Friday, March 15, 2013

Little beauty diary : Easy and quick eye makeup

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Hi beauties! No matter how busy we are, we always want to look good for that. Putting makeup could be a problem for a busy people. Especially those who always in rush. I admit, sometimes i always caught in the fashionably late just because putting makeup such a hard work! it looks easy, but to make it perfect, you might want to spend more time doing it to make it 'more than perfect'..

Makeup tools and products are the key of success, therefore, more efficient the products/tools are, the more we could save time and effort.

I bought this wetnwild perfect pair lip wand and eye wand at walmart while grocery shopping. From the look of the product ( it has eyeliner and shadow stick in one wand ), i thought it would be helpful to save a little bit time to spend while putting makeup. It is easy to do grab n go style when you totally in rush and just want a simple look makeup without using too much tools and products. Just apply the shadow, line with eyeliner with only one tool and you good to go...

same as the lip wand too, lipstick and lipliner in one wand.

The products :
Eye wand :

 Lip wand :

This is how i use the products :

1. After the eye primer ( you might need it to avoid it from creasing ), roll the eyeshadow stick all over the eyelids , it is easy to apply and smooth on eye, thing is be careful with the products because it is easily might want twist it and let the product come out just a little bit.

2. Smudge it with finger to make it even. Flip the wand, now you have the liner. It has a good pigmentation and easy to work to do the winged eye. It is not waterproof or smudge-proof. For the quick makeup for a short day or just run quick errand, it is perfect. But if you want to make it last, try to dab a little bit finishing makeup spray on it or ELF Makeup lock and seal.

3. Line also the bottom lashline with the liner. If you dont want a heavy eye makeup, skip this part. Put the mascara and your favorite falsies..and you are done...time estimates = 5 mins!

4. Same thing with the Lip wand, line the lip using the lip liner and flip the wand for the lipstick! The lipstick might a little bit drying on your lip, i add a little bit gloss on the top to make a smooth look on lips.

You are ready to go!=)

Happy trying!


  1. Looking very pretty and I'm glad products like that work for you. I wouldn't dare wear those out for long periods of time as I'd get bad smudging! It's all eyeshadow and waterproof liners for me!

  2. ah the sticks are sooooo cuuute >_<
    makasih kakak udah share tutorialnya
    you look stunning as always <3

  3. Pretty! Great way to do makeup in a rush :)

  4. Ada yang kurang kak,, seharusnya easy, quick, stunning eye make up. Hihihi..

    mkasi ya kak mampir dan komen di blog saya yang sepi. You are very kind xoxo

  5. Kk Nancy, you are right, putting make up is not easy, and not all women can apply make up on their face, like me.
    Never applying make up go to work since i dont know how to bermake up, and u know is not good. sometime i'm asking my self, why am so st*pid, buat dandan aja gak bisa, seandainya bisa kan make up can help me look nice looking and of course make me confident.

    ** Curhat hehe..

  6. Hi, love your make up, you make it look so easy!

  7. Babe, kalo aq d amrik bisa2 tiap hari beli make up, abis make up di grocery aja menarik, gimana donks? Wahahahaha

  8. fast, simple n nice! shall try this too! x


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