Tuesday, January 29, 2013

d.i.y Valentine's day card design ideas

d.i.y Valentine's day card

One of my favorite day to celebrate is Valentine's day! I love decorating the whole place in love signs or heart shaped decorations. Fill the air with some love!

One thing that i love doing is making my own valentine's day card for my loved ones. I prefer handmade, because it feels like we put ourself into it when we do handmade. Every seconds of doing it has the own story and thoughts. You just cant stop thinking or imagine how the person who wil receive it will feel or react. Putting your heart and effort to do something for someone you care about, is something that money cant buy..

Here is my cheap, easy and lovely card cover ideas :

step 1 :Choose any card paper or anything thicker ( art and craft store sells many of paper type that you can use it for your card). Cut it into the card size that you want. 

step 2 : Choose the material that easy to work with. I am using mixing materials such as craft foam and wool felt. Cut it into the heart shape. Any size would work, depends on what you want.

Step 3 : To make a 3d heart shape design, glue the foam heart shape and felt heart step together. 

step 4 :  While waiting until the hear shape dries, cut the wool felt, same size and shape with the card. Glue them together.

step 5 : Glue the heart shape on the card.

Step 6 : Cut the thin lines of felt to frame the card.

Now you have one simple card cover design! 

Want to be more playful?
Check these design ideas :

Just add some letters to make it pop! either it says I heart You, or even both of you initial.

Heart shapes lover and cant get enough of them? Cut bunch of the shapes and spread them on the card cover!

Edgy look but still cute? Add some fun material such as Jeans material.

pssst! you can actually use this design for your home decorations. Put them in the frame to add some cuteness inside your room!

Happy trying! be creative! xoxo!!


  1. Awww lovely tutorial hun! I prefer handmade cards as well, they are fun to do and show lots more care ^_^ big hug <3

  2. aw its so cute!!!

    visit my blog ^^

  3. DIY crafts and cards are my favorite in every particular occasion especially Valenitne's day as it shows how much important a recipient is to exert effort to make them happy. With romantic Valentines day messages written on them, these cards would surely be the best gift ever!

    Cheers and thumbs up to your craft.
    Marilyn xxxxx


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