Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Projectncy @ Austin Fashion week Giveaway (Closed)

Giveaway!Giveaway!Giveaway! (closed)

Enter   to win the set of mini purse, sea shell necklace and beaded necklace for your holiday treat!

1. Mini purse

A well handmade mini-purse made from printed Batik Indonesia, an unique touch of Indonesian famous traditional fabric. Batik is generally thought of as the most quintessentially Indonesian textile. Motifs of flowers, twinning plants, leaves buds, flowers, birds, butterflies, fish, insects and geometric forms are rich in symbolic association and variety . 

This mini-purse is perfect for these season, with mini bow on the front bring more cuteness. The purse has a zipper, thin lining inside and magnetic button on the flap.

This stylish mini light weight purse ( 8" x 5" )was created using an awesome 'parang rusak' ( 'big knife' in english) pattern. Parang rusak or in English literally defective big knife, is a traditional batik pattern from Special district of Yogyakarta. It is visualized as many defective parang (big knife) with diagonally format Indonesian batik patterns and designs, which refers to the attitude of the human perspective on the environmental landscape and life, expressed in forms stellar. 

2.  Sea Shell - beaded necklace

 This stunning necklace ( 12" long including the pendant ) features a pendant mosaic of Seashells with the side-cut sections of the Cone shell artfully arranged with a cone shell in the center. The shells are further polished to a high gloss to reveal the beauty of their natural pattern.
Lock Type: Button and Loop. The necklace cords are made from braided brown plastic beads. 

3. Handmade bras blue pendant necklace with mini Swarovski beads.

A casual yet eye-catching necklace ( 10" long including the pendant ) made from plastic beads combined with mini Swarovski beads, brass chains and brass pendant. 

CONGRATS to Windy Sanchez for winning this set! 
Until next Giveaway!!xoxo!

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