Friday, April 12, 2013

Little Beauty Diary : Recent haul + Vintage Peach

Vintage Peach.


The other day, i went to grocery store and i came home with some new surprise, right?lol. 

Here are some of stuff that i picked up. Most of them are limited edition for spring! they even have the special racks for the limited edition stuff from some beauty brands such as Maybelline, Essie nail polish, Essence, Revlon, etc. Too bad, i could not find Revlon The pacific coast Spring collections by Gucci Westman at the store that time. Actually, nothing new about that, i just  really want to try the Revlon Baby Sticks for lips and cheek ( this one is NEW)...i guess it is like duo stick lip/cheek stains..but they do have a cute colors! 

Out of my luck, i picked up the other stuff that caught my eyes. Most of the colors  for Limited edition or Spring collections are pretty much bright colors and neon-ish..

This is the last item for this color on the rack and i kinda curious with this color. Very neon coral, so bright that i had to blend it couple of time on my cheek just to make sure i dont look like a clown!! It does have a shimmer, but very minimal compares to the other colors i found on the rack the other day. 
Very pigmented!! ( i am not kidding!) and i  think this color would be perfect for those who has a fair/pale skin. Fresh cheeks! =) 

# Vintage Peach

Again, i was left behind with the only color available on the rack for this limited edition lips duo. 
But i think i am happy with this peachy color, without the lip gloss , i could just wear the lipstick alone, it is very smooth and glides easily. Pretty much moisturizing too! It lasts at least 3 to 4 hours. The lipgloss is a little bit off for me, it makes the lipstick color darker ( too dark for me), which i like the color of lipstick alone.

I am not really familiar with this brand anyway, but some of their products are very interesting to try. Packaging and the colors collection are very playful and i would say, the quality is not bad at all. Check their website, if you want to know more about this brand. 


I admit the colors are super cute. But, i dont like the consistency of the nail polish at all. 
Hard to apply them, a little bit rubber(y) i guess they try to make a vinyl / gel nail polish, but it fails?=(
One coat is not enough, the yellow ones (#153 Midtown mimosa) is a little bit watery..two coats still not enough to build the colors..The pink ones ( #142 Preppy pink) is better than the yellow ones, but still it took 3 coats to make color even..i had to wait for long time for the nail polish to dry too. 

for only 99 cents or so..i think i am gonna keep them just for the cute display colors..

Look of the day using the blush and the lipstick duo..oh, and the fake beauty mark...=D

As you can see, the blush color is shown perfectly on my cheek, but, make sure you tap off the excess before applying this super pigmented blush. Just apply it slightly and blend it very well.

Much love!


  1. uh oh, aku suka banget warna-warna orangey, peachy lucu bangeeet <3
    coba aja maybelline blush-nya cepet masuk Indonesia >,<
    mupeng, you're so pretty anyway kakak~

  2. Itu mak-up look ke grocery ya kak? Grocerynya tu kyk apa sih? Supermarket gitukah? Sempet-sempet banget nyomot "peach". ;D

  3. fresh bgt itu warna maybelline blushnya, masuk indo ngag ya secara limited huhu

    NYC preppy pink cantik, btw itu rose nya juga bagus *salahfokus*

  4. wooww! warnanya super peach! apalagi blush on nya, aq kira warnanya bakal nge jreng tp tyt soft ya pas di pipi *o*

  5. suka sama make upnya ^^
    kemarin lg searching2 make up looks'90 dan warna blush on sm lipnya orange, trs kepikiran emangnya bagus ya?? tp pas liat fotd km ternyata bagus banget,hehe

  6. awww more shopping, take me with you babesss!

  7. I love orange I think it's such a beautiful color and looks good in every girl !! Following on. Bloglovin now :)

  8. Usually when the thing is limited editon, the price is expensive, right?
    so far i only have 2 lisptick and they have same color, peach, since i'm not brave enought to wearing another color, hehe..
    masih belum biasa berdandan, udah tua si tapi masih sok anak kecill.. hehe kiding la, i dont know actually how to put make up :(

    have a bless wekend Kk Nancy! :)

  9. aww suka banget warna ini >.<,jarang"warna orange adaa


  10. too bad for NYC nails polish, the pink one look so cute ^.^

  11. I am not really into NYC nail polish beause for some reason they always chip so easily on me! :( You look gorgeous as always by the way :)

  12. Hello, I nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award. Please check it here


  13. I will add the award to my blog one of the next few days :)


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