Friday, March 22, 2013

Little beauty diary : One Bright Day

One Bright Day.

Spring is here. Time to wear colors! Got this lace pink neon skirt last week and i thought it would look cute to pair it up with tie-dyed shirt i got long time ago. A new eyewear from Firmoo and my fuchsia flash lips color from Maybelline. Ready to brighten up my day!

my pink lips :

Tie-dye jeans shirt : Target
Lace pink Neon : Forever21
Fashion Sunglasses : Firmoo

Shoes : Amante

Just got this fashion eyewear from Firmoo and i couldnt be more happier . This is also the first time my hubby thinks this is a perfect eyewear for me, he usually complains about how big my other glasses are that  seems like 'eat'  my face. Love how this oversized retro styled fits me, the gradient tinted glasses  gives a chic touch and it does block the glare of the sunlight that some other fashion eyewear cannot block it. So, pretty much this eyewear is stylish plus functional!

Mini pink lace purse : projectncy
Bracelet : forever21

my eyewear : 

 product # OTO357

I picked up this Retro styled eyewear on the Firmoo because this tinted sunglasses is a must have Spring/Summer essentials. When it is a sunny season, time to cover the eyes from the sunlight! Picking up the right shape and style of the eyewear could boost your look that day, nothing could go wrong with this classic style eyewear that the trend would last in every season.

Firmoo is an a global optic online store that sell prescription - non prescription, classic and fashion eyewear. They have lots of collections, from classic pieces to fashion eyewear that handpicked by the expert and stylish staff. Firmoo offers the high quality, affordable prices with variable collections that fits your standard. Check their website to try the eyewear virtually. Now you dont have to worry about purchasing eyewear online anymore!

Love the frames, not too big, not to small, it just fits perfectly. It has a metal temples that not bulky looking at all, i dont like wearing a bulky looking temples that pretty much annoying the shape of my face from side.. this thin metal temples are perfect for a small face like me, it doesnt 'eat' my whole face while wearing it.

It comes with a case and microfiber cloth. 

Firmoo offers the first pair free for a new costumer. You can choose your style and the colors!fun!

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Happy Bright day!


  1. Aduh cantiknya si ce2.. Hehe.. Purse ny keren bnget... Handmade y ce? Warna lipstickny jg aku bnget deh... ^^

  2. cici cantik banget xD tinggi semampai dan fashionable lagi :)

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaa..suka skirtnyaaaaaaa...lungsurin buat aku maakkk :3

  4. aduh ce kemejanya naksir gillaa,super pretty on you ce :)♥

  5. Your skirt is too cute !

  6. Kk Nancy kayaknya senang banget dengan spring ya! liat aja dari fashion & make up nya super bright,
    btw, aku penasaran dengan your other glasses that your hubby said they eat you face LOL!

    ei, i also have glasses from Firmo, but i got them freely, i won giveaway, but i rare wearing it.

    have a bless week!


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