Friday, December 14, 2012


Hubby and flowers

Ha, okay..i was working on DIY vase from used jars couple days ago and was thinking to get flowers soon to fill the vase. My husband got home and he brought me Roses!! crazy is that?!!

He never been a lovey dovey guy, not that a type of a guy who constantly giving the flowers in random day. I just thought it was funny to see him doing that. A tough ex military guy who always think it is too cliche to give a woman a bouquet of flowers..I am still laughing whenever i remember about that day.
How sweet!
And when he handed over to me, he was like " here is your flowers babe " with blushing face of him, he was acting a little bit awkward in front of me..haha.
And when i asked about that he answered " well, they at discount sections..50% off " innocence just a like a baby..

Well, we gonna have 2 yrs anniversary on 18th, so i thought he kinda try to loosen up a little bit..

It just made my day i guess, we met for the first time on 2010, after 6 years chatting online. I was in Indonesia then in China during that years. And even after got married on 2011, we had to separate again for a year because my visa process. Well, i think, by the end of the day, there is a beauty on the other side, eh...=)
The Love sign on the left is also DIY project of me. Also the jar on the right. I covered it with fabrics and wrapped it with metalic Ribbons.
oh, and my husband been asking me  "Hows your flowers?" everyday til now..just so

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  1. so romantic! I love it too when my bf gave me roses hehehe.. your husband, is he american or indonesian or else? When i lived in USA, flowers are available to be bought everywhere. Even in Walmart flowers are well stocked, right? Aaaa i missed daisy and peony flowers..

  2. Hai hubby not that into lovey dovey scenes, so it kinda surprised me when i got that flowers, it all dried up now, but i keep the petal and use it as
    glad if you have a romantic bf..thats cute!
    He is American., how long did you stay in State? what state?


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