Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little beauty diary : Haul time : Urban Decay, M.A.C , Lorac and Black Heart nail polish

I am not sponsored or paid from the company or brand to do this post. Everything were purchased with my own money and every opinion is based on my own experiences. 

Haul and swatches.

Hey beauties! Went out shopping with hubby the other day and i ended up buying some makeup palettes that i have been wanting for awhile. So, we made a stop at San Marcos Premium Factory Outlet and to ULTA on the way home.  I don't go shopping often ( well, except for the, because my husband is busy with the school and i am busy with my handmade projects so, once i have a chance to do some shopping, i will take advantage of it..bad habit!!

Here what i bought :


M.A.C Parlor smoke eyeshadow quad. I bought this one at San Marcos Premium outlet at cosmetic store. Price wise, it is cheaper than regular counter. I bought this one for $28, which at M.A.C counter at the mall would cost around $38 or so ( please check your M.A.C local store ).

I chose the smokey eyes collection that has 2 shimmer eyeshadows and 2 matte eyeshadows.

Packaging : simple plastic palettes that doesnt have a mirror or little brush in it. Pretty simple.

M.A.C Eyeshadow Quad 

The Swatches : 

Hot Topic 

If you love grunge, punk rock, heavy metal music, bikers type of fashion, you will love this store 
Hot Topic. The fashion collections are just unique and so edgy. You can find some weird, unique looking items in this stores either the accessories or the fashion collections! 

I picked some skulls Nail polishes 
( the colors and quality is OKAY..thing is i love collecting unique looking packaging. And it was like buy 2 get 1 free...US$ 5 each...not bad?!

On the left and right ones, you will notice it has three or two different colors in one bottle for a mixed colors effects when you apply..but the result is..just an ordinary nail polish with gradual colors, hard to notice the effects too...But the purple ones gives a good deep purple color..

At ULTA : 

Urban Decay

Urban Decay Smoked palette
store : ULTA
I have been wanting this palette since they first came out. For those who loves the smokey eyes look, this is a great palette to complete your collections. It comes with a look book, a small UD primer portion the original ones and also one UD 24/7 glide on eyeliner.

The palette comes with a mini book of smokey eyes tutorial. It is so helpful for the beginner or those who wants to try different kind of smokey eyes look.

Randomly matte and shimmer collections from the light colors to the dark. The packaging designed in a very Rock&Roll theme, a small fabrics case with a zipper. Perfect for Grab and go kinda palette!

Swatches : 

Top Row 

Bottom Row 

I think this palette is pretty much a mix-match of Naked and Naked2

A very pigmented and waterproof and also smudge-proof. You might need a waterproof cleanser to wipe this off. 
If you are looking for a dupe, try Milani Liquid eye, same consistency, same pigmentation, same long lasting wear but cheaper. 

on the back of the box : 


Everyone is crazy about Lorac pro palette..yet it is hard to find, it always SOLD out at Sephora and other online stores here in US, so i decided to go to ULTA. They have couple of left there, but i guess, since i have bought the UD smokey palette, i dont think i need the Lorac pro palette. My eyes caught in this new Lorac palette yet it is in good deal that ULTA has that why not...=)

Lorac Mint Edition Collection. A set of Lorac palette ( 6 eyeshadows and one blush ) , a lip gloss and a cute mini wrist purse. 

The box : 

The palette : 

 I love the soft color collections in this palette. Spring-summer soft and natural themed that you could use it for everyday makeup for a simple look.

The swatches :

Top Row 
It does a velvety-smooth eyeshadow. Especially for the matte eyeshadows. 

Bottom Row : 
Shimmer Eyeshadows 

Blush : 

A coral tone blush with a shimmer effects. But still soft and friendly for a natural looking cheek. 

Just a pretty color!!!nuff said... it has a sugary smells, but not too strong..( at least for me...=))

A small wrist purse.


  1. OMG>_< MAC, UD, LORAC. Cantik2 warnanyo... ~(^.^)~

  2. Hot Topic OMG >.< Naksir berat !!

  3. awwww, the skull nail polish' so kewllll!!! I want i wanttt LOL :p, great haul babe!

  4. OMG skull nail polish nya mw bgt >.<

  5. Hadeeehhh,, yakin deh rumah kak nancy setengahnya dipenuhin banyak produk make up. LOL

  6. The Smoked Palette looks cool! I want it :D
    I'm new to your blog, I love your FOTD, keep up the good work.


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