Tuesday, December 11, 2012

d.i.y nail art

Golden Year

Been crazy about nail designs lately, i have been trying to do this and that to make some unique designs. I got lots of likes on beautypedia on nails design category. Glad people liked it..=)

So, i decided to give another try inspired by chains ( again!!) but, i chose different color nail polish for this project.

I picked up Pure Ice Nailpolish in Totally Amp ( this is from their new magnetic collections,   it supposed to build the magnetic effect on it, they have small bar of magnet attached to the cap of the bottle, when you apply 2 coats or more on your nail, before it dries, put your nail under this small magnetic bar that supposed to give the design after 15-20 seconds...)

check this blogger about this nail polish :

Well, i failed big time..lol
I think it was because i didnt wait for 15-20 seconds under the magnetic bar, i think because i just could not wait that long..haha

but, i would love to try again anyway..
ow, and Essie actually just came up with their new products related to magnetic designs : 

ok, back to the chain nail art design, i put 2 coats of Pure ICE nail polish, wait until it dries, put the Revlon Top Coat, wait until it dries, then using the Acrylic Nails Glue on the tip of the nail and add some chains. Easy!!

For another gold color alternative, try L'oreal nail polish in Because You're Worth it! 

Happy trying! =)

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