Saturday, December 1, 2012

d.i.y Nail art project

Easy D.I.Y Nail art

I thought it would be so cute to share some of my D.I.Y nail art for holiday season. Recently posted on Check out more for some beautiful nails art on this page..=)

Holiday shopping

  I used pink color for the base ( Essence nail polish, i could not remember what color it was, but it has a pinkish tone on it , well, any kind of pink based would be perfect or white as an alternative ).
Wait until it dries then you can start to draw some beauty or fashion icons on it. I used a drawing pen with the smallest tip. Don't forget to add a base coat on it . Revlon top coat is my fave.

Chain Reaction

I wanted to look edgy yet sexy on my nail, so i figured out that adding some material on it would be cool. So, i thought brass chain would be some creative experience.

I choose Loreal Color riche Nail polish in Red tote. I loved this red tone so much. It just a sexy color for me. 
Wait until it dries out for sure, then add some acrylic glue that you can find it at drugstore. Try to use an acrylic glue that people use it for fake nail. 
Then, you can add some brass chain on the tip of the nail. Find a contrast color to catch the attention.

Sparkling Holiday

It is a holiday season! So, i choose the theme of being sparkly for sure, i think it would be cute to wear it at holiday party. 

As a base, i used Revlon colorstay longwear enamel in Provence. It has a purplish color tone on it, a very light lavender color tones.

Then, i add Wet n Wild shine nail polish in Hallucinate. Well, i kinda like the
It just a clear base with glitter on it. Layer it couple of time to add some shiny glittery effect.
Add the top coat , before it dries, on the tip of the nail, add some glitter ( i used the craft glitter in light purple ). Add more top coat to protect it.

Happy holiday! =)

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  1. Wow girl, you are SO talented. Your nails are gorgeous. I like your blog, I think it's cute. I'm from Beautylish and am your newest follower! Hopefully you will come check out my blog and follow back perhaps?

    Jen xx


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