Monday, December 31, 2012

little beauty diary : old and new

This is the end of this year and hey, the new beginning is coming up!

We all going to live it all over again. Start all over again. 

When the old dates, old months and old times are going to be left behind, we are going to move on with memories. It is time to move on. Welcoming a new year ahead with all new hope and dreams..much much better..

Ready for a new beginning and close the old book behind? I am.

Top: Sephora Collection jumbo liner 12hr wear- waterproof (
Bottom :Sephora collection Deco daze glitter eyeliner in black diamond (


Sephora Collection Jumbo liner 12hr wear waterproof .

1. Good pigmentation, one slide and its there!

2. Big size of the pencil tip is good for the big line if you like big bold liner or you can also use it as eyeshadow by blending it all over the eyelid.

3. Some colors may contain glitters. You may want to be careful with it if you dont like too much glitter on your eyes.

4. They don't mess up with the 12hr wear statement here! Really waterproof and kinda hard to take it off with light makeup remover. You might want to use the remover that made special for waterproof mascara. 

5. Be careful with the cap of the liner. It easy to fall off if you just slightly put the cap on. make sure you push and twist it a little bit when you put the cap on. 

re-purchase ? yes, in another colors. I give top 5 stars for this.

Sephora Collection Deco Glitter eyeliner ( sticker) in black diamond.

1. This is a winged eyeliner sticker collection from Sephora ( they have lots of collection of sticker eyeliner in different design..mine is Black diamond which is winged black eyeliner with glitter on it). It comes with a glue inside the packaging. Clear adhesive that look like acrylic nail glue. Thick and smell pretty much like glue.

2. Thick sticker paper ( the surface is not smooth, it has like sand textures on it ) but this thing is not easy to change the shape!not that flexible. A little bit thick for me and its kinda heavy on the eyelid. The glue sticks so strong, but give more on the edge of the wing to prevent them to peel off easily.

3. It would be heavier if you put fake lashes on it.  Also i am not recommend it to those who has a small eyes. It eats the whole eyelids!! and make the eyes smaller since the length and height of the sticker is bold, wild and thick enough.

4. I am not sure about layering it with eyeliner after you put it in if you want to create another color on the top of the eyeliner. It will make the sticker dirty instead, because it leaves a dust of the eyeshadow on the top edge of the eyeliner.
It also not easy to re-use it. The eyeliner get dirty after first time you use it and the glue won't sticky anymore. 

re-purchase? not really. Its kinda heavy on my eye and make my eyes look weird. I give this one 2.5 from 5 just because it easy to apply and save the time. But i think you just have to find the perfect ones to fit your eyes shape.

Winged liner is famous since long time ago.  The Winged effect began with Cleopatra  in Egyptian art to represents of eyeliner may have been worn to protect the wearer from the Evil eye. The winged eyeliner was also famous during 1920's to 1950's.
The winged liner has been an essential part of the decades makeup style these days. Also known as Cat eyes these days.

Studded black button shirt : Forever 21
White bangle : Forever 21
Earrings : vintage antique store
Lipstick : MAC lipstick hug me
Bronzer : Too faced bronzer in Chocolate
Hard Candy So baked in Tiki
Powder : Benefit Hello Flawless in Champange
eyeshadow/eyeliner : Sephora collection jumbo eyeliner 12hr wear in white glitter

What is your fave makeup style? share with me!

Happy new year everyone!
Cheers to that!


  1. the eyeliner sticker shape looks great but too bad it's too thick ._. i think i shouldn't use this sticker since my eyes is too small..
    Happy new year Ncy! :D

    1. its too thick! i agree..i dont feel comfprtable wearing that anyway..i could feel something on my eyelid..haha..
      thanks for the comment! great new year to you too!

  2. I remember Dior I believe releasing something like that with crystals on the edge! They were made of a vinyl so they were easy to reuse and looked real good! Ive yet to try anything like that, I like applying my make up and not sticking something on! Happy new year!

    1. i tried Dior ones once, it so-so for me, yeah, you are right, sticking things on your makeup really feel weird sometimes..haha..i think i will just stick on doing it manually..thanks dear for the comment.

  3. Hi ! Happy new year ;)
    The black is a little thick, I think your eyes deserve more light :)
    Keep in touch ;)


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