Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Little beauty diary : Spring haul 2013

Spring Haul 2013 :


I am starting to add some colors in my closet. This is Spring, thats mean Colors!

 Front side

Color blocking sweater. I still could use this with shorts or light colors skirt. This sweater is thin and you could roll the sleeves up..Chic casual look! Got this on sale too..or i could also save this for next year autumn/winter.

Back side 

Pair it with white short for a resort look! 

Can't go wrong with those cute heart shapes on those mini pockets. I got this also on the clearance sections. $5 for this? why not!

 I have always loved Spikes and studs. This rubber based flats with spikes on it caught my eyes....

Neon Skirt. I HAVE to try this for sure!!

Dyed Skinny Jeans. I am glad at forever21 i could find my size and fits me well! It is hard for me to find a good fitted jeans on me, since i have a skinny thighs and legs!

 high-low loose shirt with studs details on the shoulder. Basic shirt that could go with anything.

Rock and roll various earrings.

Love these necklaces!


 Flowers motifs tank top. So Spring!

Ready for Spring/summer!


all products bought at Walmart, except e.l.f Eyeshadow quad and e.l.f exfoliator, i bought them at H.E.B

I have been using this again and again. This is my favorite beside Neutrogena cleansing wipes.  For those who has a sensitive skin, you might want to try this. No perfumes, it does not sting your eyes and works good on waterproof makeup. 

Those who has a oily scalp, itchy and have a weird scalp conditions ( i do ), this is better than ordinary scalp treatment shampoo. It leaves a clean well medicated scalp after washing the hair using this. This is only a medication shampoo, just dont use it in long period. Could be over drying. Worth to try!

Instant whitening toothpaste. For those who is love coffee and tea but do not like whitening process at the dentist, try this..for me it works better than Crest whitening toothpaste. It removes the stains in couple of days. Love it!

I have been looking for a face products that could do something with blemish and wrinkle, until i found  this. We are only young once...=D

I bought one for the oil control but i found it too dry on my skin, i started to see the flakes on my skin, so i switched to this moisturizer instead. I could see this moisturizer gives a dewy effects on my skin without over drying the skin...

For $1 and bright colors for spring makeup look, why not?

Would love to try bright colors with my favorite cream gel eyeshadow.

Lips need to be taken care of too..

Brown nude colors for casual look.

Blush, bronzer and highlighter in one palette.

will do fotd or makeup look based on these items in another posts soon...



  1. omgg earings sama studs flatsnya bikin ngilerr :D

  2. i need that toothpaste! *coffeeholic* hahaha... great haul, babe!

  3. Kk Nancy, di Barat itu setiap pergantian musim, fashion juga berubah yaa..

    you haul super duper cute, i love the skirt and the hat.
    please make blogspot about your summar and musim salju, mau dong liat liat negara lain, terutama yang ada saljunya..

    God bless u

  4. Suka banget sama loose shirt with stud nyaa!

  5. waw mupeng liad high-low loose shirt with studs XD


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