Sunday, January 6, 2013

Little beauty diary : Glam it up!

I just picked up this palette at sephora last week. And i have been in love with the shape of the palette and everything inside that. The size is small enough to fit inside your clutch or your mini purse, the cuteness of this palette makes you just want to show it off anyway instead of just using the mirror for the touch up. It also make it easier for you when you travel. Easy to grab and just go!

on the left : Maybelline Whisper lipstick in Petal Rebel. Center : Too faced Glamour to go Spun sugar edition palette
Too Faced Glamour to go Spun Sugar Edition.
check other  Too faced collection here
I also love their new collection called Boudoir beauty

                   Too Faced glamour to go - Spun Sugar - palette 
I love the colors collections on this Spun sugar palette. I love smokey eyes, so i thought this palette would be something to grab easily and put it in the purse, in case i need some touch up. The eyeshadow collections inside this palette are very pigmented, but when you apply it, it slide so smoothly, make it easy to blend.

It comes with bronzer and highlighter!! and also the lip gloss. Too bad it doesnt come with brush or need to carry it by yourself.

Be careful with the bronzer, It is  a little bit too dark for me so, you might just want to apply it lightly.

And this is what i chose for the outfit to match it with this palette :

White shirt : Random boutique, metallic skirt : Forever 21, Two tones pump : Mossimo for Target

Necklace : Indonesia

Rose Bangle : random boutique, earrings : vintage antique store

Two tones pump : Mossimo for target , Sequins clutch : Target

and this is what i have been loving for lipstick :
Maybelline Color Whisper in Petal Rebel
This is worth to try! the color is so smooth on your lips!

so, lets glam it up girls!!


  1. really love your sequin clutch ce <3 adorable

    1. thanks Melia!!! got it when they have a discount on it!!!=)

  2. I love your loook!!!! love gold always ;D

    1. Thanks Mrs. Mui...always love the way you blog tho...=)

  3. i love the shoes, and clutch and lipstick ..
    and i want the palete :P

    1. get it! get it! Sephora or amazon.they have a great deal on price!!!=)

  4. aaaa i saw this too at sephora online but too bad the price is not affordable for me T.T
    your pink shoes look lovely, Ncy ^^

    1. Haiiii Rini...
      i got it from Sephora using the gift card i got it from christmas...they had a discount too, i got it for 25$..not bad..real price is too high, i dont buy anything in full price..wait until its on sale..hehhe...
      try Amazon if you want it, they use to sell it in cheaper price!!!
      the fuschia shoes also from sale event at was also around 25$ from 30 something...

  5. Love your look.. and your shoes.. HOT! love it >.<

  6. Loved everything! I'm quite in love with how they package their palettes, always so dainty and glam. Also how your jewelry sort of matched your eyeshadow was lovely! I've picked up quite a few nice skirts from F21, they do make good affordable pieces!

    1. I got skirt for only 9 bucks or deal!!
      thanks for the comment!

  7. Petal Rebelnya juga okaaayyy! ouch masuk whislist lagi deh :D


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