Friday, March 29, 2013

Little beauty diary : Into the Night


Here another EMERALD themed makeup look. This time i am using 2 colors of Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow cream with a mint color from LORAC mint edition palette as a base and Milani Ultrafine liquid eyeliner in Emerald Glisten. I got inspired by the colors of the night sky, from the light/dark blue-ish early night tone to the darker late night sky. And the glitter eyeliner color to represent of the stars..lame concept, eh?lol..

Product used : 

See my previous post about this LORAC mint palette here


 The look : 

Necklaces : Studded necklace, Forever21
                          Pistols pendant necklace, Vintage
Sea Shell Ring and Bamboo cuts Ring, Bali-Indonesia

Lipsticks : 

LORAC lipgloss in Christian : A little bit thick consistency but i love the color and the smell of would say...cotton candy smells!

Loreal Colour riche lipcolor in Fairest ( it is written wrong on picture, Sorry..) nude : My go to nude lipstick with a hint of pink..

Eyeliner : 

Picked up this new baby last week and i would say, this is a good eyeliner! The felt tip is very tiny and steady. It is easy to build up the tiny stroke to the bold. It has a glitter effect in it. Sparkling eyes!! Recommended!!

FOTD : Late night date with Hubby

Snake skin detailed cuff : Random boutique..i think i got that one when i was in Indonesia..
Lace clutch with chains : Mom's vintage collection.

outfits : Body con teal dress : Got it in China
Black tights : Forever21.

Ready for the night?

p.s :

Happy to say that i am nominated for Versatile award by Dee . Thank you soooo much for the kindness..I like her blog, enjoy reading her blog and reviews!!!!!! and i would say she is  a humble and a lovely person...for sure, check her blog,  she shared a post of Indonesian food on her blog one time...oh my..i read her blog about that food and i think it always makes me Dee...much love!

( will post the Versatile award blog post soon and i am ready to nominate back some of my lovely bloggers!) Stay tuned!


  1. aww.. you are so lucky cause u can get all of those makeup easily..
    I love your style by the way.. it's hard to use your style in indonesia :(

  2. Beb, love your earrings! So unique!

  3. I love that look! Your eyes are so stunning and I love your lip colour :)

    Please enter my international, one-of-a-kind cheer giveaway!

  4. cantik banget kak,, suka warnanya rapi n nyatu gitu. Thanks for sharing :*

  5. Wow, so pretty! Emerald looks amazing on you :)


  6. Following back on gfc and bloglovin.


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