems are the wrinkles and black circle under eye.. Older people like me (ehm!) need an extra attention around that area. I LOVE this eye cream a lots! for the price comparison with L'oreal or ROC or even Olay eye cream, this one really a winner for me. Half the price! pretty much same ingredients!.
I put this cream at morning and night or before i apply any concealer or eye primer. Less wrinkle and no more dry under eye skin..LOVE!

I dont like going to the doctor for the teeth whitening. And it also bad for the teeth if you do it regularly. But, for a coffee and tea drinker, i need to put some efforts to avoid the stains on my teeth.
Crest strips might be helpful but i have no patience at, i use the toothpaste and mouthwash. But this Luster is more strong than crest whitening toothpaste. At least for me, it works better...

I rotate the Cetaphil oil-control moisturizer ones with this light Cetaphil moisturizer. It amazed me, when it blends with the foundation. Flawless! 
It could be oily a little bit. So, if you are oily skin type, you can skip this and use the Cetaphil dermacontrol ones..I am oily too, but i use matte finish powder after. 
Vaseline cocoa radiant body gel oil : If you love luxury glowing skin, you might like it. Some people dont like the gel oil because it is greasy. I use this gel-oil before i go to sleep. Wake up with a dewy skin and smooth skin. Also, i apply it when i wear tank top or sleeveless top or shorts/mini skirts.

Vaseline spray&go : It is a quick way to apply moisturizer! And it makes more easier to apply the moisturizer on your back or some area you cannot reach. No greasy at all and quickly absorb into your skin.

Dove - detangler :  I use this after i wash my hair. Spray it on the damp hair and brush the hair. Works better than the leave-in conditioner to detangled your hair.

Dove Dry Shampoo :  I love this Dry shampoo better than the other dry shampoo products. For me, this is the one that doesnt leave a white residual on the hair. It gives me a more volume on hair, fresh smell and absorb the oil when you dont have to time to wash the hair.

Love it better when finally it comes with no sunburnt odor!

Beauty&makeup products : 

For more colorful look yet natural, i love playing with colored eyeliner. Sometimes, you dont need the eyeshadow if you want a quick,simple and easy look. Colored eyeliner would save time and more playful but still look natural.

To those who suffer from cakey under eye makeup should try this Olay+Covergirl under eye concealer.
The combination of both creates a formula that easy to blend and also moisturize the under eye area. I mix the formula with toothpicks and apply it on under eye area and just blend them with fingers. dab a loose powder for a smooth result.

 I got this from ULTA as a sample. It helps the concealer stays better on the under eye area. I might get the full size of it next time..
No falsies, no problem. This mascara with the fine bristles separates the lashes and gives a crazy volume! I also could skip the lash curler and it is not a big problem at all. 
They also have the washable ones, mine is waterproof. 

Read my post about this palette here

Fashion essential :

 . If i don't like the product, i won't talk about it again and again or wear it that often. 
But, i do really love this classic piece! Some fashion eyewear are not made for the protection function. Not this one..this eyewear with the tinted glasses would protect that bright sunlight for sure!
This is also a classic piece that won't out of style. 
(sponsored, but honest opinion).

Fave look of the month :

Natural smokey eyes and pink lips

Playing with colors sometimes it is too much! To calm it down, i use brown eyeshadow from UD smoked palette and brown eyeliner as a liner and then the colored eyeliner such as Aqua color from Milani on the under lash line. Pinkish lipstick for spring? sweetness!

Fave quote of the month :

Have a great month of April!!!!=)


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  1. waa...barang yang kakak beli bikin mupeng semua >.<
    especially luster, eye cream, sama eye concealernya.

    nice post :D

  2. Sering banget liat Nancy pake Milani eyeliner aqua.. jadi pengen beli juga :D

  3. semuanya produk bagus, kudu pegang dompet erat-erat hahahaaa

  4. oh no, you will never getting older Kk Nancy, ageless gitu :)
    if i see your picture you just like a 22-23 years old, entah tebakanku benar apa gak :)

    dari semua barang yang di review di atas aku cuma kenal lipstick, nail polish and mascara lainnya gk kenal..huuu
    aku juga pake Shampoo dove, tapi itu dry shampoo, apaan, belum pernah dengar :(
    have a bless day!

    1. Kk Nancy, kurang percaya saya umurnya udah segitu, ntar saya cek2 dulu potonya di facebook, hehe

      makasi udah ngasih tau apa itu dry shampoo, :)

      thank u

  5. whoaaa aku butuh hoof foot mask ;(;( jkt jual ga yah..kaki lg ga bersahabat pecah2 hiks hiksss

  6. gosh, i love every style of u.. I'm your biggest fan :D
    I have that wnw nail polish too.. i use that for my toe.. it has a nice brush !

  7. Hi babeee... i'm back from the deads!!! barusan tepar ga bisa bangun 2 hari zzzzz... Koq aneh bgt yahhh komenku suka ngilang2 gitu huhuhuhuhu, whyyyyy... iyah babe mau k Europe, msh tgl 21 kok, doain yahh visa keluar, saya kuatir banget nihhh *berdoa komat kamit* huhuhuhuh, so scary... belom tau mau belanja apa di Europe, dimana sempet belanja bakalan menggila kayaknya *on second thought, semoga ga tll byk kesempatan belanja kalo beitu* huhuhuhuhuhu


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