Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little beauty diary : LOVE

" Remember, always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself."

Hi pretties! Time flies so fast, we are in the beginning of March already. Spring break for those who still at school? Can't wait huh?   Here in Austin, i am excited for SXSW 2013.Music and art! Share some love! If you in Indonesia and familiar with the infamous movie called The Raid, did you know that movie was shown in Austin SXSW 2012 here in Austin? how proud is that! Hope Indonesia will keep making those kind of movie! Love!

I ended up buying a cute t-shirt at Walmart for only 8$ ( something ) plus tax..i am saying, with a cute price, i got a cute shirt. Thats just awesome for me.

I love Marilyn Monroe image on it, thats why i thought it is so cute. Walmart sells this kind of LOVE themed t-shirt. So, if you make your trip to Walmart sometimes, check them out! Hey, who doesnt love LOVE? Also Target been selling the collections from Prabal Gurung and also with the themed LOVE.
High-end designer with Target price? why not!

It is a season of lots of fun things to do, so i thought some wedges - low block heels like this would be great. I admit, i dont have flat yet low heels shoes or sandals ( guilty as charged) yes...i dont really like low heels and flats. Let see, i only have 1 flat sandals and i dont really wear them anymore. But, this wedges with a strap, i would give a try! 

This season is about flowers and fun colors. Thats why i love these collections. Thing is, at Target that  usually go, they dont really carry lots of collections from Prabal Gurung. You can find some at Target online stores, but some products are only available in stores, yet, it is hard to find. Most of them are sold out or they sell it at the other branch. Check out for Prabal Gurung collections. LOVE!

Talking about LOVE, that word is only in 4 letters but the meaning effects us in our life so big. Here is the opposite of that word, HATE...and yes, haters!

Thing is, how can you defeat the Haters? With LOVE of course. 

We grow up with those words in our life, like it or not, it is either LOVE or HATE. But, still Love wins! I have a friend who hates me through my bones..and i also have those friends who are pretending being my friends but when i make a mistake, they will laugh because they happy i am fail..or, watching me to live my life and they will judge and pass the judgement to their circle..what can i say, thats what haters do, they hate until the last drop. I grew up with lots of rejections and i care? not anymore... I love those people because they make me strong...But, what i learned from? haters dont hate you, it is because they hate themselves for things they cant have and cant be.., they would never forgives. Because they wont forgive theirselves..The more happy you are, the more they are digging for more to make you not happy for who you are. 

Why hate? You can't hate the haters because they are what they are. Only forgiveness and love that you can share with them ( and yes, the more you love them, the more they hate you ). But, you win by love. 

We made mistakes in our past, a worst ones, a bitter and the ugly things we done, we said a bad things to each other ( hey, admit it ), we lied sometimes ( yes, we did..), we cheated,  we hurts people in the past too..we are a hater too sometimes..can't ignore it, either we can't take it back. But, if we understand the terms, if we learn from mistakes, we also can forgive our self and others who hates us. Ask apologize if you think you hurt someone, it is all up to that person either they want to forgive us or not..keep spreading love to them..Life is go on..we grow up, friends who are no longer with us are not meant to be our friends, still we will use a term of friend because we LOVE them. We don't stop because the world hate us, we can't make ALL people love us, there will be always the haters, there would be someone who will shut our dreams off,  so, why bother? 

 Scarf : Target

Flowers zipper clutch : Merona

Get the look :

Too faced glam to go Spun sugar edition , wetnwild take me out liner in chop-suey, Bobbi Brown gel liner in black , Laura Mercier lip glace in Baby doll, Maybelline master duo liner

Share some LOVE!


  1. Love will always conquer hate. Completely agree. Love makes life happier anyway. I am loving your scarf, so pretty! I didn't know you're in Austin, I love Austin :) SXSW is always exciting and fun!


  2. *culik cece cantik balik ke surabayaaaa*

  3. First,, I love the way your told Story about what's happening at USA. Every time I read it, I also imagine that I was there. I never been there so that your story really amuse me..

    Second, I do agree of what you said about haters and truly still learning how to pay back them with love. Hard but worthy to try.

    Third, I just bought blue eyeliner, Lil bit confused how to try it for daily look. But hey, now I know!. Tengkyu Nancy :)

    Note : I'm Sorry for bad grammar. Hopefully you still understand what I mean and my grammar will get better soon ya. Hehehe


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