Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Little beauty Diary : Pre- Christmas party - Purple Pink

It is Christmas! well, it still christmas morning here in Austin, when i am writing this post.
Hopefully you girls enjoy the christmas! What did you wear on christmas? What make up? i am curious to share the Christmas party or pre-christmas party or even after party outfit or make-up of the day!

bottom line is, as long as you enjoy your christmas with your family or loved ones, that would be enough..=)

I am far from my family and my new born niece, baby Charlotte! aww, she is just adorable..
i am kinda home sick when it comes a big holiday, it always fun and lovely when you can enjoy christmas with your family. But i have in-laws here and my hubby too..so i think it would be great to spend my christmas here in US. I am excited for my 1st christmas here in US, we dont really giving gift or opening christmas back in Indo, but in US, this is like a culture for them. They even have a Santa's Radar to spot where the santa at on christmas eve..haha..i think this is super cute!!

Christmas here also very cute ( i love how they decorate the whole city with christmas ornament and lights )  and its all about getting together with some friends counting down for christmas on christmas eve. So, yeah, i just got back from little party with some friends and i thought i would share the look of the day!!=) yay!

I chose a purple-pink theme, i thought it would be cute to feel girly on christmas eve. ahaha..lame, eh!?
nah, i mean it always a romantic peaceful feeling when you counting down for christmas, feel the breeze and a smell of christmas tree eveywhere, just being romantic, tho..
And a little bit glitter wont be hurt right?=)

I tried to dont wear too much heavy black and dark color this time, just a pink and purple on the eyelid (inner lid) blended with deep purple and a hint of pink on the lower lash line. And i am using MAC lipstick in HUG ME mixed with Revlon lipstick in Primrose.

Winged-eye..just a little bit..=) for the fake eye lash, i cut the eye lash in half, and put it on the outside corner of my eyes. Nothing much.

No heavy black eyeliner on lower lash line this time, even though its been my signature style on make up since i decided to love make-up..haha.

Just dab a little bit sparkling color on the corner of my eyes, just to pop the color a little bit.

Contouring is the must for me ( benefit Hoola) and just a little bit Blush from Almays Wake blush in Rose.
I always use highlighter, i have been loving Hard Candy Baked Bronzer in TIKI.

For the NYX glitter cream eyeshadow palette, you might want to apply it with the sponge, the cream doesnt work that well with brush, it keeps brushing away the glitter. With sponge, instead dab it, swipe it works much better.

See you again on Christmas party look!!

courtesy of : http://www.dwiggy.com/card/27251


  1. Combination of pink and purple looks great on you..
    Merry Christmas Ncy!
    That must be nice to feel Christmas everywhere there in US..

    1. thanks, dear. Yeah, i love the Christmas feeling here...=)

  2. I guess you always rock the sexy look Ncy! Please post about tutorial, whether it's in a form of pictures or video. I'm still learning how to create the sexy look -_- still fail.

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  3. Wow, you really look sexy and pretty~ hehehehe i like your make up look and glad to find your blog!

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  4. waa love the makeup that you did. you are so pretty!! :D

    hey do you mind to support each other?
    i just followed you. hope we can be friends. have a great day ^^

  5. i love ur make up look...
    so sexy make up look...
    and u're so pretty...
    i have follow u...
    mind to follow back?and hope we can be friend


  6. always look sexy.. love your look nancy ! :)


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